Saturday, July 31, 2010

Taking advantage of River in the morning

"You did me so well last night that if you initiated now I'd turn you down." "I'm not planning on initiating." "No, I'd say let's do it tomorrow." I at least want to give River a backrub. Something to help her relax and sleep. Her shoulders have been hurting.

In the morning I wait for the appointed snuggle hour. I'm not sure how well River slept last night so I don't want to bother her much. I've had an erection for the last 45 minutes but as soon as I spoon River and push it down under her butt it fades. I hate that. It doesn't come back when I reach down and finger her, or finger myself. We talk about it.

I remember River's back and wanting to rub it so I run my fingers up and down lightly, across her neck, along her arms. Sit up, pull her over, and oil her. I sit beside her and rub her back, pushing sideways, shoulders, finding the spot under her shoulder blade that I'm not sure what to do with, talking about it. She's giving me some very nice feedback.

The top of her butt peeks out from under the covers. I uncover it and my hands drift down. Can I get another one? I think so. It's a nice morning with River. One hand on her butt, one on myself, her secret darkness pulling me like a magnet. Almost hard enough. Get on, finger her, spread her, slide it in, no backing up, in a little bit, a little bit more, lay out full on top for a little more, feeling each fraction of an inch open as I penetrate, finally pull back and fuck all the way in as we both moan softly. Deep thrusts, small thrusts, feeling it push through the improbable spot at the opening each time. Reach under and hold her wrists.

"I don't want you to drip all day." "It's ok." She's got things to do today and I don't want her to be distracted or uncomfortable. "I take advantage of you, and you have to drip all day." "Are you taking advantage of me?" It feels like it, giving her the back rub and then doing my thing back here without even asking.

"We can finish later." River shakes her head. "I can come on you." "If you want." This is a good position for that. No bush to mess up, just a smooth landing zone and a nice butt crack to slide in while I come. I sit up, hands on her back, watching myself push into her. Speed up. When I'm about to come I pull out and press it down into her crack and slide it up and keep the feeling until I come and my jizz dribbles onto her back. "That wouldn't have made you too drippy." "I can't even feel it." Body temperature. Wipe up with yesterday's t-shirt. Maybe it was more than I thought; my cleanup efforts make a mess of come on her ass and I have to wipe that up, too. "I can feel that."

We snuggle and talk about her shoulder muscles some more and I feel them, where they connect, what they feel like when they're flexed. I want to do a good job as her live-in, full-service masseur.

"The connection between my warm fuzzies and my libido goes both ways." "I've noticed. I like your warm fuzzies. That's why you get as much as you do."

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