Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day 4: I get fucked in the orgasm

"Do you want to scratch an itch for me?" "I want to fuck you." But first I have to scratch the itch. It's always hard scratching someone else's itch. Following their directions, listening to their feedback, trying to scratch hard enough but not too hard, and not too long. Not too fast, not too slow. Not too much, not too little. But don't miss anything. Knowing how good it can feel to get an itch scratched, what a relief it is, and hoping you've just done that for them.

"What's your plan?" I can always hope. "You initiated tonight. You said you wanted to fuck me. That's initiating." River has suggested a different position each day, and has listed her on top, default, and butt as having been the first three. It seems we're doing the week-long experiment. "It would be a shame to waste those first three days." "I think at the end I'll say, yeah, we can do that, but it's better when we don't. But we'll see." It's definitely been a mood lifter, and I've been feeling very comfortable with River. We come up with three more basic positions. Spoons, interlock, doggy. "And standing." "Ok." And inviting.

River calls herself "receptive" after having a great art class. Where does that leave me? "Suggestive"? I can do that. "Roll over and kiss me." She rolls over and we kiss. "Let me try that again. Would you please roll over so I can kiss you?" We have some nice kisses. That should help me get ready. "I think I'm going to need some help." I get on top. River helps. It doesn't take long. We talk about the stick-in. How default is probably a good one for a first-time guy. Or girl on top. But girl on top is probably not so good for a first-time girl. Guys have experience jacking off. Speed, rhythm. "What do you need for a warm up?" A little late. "The kisses warmed me up." "Doggy stick-in?" "Ok." River rolls over, reaches under, lines it up. It takes some effort and hardness to get the stick-in, but it's all there and it's going. Good thing it's a good one. "You're better than viagra." A nice smooth doggy-style fuck in River's pussy. Her legs together. Admiring the view. Appreciating the view. Not everybody gets a view like this. But I hope they appreciate their view as much as I appreciate mine. We're low. My balls scrape River's feet. I like how that feels. We mutate into hello kitty. I'm essentially sitting down, even leaning back, my legs under me, with River sitting on my lap fucking me. I watch her do all the work for a while, then fuck back. She sits up and brings my hands around to her front. Hello titty. Grab them, feeling her nipples squeeze between my fingers, pulling her body against mine. "It's not going to be too long." "That's probably good." A nice weekday fuck. We press our bodies together and fuck, her hand reaching behind me on my back, my hands still on her breasts. I feel my orgasm. River knows I'm coming and squeezes onto me. "Keep going." An experiment inside the experiment. She keeps fucking me, pumping my sensitive cock as I come. "You fucked me in the orgasm." I don't think it works as well for me as it does for her. The best ones are when we work together.

"Today was hump day." "It's not Wednesday." "In our week." "Oh. I get it." But every day is hump day this week.

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