Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sweet and raunchy Sunday morning marathon

"I'll do it if I get at least 8 1/2 hours of sleep." But we keep each other up late having a very nice talk and River has some nice tongue kisses for me. A nice emotional warmup for us both. One of those times when talking is as good as doing it.

It hasn't been 8 1/2 hours and River was too fidgety to sleep well but we're both awake. Rub her back a little while we're on our sides. Snuggle with River's legs over mine. I run my fingers down to her bush. I'm hoping I'll just get hard with no work. "Give me a nice warm squeeze." I lay out full length on top of River. It's harder than I thought, but needs some help. A nice warm squeeze. "That's what I'm talking about." "Yucky morning kiss. They're never yucky for me though." I get into my usual straddle position, my hardening dick laid out on River's bush. She gives it the extra help it needs. "You can rub it on yourself." "I like that." "I like it too." We haven't done it much since the ED set in. It's best not to waste time once I'm ready. She rubs it around her parts, front and back, the tease where I never know whether she's going to stick it in this time or rub it back to her clit. She sticks it in. Through the improbable spot. "I like it when there's some friction on the stick-in." "Me too. Not like that last stick-in you did where I couldn't tell whether you stuck it in, or it was just limp and you sat on it." "It was already lubed up." We have a nice fuck with the full pullouts, River watching and me working the angle for a nice view, no-hands stick-ins, default, missionary, River's heels on my butt, her hands on my sides, kissing, jackknife, smiling at each other. Pushing in fast and hard. Pushing in slow and steady. "You feel nice today." The sticky slippery. Making nice sucky sounds when it goes in all the way. "You're enjoying the sounds." "I always do." River puts her hands over her head. "I'm not ready for that yet." "I'm not using the wall." She's in half-jackknife, her left leg on my shoulder. I'm in half-missionary, my left leg behind me. "You're good at this. I like your foot on my butt and your hands on my sides." "Just flexible. This is sweet." "Sweet? I think it's kind of raunchy." A rather dominant position. "Things can be sweet and raunchy at the same time. I learned that from you." "You did?" "Your writing. It's sweet and raunchy." "Yeah, I go from thinking sweet thoughts to talking about plunging into your warm wetness." We fuck and fuck and fuck more. My sweat drips onto her. I take a break in jackknife to hold off and twitch a bit. Then back to default, moving River's hands up to the wall, speeding up. "I wish I could draw you like this. Your shoulder muscles look really nice." But I get tired. My leg is still weak. I roll us into spoons on our left sides. Watching River's butt with my cock disappearing under it. Staying still while I move River's hip and fuck myself with her. Holding River still and fucking her. Both of us fucking together. I hear people through the open balcony door. They have no idea what's going on up here. Have I ever been the one with no idea? We speed up and hit it hard, but again my leg tires. We talk about just stopping and I pull out. River's been drying out. There's no slippery to get it back in. But we get it in. Interlock. Nice deep interlock. It's a nice view of River's body from the side. Her face, my favorite breasts, her tummy, the curls of bush. She oils things up to compensate for drying out. I put her legs over mine and hold them towards her for better access. But I can't do this position for long either. I roll her over partway and sit up. "Where am I going? Inviting?" "Right here." She's in the inviting position, but instead of straddling her bottom leg I'm behind it. There are any number of places to stop when transitioning from spoons or interlock to butt or inviting. A whole rainbow of colorful positions. This is another position that feels really dominant. And her lips are something to see in this position, peaking out from between her closed legs. I spread them, slide my cock between them, and fuck, watching as it slips in and out. "I think there's some air in there." "I can't feel it." But she squeezes out one of the biggest and fartiest sounding squeefs ever and we both laugh. "You'd think I would have felt that blasting past my balls." "You didn't?" "No. If you can't feel the air, and you can't feel when it's getting a little rubbery, I wonder what you can feel." "I think it's like you, when you can't always tell what I'm doing." "Just that it's something nice. That makes sense." It feels better now that the air has been blown out. Her cunt has a better grip on my cock while we have a nice deep fuck. "You're doing me." "I am. Mostly for my benefit it feels like." "I'm benefitting too." "I should come." "That would be good." I do her, my cock head pushing sideways between her lips, one lip on the bottom, one lip on the top. When I come it seems endless. River's butt snugs up against me as I push hard into her when it starts, then back out and thrust and squeeze into her, again and again, timed with my spurts, stretching them and adding to them. It isn't over until I'm completely and perfectly spent. Clumps of dried River juice cling to her muff hairs and decorate the bed where we had our frenzy. "You're right. That does take a long time."

I talk about my two insecurities. River not getting enough warmup. And finishing when I come. We don't always, but usually.

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