Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 7: Do you see fireworks?

"Do you see fireworks?" "When Mom kisses me. Every time."

"I'll take your shirt off." "Ok." River's shoulder has been sore. I'll save her the contortions. Or maybe I should just leave it on. I reveal a black bra. Earlier she had on some sexy black panties. I was looking forward to that. But now she's commando. If it's still commando when you're not wearing pants, either. I have problems with the back closure bras. I get one hook undone, then have to slip it down to the floor.

Neither of us has a plan. It's a bit late. "I guess the usual." "There's a usual?" I think of me on top with the default stick-in as usual. But maybe it's like when I thought we had a Tuesday-Thursday-Weekend pattern, and River said it was a lot less predictable, and she was right. "Back rub and butt position stick-in is pretty usual too." "Yeah." "Face to face on our sides like this used to be usual, but it's gotten kind of hard." "Yeah." Hard to get hard. "Anything else is unusual."

It's been kind of nice just knowing we're going to do it evey night for the past week. I like knowing what's coming up, either way. Although I like surprises, too. Good surprises. And I call River my surprising sweetie for a reason. But on the other hand, even though River calls me insatiable, this may be outstripping even my libido. I like doing it because it's what I want, or what we want, not because the calendar says it's the next day. And we haven't varied much. Time of day, place, candles, music, emotional and physical warmup. Just positions, which is pretty normal for us. We have fun expanding our repertoire and mixing things up. Varying the time isn't easy when we do it every day. We could do it the morning after. But I think our recent honeymoon is the only time we've done it the morning after, even though I often have lingering effects and want to do it. I wonder about River's motivation for being such a good sport. She likes a sweet and tolerant sweetie. She suggests sex is my antidepressant or upper. It seems true. Waffle fixing, lightbulb changing. Being sweet and tolerant.

I get on top. Feel River's boobs. Her compact set. She strokes my cock and easily gets me hard. I'm not even feeling her pussy. No oil this time. Still so nice I don't want it to end. But we're here to fuck. Get to the good part. Between her legs, she does the stick-in, a few strokes in default to work it into her juice then missionary. Her feet on my butt. The physical combining with the emotional for a powerful feeling. I'm not even paying that much attention to the mechanics. Just enjoying being with River. How much I like doing this with her. And she likes it too. I made a mental note a while back to remind her she likes it. Default, missionary, half-missionary -- this time my left leg stays forward while I stretch my right leg back -- flashing by in a slow-motion time warp. River gives me a squeeze. I return it. The bright glow of fireworks lights up the room. We're fucking. It's physical, it's emotional, it's nice. "This is it." The good part of the good part.

"I wonder how long the glow will last." "From the fireworks?" "The sweet and tolerant glow."

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