Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Experiment redux

"There's time to finish the movie and for me to do you." We finish the movie. "You did a really good job of maintaining me this morning. You don't have to do it again tonight." A smile. I think. With surprised eyes. I've seen that look before when I've done something outrageously right. "We didn't finish." "Later doesn't have to mean tonight." "Maybe in the morning?" "At five o'clock? This morning I had one that wouldn't quit." "I thought the random morning ones weren't so useful. But yes, if I can go to sleep afterwards." "That's the best part."

We talk about our experiment. "I'm flattered that you did that with me." "It was easy to comply." River's experiment inside the experiment was to see if she'd build up some kind of karma or goodwill so I wouldn't want to do it for a while. She did. Even though I asked about the eighth day. "I had to ask. Like all the other times." My hypothesis of mid-week has been confirmed. "Yes, we can do that, and I'm glad we did, but I like it better when we don't. The more sporadic schedule." To me it seems like we both got less participatory. River seems to disagree. Certainly she was always participatory, and I have to be or it's not going to happen. But she notes the times got shorter as we went along. But always sweet. On the 4th we couldn't start until after the fireworks. The day before, River was already tired. "But you found it in you." "Yes."

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