Saturday, July 3, 2010

River is the hottest girl at the pool

"You looked really hot in the pool changing room. Wearing your shoes, but all naked." "The shoes enhanced the effect." "That's a good way to put it." Kind of a stripper effect. More sandals than shoes really. But nice sandals. Then putting on her bikini bottom. And finally the top. She found a top that looks really nice on her. "That's just me." "Wow." In the little kids' pool with our daughter. "Come down here, I have something to whisper in your ear." "You can come up here." I stand. "No competition." We both know what that means. River is easily the hottest girl at the pool today. She spots a nice girl for me a bit later. She's got a good eye. We have a nice time sitting in the pool next to each other. "When I went home to get my suit, I was thinking I should just stay and jack off." She gets me that horny.

Our experiment is making me sweet and tolerant. She likes a sweet and tolerant sweetie. I like being sweet and tolerant. She's sweet and tolerant too. We have a nice day together.

"Face to face." That's my plan for tonight. I miss it. "And a shower together." "I could do that."

I pour wine before dinner. "Are you trying to get me drunk?" "That's not part of my plan." She's hinted at it on occasion, but it's not really our thing.

"You looked seriously good wading away from me in the pool. I wouldn't want to see you walking away for good." "I'll always come back."

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