Tuesday, September 28, 2010


"It's too late." "Even for sex?" "Yeah." But she talks me into it. Good thing I'm such a pushover.

The balcony door is open. Probably the last day this year it will be warm enough for that. I stand at it. Naked. No sign of anybody in the neighborhood. Not that I would care. River walks up behind me and presses her body against mine. Warm, soft, and surprisingly naked. Moves her hands on my body. I move her hand down. "If you touch here, something will probably happen." She's reaching around from behind. "This is the 'my penis' position." Reminds me of when she lays on top of me on the bed, facing up, and I get to play with my pussy, rubbing my clitoris, slipping my hand up to my breasts and nipples. "But if it were mine I'd play with these." Her hand rubbing my balls. Fuzzy, the way she likes them. "You can do that." Something is happening down there.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Out of my comfort zone

River is air-drying on the bed Saturday morning after her shower. “I’d do it with you but I’d rather wait until tonight and do it right.” But we put it off again until Sunday morning, planning to do it after setting Brook up with hot chocolate.

It gets late. I suggest a shower first, remembering River air-drying. We shower. Everybody is up. I’m not sure it’s going to happen. But we end up upstairs. River is wearing a blue shirt with her pink panties. A nice combination. Lying crosswise on the bed. I keep my shirt and underwear on, get on top, we kiss, I stir things around and get a good one.

River strokes me through my underwear. It’s really sensitive today. Her hand is almost too much. I reach back and finger her through her panties, taking care not to abrade her this time. We do the stick-in with panties and underwear on. River wants my underwear off and we manage to keep it in while we get it off. I like seeing her tuft of bush pushing around the edge of her panties as I look down and watch us fucking. All the way in against her cervix. We do minimagnetism, me grabbing River by the waist and moving her up and down in counter-rhythm to my thrusts. “I can’t do that very long today.” “You already had goosebumps. But it felt nice.”

River wants her panties off. Have to pull out to do that. She goes for her button. That’s kind of a surprise. The bedroom door is wide open, the kids are up, and my naked butt is pointing at the door. River’s got me a bit out of my comfort zone. But it’s ok. She’s doing her button while I idle in her pussy, small strokes, slow deep strokes. It doesn’t take very long. “Here it is.” Fuck her in her orgasm, deep and hard, sounds like a good one, I feel like I’m going to come but I want to hold off for her second one, I don’t have much room and have to rest on my knees with my legs folded up, that makes me feel girly even as I’m fucking deep into her, her orgasm keeps going and going and I might have come without really knowing it.

“Did you have yours?” “I don’t know.” That was really strange. That was like half an orgasm during a full-on fuck frenzy. Maybe it’s because I held off earlier with the goosebumps. “It feels more slippery.” Yes, it feels like I came in her. Maybe it was like a big long pre-flow that never quite got to the orgasm. “And I’m getting soft.” River goes for another one and gets it. “It’s hard for me to tell. You should make it more obvious.”

We hear Brook coming down the hall and pull the covers over us. “I think we’ve done this before.”

“That was a really nice screaming orgasm. But without the screaming.”

“You might not believe this, but you had me a bit out of my comfort zone.” “You said you can always hear Brook coming.”

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Thoughts and conversations

"What a strange thing we do." "People overthink sex too much." "Maybe we should be more animaly. Wherever, whenever, whoever." "Sounds good." River has always been down on the whole puritanical thing of sexual repression and the bad it seems to cause society. Not like old societies where everybody lived together and would do it in a communal or family living environment.

"I'm thinking about you standing over me and dropping onto my cock." "You liked that?" "Both times. You have good aim." River never really thinks of things like that. I tell her I was reading somebody wonder how his wife could like sex so much, have screaming orgasms, and then not want to do it for a while. Maybe she wanted to savor it for a week, he thought. And here I am, the one who's savoring it. River likes it when we're doing it but doesn't think about it that much. Sometimes I feel like I want to savor it for a week, then I want to do it after a day or two.

We're at a beach park. It's fairly deserted. No cars in the parking lot. A misty morning. I remember our talk about doing it like animals. Wherever. Whenever. Whoever. We talk about doing it on the beach. If I came down to the beach and some couple was doing it, it wouldn't bother me, I'd be discreet. Pretty much the same with River. Doing it in a crowd, or being a spectacle, doesn't seem like such a good idea, but a misty deserted beach seems ok. We've done it on a beach at night, and at a lake at a campground in daylight. Today the stars have come into a rare alignment. A nice place, deserted, nice temperature, good emotional warmup for both of us. Yet we don't seize the opportunity. Why not? Stupid society. Signs here say no alcohol, no whatever, but not no fucking. So why not?

There's movies. Everybody watches movies. People actually pay good money to see them. And everybody's seen people in movies having sex of various kinds. It's not a big deal. Not real sex, but it looks real enough, and that's what counts. So what's wrong with seeing people have sex in real life? Having sex isn't like taking a crap. That's something you don't tend to see in movies. But you do see sex. And it's perfectly acceptable. We can kiss all we want on the beach, and we do, and we might make some people uncomfortable, we might depress people by being such a happy couple, but we don't care. Why should we or anybody care if we do it on a misty deserted beach?

And people are often not wanting their kids to hear them having sex. So what? Sex isn't shameful. It's not a secret. Mom and dad are attracted to each other. They love each other, I hope. It's why they have kids at all. We've done it with our kids in the same hotel room. They were probably asleep, but if they weren't, they were discreet.

River asks why I want to have sex. The same reasons I want to hold her hand, and hug her, and kiss her, and snuggle naked with her, and rub her back. I think it's strange that's she's ok with all that, never turns it down, but when it gets to sex she'll back off. She says it's like liking chocolate but not wanting to eat it all the time. Maybe we could do five ten-minute sessions instead of one fifty-minute session. I don't think it would be very satisfying though.

I read an article on the net saying missionary is not such a great position, and how vaginal intercourse gets boring quickly. I think it was written by a woman, but I'm not sure. Women tend to rate missionary pretty highly. So do I, but that was a recent revelation. I'm more sure that it was written by a twenty-something. If vaginal intercourse is boring I can only think that the people involved must not be very good at it yet, aren't very creative, aren't very good communicators. Hopefully they'll get better. River looks at a few sites and says there's so much information there's really no excuse for not having creative and satisfying screws.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Walk, fuck, go out to lunch

We start a nice talk in the shower, take Brook to school, walk down to the water. A nice emotional warmup for River. I have a plan. Go home, fuck, go out to lunch. I say the bed is ok but River wants the futon. We won't be visible from the front porch. Not too visible anyway. River wants me naked. I comply.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What a strange thing I do

River gets a back rub and then lets me fuck her until I come. I ask for inviting, then roll into spoons, and finish with River on her side. What a strange thing that I do.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Massage, massage, blowjob, fuck

We were going to do it Saturday night but we postponed to Sunday morning by mutual agreement. Otherwise known as reading each other's minds. On Sunday morning River sleeps in heavily, and I'm not itching to do it. Just waking up with River is enough. So we put it off again. Then we both realize that River's period is supposed to start today, and we should have done it. I have a plan. "Remember that blowjob we were talking about?" "I'd do that." We also want to give each other some massage. But not to the exclusion of other activities.

River gets hers first. I'm torn between taking a long time and enjoying it, and wanting to finish so we can get on with things. Her period has started on schedule so she's wearing panties, cute pink ones, and I tease myself by pulling them down a bit to do her butt.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Not the most fulfilling time

It's morning. "Now the Cialis is working." It's hard to keep down. Watching River in the shower. Hugging her in the kitchen. "Date tonight?" That's a surprise. "If you insist."

We stay up kind of late together. "Is our date still on?" "I was wondering about that. I've gotten kind of tired." "I'll do all the work." "I don't have the energy to say no."

We spoon and I'm hoping it will come up spontaneously like it did this morning. Cialis seems to last about 48 hours for me and it's only been about 24. No luck. Sit next to River. It comes up pretty quick when I give it some attention. Even quicker when I finger River's pussy and feel her wetness. Hard. "Do you need a warm up?" "Not really." It's a little strange. She's just there. I just stick it in. Nice and hard. And there we are. Fucking. The angle is a bit awkward though. Hard to keep it in. River keeps it in as she flips her leg over me and rolls onto her back. She likes keeping it in.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Waking River up in the night

A quarter to two. Earlier than I thought. River has said I could wake her up in the middle of the night some time to do it. Now seems like a good time. Plenty of time to sleep afterwards. Just thinking about it should get me hard. Especially on the Cialis I took earlier. Thinking about River, her sweetness, her love, her shape, our shower this morning, her fuzzy wet pussy. But nothing. A small touch should do it. Three fingers on the side of my cock. Pretty standard for me. Still nothing. Even though the desire is there. Finger and thumb around the base, other fingers on my balls. Maybe something. Once it's started it should be like a chain reaction. But it isn't. At least hard enough to start doing the entire shaft from the head down. And that helps. It's not the pounding erection I was anticipating. But it's good enough.

I wonder if River is awake. Hard to tell. She's in spoon position. Perfect. Roll towards her, put it between her legs where I can feel the fuzz. She's awake enough to reach down and put it in her hole and we push together hard to see how far in it will go. Not very. So just a small slow fuck until there's enough juice to push it in further. But she still seems under-lubricated. That doesn't make me feel good. It makes me feel like I'm just doing my thing with her. Which I am. It's better when it's our thing. Push in deep and hold it for a while. Lean back with my hand on her hip. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower.

Still not as wet as it should be. But not dry either. I hope she's ok. Roll River over. I'm aiming for inviting but she rolls all the way to butt. I won't argue with her choice. Not much room on the right side of the bed, but enough. Reach for her hands. Single point. Lay on top. When I come I push in deep and hold it. I hope she likes feeling me come this time. Move a little bit at the end to squeeze out a few more contractions. Roll back into spoons for a while. Now the Cialis is working. I pull out, get a t-shirt off the floor. "It's ok, I have to pee anyway." The only words either of us has spoken.

"How'd you sleep?" "Ok." "I hope you didn't mind that I woke you up last night. If I did wake you up. You said I could some time." "You woke me up." I talk about how she didn't seem her usual wetness. Except for the stick-in, it seemed ok to her. And she woke up with an orgasm around four. Nice. Except for the other recent time, that hasn't happened since she was pregnant with Brook.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pulling halfway out on the futon

"When I said I wasn't sure what to do about you being so irresistible, and you said work on a plan, I wasn't sure if you were serious. So, I'm not expecting anything." "I wouldn't have teased you so egregiously."

We're in the media room. The painting River did today has been featured on the site she's on. I've been telling her how her paintings make me horny. And they do. "I want to leave a comment: Your paintings make me horny. I'd like to fuck you tonight, River." "Do you want to do it here?" On the futon. Something's gotten into her. She was the first to initiate on the futon, but this is completely unexpected. Or maybe not. She's been making art. "Sure."

Thursday, September 2, 2010

On the couch

We're in the back yard. After sunset. "The trampoline?" "Too cold." I had to ask. "The living room?" "Ok. Because I know you like it." Where wouldn't I like it with River. And we haven't done it there since last summer.

"I like how you just casually drop your pants in the living room." "I'm keeping my shirt on. For old times' sake." I like seeing her bush below her shirt. And having her shirt pushed up over her tits. She knows that.