Sunday, September 19, 2010

Out of my comfort zone

River is air-drying on the bed Saturday morning after her shower. “I’d do it with you but I’d rather wait until tonight and do it right.” But we put it off again until Sunday morning, planning to do it after setting Brook up with hot chocolate.

It gets late. I suggest a shower first, remembering River air-drying. We shower. Everybody is up. I’m not sure it’s going to happen. But we end up upstairs. River is wearing a blue shirt with her pink panties. A nice combination. Lying crosswise on the bed. I keep my shirt and underwear on, get on top, we kiss, I stir things around and get a good one.

River strokes me through my underwear. It’s really sensitive today. Her hand is almost too much. I reach back and finger her through her panties, taking care not to abrade her this time. We do the stick-in with panties and underwear on. River wants my underwear off and we manage to keep it in while we get it off. I like seeing her tuft of bush pushing around the edge of her panties as I look down and watch us fucking. All the way in against her cervix. We do minimagnetism, me grabbing River by the waist and moving her up and down in counter-rhythm to my thrusts. “I can’t do that very long today.” “You already had goosebumps. But it felt nice.”

River wants her panties off. Have to pull out to do that. She goes for her button. That’s kind of a surprise. The bedroom door is wide open, the kids are up, and my naked butt is pointing at the door. River’s got me a bit out of my comfort zone. But it’s ok. She’s doing her button while I idle in her pussy, small strokes, slow deep strokes. It doesn’t take very long. “Here it is.” Fuck her in her orgasm, deep and hard, sounds like a good one, I feel like I’m going to come but I want to hold off for her second one, I don’t have much room and have to rest on my knees with my legs folded up, that makes me feel girly even as I’m fucking deep into her, her orgasm keeps going and going and I might have come without really knowing it.

“Did you have yours?” “I don’t know.” That was really strange. That was like half an orgasm during a full-on fuck frenzy. Maybe it’s because I held off earlier with the goosebumps. “It feels more slippery.” Yes, it feels like I came in her. Maybe it was like a big long pre-flow that never quite got to the orgasm. “And I’m getting soft.” River goes for another one and gets it. “It’s hard for me to tell. You should make it more obvious.”

We hear Brook coming down the hall and pull the covers over us. “I think we’ve done this before.”

“That was a really nice screaming orgasm. But without the screaming.”

“You might not believe this, but you had me a bit out of my comfort zone.” “You said you can always hear Brook coming.”

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