Sunday, July 18, 2010

I feel my toes curling

"I'd like to do it with you tonight." "I think that can be arranged."

River has a short bath. I have an even shorter bath in her leftover bathwater. Washing off sunscreen from a trip to the beach with the kids. "My plan is a back massage then butt position stick-in." "A classic."

River requests extra attention between her shoulder blades. "You're inspired." "I'm getting good feedback." And she's inspiring. "I'm going to do your butt now." "I'd like that." She laughs at the squishy sound her pussy makes when I pull her cheeks apart. A sweet sound. Like blowing a kiss. Or sucking one. I start in on myself, feeling River's pussy with my left thumb, sticking it in. It's about as hard as it's going to get before we start, so I move into place and position the head under my thumb in her moist opening, River arches her butt up to help, and my cock slides into her. Mutual moan. How can this feel so nice. My amazing sweetie comes in such a nice package. Adjust position for better depth, grab her hands, and fuck. Our usual variations. Watching River's butt roll under me as she fucks back. Sit up. Reach under and grab her hips to pull her against me. Something new. She likes it. I'll remember. Another idea. I keep it in and spin to my right. I fuck her with my cock slanting off to my left into her pussy. I try to thrust normally but it doesn't quite work. Something is happening but I can't be sure what. Spin some more. My head is down by her feet, my cock bent back under me, still in her pussy. I couldn't have done this when we first met. My erections were too stiff. It's strange. Thrusting is like its own opposite. Up is down. Down is up. I try to push in and it pulls out. I have to push my body downwards to push into her. Playful but strange. Keep spinning. Fuck with my dick to the right. Then back to butt. Three-sixty. Spread her legs and move between them. River called this stimulating before but it's not so easy for me. Maybe it would work with her legs over mine somehow. We'll try again. Pull her hips in the hint for doggy. Like leading a dance. She follows the lead. Her legs still spread. We do doggy, River with her legs apart, me with my arms crossed over my head, with my fingers spreading her wings, with my hands on the bed and my arms fitting against her waist and pulling her against me with her hips. Me putting it back in a few times, River squeefing a few times. She closes her legs. How we usually do it. Sink into low doggy. I'm completely sitting but I'm running out of bed behind me so we scoot forward so I can lean back on my arms. She does the work. I help with the pullouts, feeling it pull out and out until it's barely touching and River pushes back down onto it again. I fuck back and she feels it. We'll end soon. But not too soon. Back up to normal doggy. I lean in tight over her, feel the curve of her butt against me, thrust my cock up into her pussy with my hips, we're both liking the angle, liking the friction, liking the grip she has on me, making it last, drawing it out, I'm dripping sweat, I feel my balls straining, my come flowing, my toes curling, my right nut getting sucked up into its hiding place, then my orgasm hits full bore, a tidal wave rushing to fill a void, and I'm gasping while I work in and out to keep it going, then I'm spent and fall on the bed and River cleans up and I pant and moan and catch my breath and wish she could hear me.

"I was thinking I get to have more orgasms, but yours are better. But maybe not."

"I felt most naked."

"I'm worried that I take too long sometimes. You're right, it can take a long time. You only want to do it every three or four days because it takes so long." "That was a good amount of time."

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