Thursday, July 8, 2010

A nice orgasm partway in

River and I sit on the porch swing for an hour or so, leaning against each other and talking. I like talking. She's not wearing a bra under her black sleeveless top. Her small boobs declare their shape through it. My hand reaches down her neckline to make sure. No bra. Just boob. I like it.

Despite several stars aligning and Venus in the evening sky I'm turned down for the trampoline. "We at least need some candles or music." River takes care of the candle. "Could I convince you to start on top?" I wonder what's going through her head as she considers it. "I can finish on top. Or I can start on top and you can finish. Do you have any preferences?" "No. Do you?" "You start on top."

She straddles me and gets some oil. "I saw your lips in the shadows." She has great lips. Erotic lips. Amplifying my desire.

This time I watch as she does the handjob. It looks as good as it feels. She's nice to watch. She's nice to feel. Just the right speed. Just the right amount of squeeze. It felt like it was going to get hard quickly, but it's not so easy. She puts it under her and sinks down on it so quickly and frictionlessly I'm not sure what just happened. Is it in, or did she just sit on my limp dick? She starts to move and I'm sure. Single point. That always makes me want to just hold still and enjoy it. Even though it's hard work for her. I really appreciate it. It helps when I reach under and lift her butt, but it's nicer when she's doing all the work. So I let her.

Into the normal River on top position for a break. We get a shirt so she can wipe off some of the oil. Again the cotton fabric on my parts is a nice feeling as she wipes me and fucks me at the same time.

I reach up and tousle her hair into a mane, waves of brown covering her face. She looks primal. "A wild girl." Doing what wild girls do with their primal urges. Single point again. I hold still then fuck back.

When she gets tired I roll her over to return the favor in default and missionary and more of the Reed-on-top repertoire. Watching my cock disappear into the gap between her closed legs as I hold them up for magnetism. Mini-magnetism, vigorous flying V, bouncing magnetism. River arches into mini-v but hitting the front isn't good today. Jackknife. I have a feeling we'll finish this way.

"Your cervix is taking a beating." I slide my cock against her right wall, then her left wall, feeling for it. "Is that ok?" "Yeah. But maybe not so deep today." I pull out for microfuck. Or rather minifuck. About a third of the way in. I can do this until I come.

It feels nice but it's taking a while. A slow buildup. I hope it doesn't feel like something I'm just doing to her. I hope we're doing it together. "Here it comes." I hold it in just an inch or two and feel the throbs of orgasm with my cock bridging the gap between us as I unload into her.

"Was that an orgasm?" That's funny. "Yes. It's hard for me to tell when you're having yours, too." But I can see how that was more like the twitchies I get when I stop at the edge to hold off, maybe a half orgasm, not a slam it all the way in orgasm. It was a really nice one though, just partway in with the sensations of her pussy focused on the tip. Usually I feel it at the base when we're pressed together hard. It might be insane if we could pull that off in single point.

"It won't be very deep." "That was more on me than in me."

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