Monday, July 5, 2010

Eight days a week?

We had a chance to go clothes shopping today. We've been trying to do that for a long time. We got River some nice stuff. But she looks good in anything.

Tonight she's out of Brook's room earlier than she's been in months. I was a little worried when I saw her holing up with her iPod. She wants to spend some time with me, finishing the movie we started yesterday. I wasn't anticipating this. I have to finish some stuff for work so we can spend more time together tomorrow. I finish shortly after ten.

We try the DVD in three different laptops and it doesn't work and I get frustrated. Any mood I had is completely killed. River gets in bed. I'm not tired. I don't want to be in bed. I lie down on the floor. I should be focusing on the good things, not the bad. I try.

River tries to lure me onto the bed with her. "It's more comfortable up here." So what. "I'm naked." "Good point." She's doing a nice job of talking me down. Grab the nearest bottle of oil. "I want to do something nice for you." "What do you want to rub?" "Whatever you want."

She's on her back, and I'm about to start in on her front while she's being indecisive, then she rolls over. I spend a lot of time on her back, neck, shoulder blades, sides, and butt. It's really relaxing for me. And I'm almost getting an erection without even trying.

I tell River how I've got "Eight Days a Week" in my head. "What would you say if I tried to initiate number eight?" Somehow it doesn't feel right just stopping after the week. I feel like capping it off with a day of doing it because it's what we want to do. "I think I'm too abraded." "Ok. I'm a little abraded too."

But I still want to enjoy her body. "Because we're not doing it, you get a bonus rub." I oil her left leg, rub, wring, pick the muscle up. Her foot. Her right leg. Work from her calf up to her butt, feeling a bit of fluffy muff between her thighs. Snuggle and sleep.

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