Thursday, September 16, 2010

Walk, fuck, go out to lunch

We start a nice talk in the shower, take Brook to school, walk down to the water. A nice emotional warmup for River. I have a plan. Go home, fuck, go out to lunch. I say the bed is ok but River wants the futon. We won't be visible from the front porch. Not too visible anyway. River wants me naked. I comply. She's just wearing a shirt. Standing over me as I sit.

I move my face to her bush, she leans into it, I lick between her lips, up to her clit. She sits, we kiss, I unhook her bra and she takes it off with her shirt. I'm not getting hard. Limp dick fuck. I feel it slip in, it almost works. We try with River lying down. Too demanding for now.

Up to the bed, jack off a bit, thumb in River's pussy, stick-in. "I want to fuck." "I'm fucking you with my dick." She's all scrunched up against the wall, legs up to her chest, my arms outside her legs. Deep. We watch her tummy expand and contract as my cock goes in and out. "You feel big." I don't get to come the first time. This will be an easy one. "Make it a good one." Fast and hard for River. And for me. I start coming. I can't hold myself up. I collapse on her, my right nut getting sucked up. "I left my t-shirt downstairs." "I brought it up." "Full service."

Then we go out and have a nice lunch together.

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