Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Our first shower success in years

I'm up before River. I shower. Do some work. She gets up. Before she showers she has a hug for me. She opens her robe to reveal her smooth hot naked body and we hug. "I'm glad I opened my robe. It had unintended consequences."

This whole morning I've felt like I've taken something. My dick keeps wanting to get hard. I press it against her leg through my pants. "I'm having consequences too." "I'm going up to shower. You can watch." Will this be one of those times I jack off while I'm watching her? Probably not. The kids are likely to come wandering in this morning. They do that. We only have one bathroom and the door doesn't have a lock.

"If there were ever a day when it would work in the shower, it's today." "Ok. But I only have half an hour." She gets in. I lower my pants. I'm already a bit stiff. I give my shaft some strokes, base to tip. It stiffens nicely. I get in. River is washing her hair. I gaze. Her face, her arms, her breasts, her shape, her muff, her legs. It gets harder. It's easily good enough.

"How long are you going to take?" "I'll be quick." "I think it's starting to sag." "Then let's go." She turns away and leans forward and pulls her flaps aside so I can't miss. "I think we'll have to do it this way. Stick it in." It takes some pushing to overcome the water friction but it goes in and finds River's lubrication and everything is happy. Our first successful shower fuck in over three years.

Water streams over River's back and down her crack, falling warmly onto my dick as we fuck. "You know one of the kids is going to walk in on us." "I thought I heard something." She checks the door every now and then. The kids often come in when we're showering together. Today would just be business as usual for River, she's just taking a shower, she's not the one with the obvious boner. It wouldn't be a big deal really, even though the shower curtain is mostly clear. It's something mom and dad do. Better than mom and dad not doing it. No shame. Better than if I were sitting on the cushion watching River shower and jacking off with my pants down.

We're making nice wet watery sounds as our bodies collide. "This might have to be start now finish later." "That works for me." I pull her towards me so she stands up straight but we can't keep it in. She leans forward, I push back in through the squeaky clean watery friction to the comfort of her well-lubricated cunt, and we fuck some more, pulling her against me, moving closer, feeling the warm water. We should probably stop before one of the offspring walks in on us. Push in hard, stand River up, it comes out again, and we're through. For now.

She washes. I give her a hug from behind. "That's the first time we've been able to do that in years. You don't know what that means." "Yes I do." "Yes you do."

The rest of the day my nuts have that pleasant ache that makes me want to jack off and shoot a load. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to come without even having an erection if I just shift my position a little bit or look at River or think about her. But we'll finish later.

Is it even possible to come without having an erection? Sort of. When I was younger I experimented. I could almost come with my dick fairly soft, and it was kind of exciting, but it would always surge to fully erect just as I was about to shoot.

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