Saturday, July 24, 2010

A not-so-sexy hotel room

We're not staying at the economy hotel. It's tough to find a place for the whole family but River finds us a spot. It's the first hotel room I've ever stayed in with two bathrooms. It's actually a suite. But it's not sexy. "You know what's sexy? I can see a madrona tree out the window. And we can leave the window open so people can hear us. I think you'd like that." I admit I would. "Like that time we did it at the hotel at the funeral. I think funerals make people horny." "I think so. Something to do with life."

I'm wearing a t-shirt and underwear. River has pajamas. Her pajamas come off and she's nicely naked. I snuggle on top of her. I'm hoping I'll get hard just rubbing on her with my underwear on like I used to, but it's not working. We get my underwear off. I wish we had an elegant way to do that, like when River puts her legs in the air and I whip hers up and throw them over my head.

"Shirt on or off?" "On. It feels nice." Her hands move to my dick. "You have the spirit power in your hands." I feel the power flowing through them as she pulls and strokes. She gets me hard even though I'm not sure I've got anything. "You taught me everything." "I've said all along that you have a very nice touch."

The full moon is shining in but it only casts a narrow beam through the window. Not enough for a sexy moonlit River. She's sexy anyway, the nipples on her small breasts looking dark and touchable. I feel ready. River is always ready lately.

She does the default stick-in. It's a nice one. The good friction we like as it squeezes through the improbable part. I'm expecting the slick and gooey lube River's been making after her periods lately and which I kind of like, but she's got the really nice slippery-but-frictiony today that I like even better. A nice slow fuck for a while. Pull my shirt off so I can be naked with my sweetie.

River moves like we're going into jackknife and we do. I do missionary while River's in jackknife. It's never been easier to get so deep. Slow full-length penetrations. Not much for anybody to hear. We smile at each other. Legs back down for mini-v with River's hands on the wall but I can't do that long or I'll come. The moon is blinding when I look at it. We fuck until I come, have a nice extended afterfuck, and go to sleep.

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