Tuesday, September 28, 2010


"It's too late." "Even for sex?" "Yeah." But she talks me into it. Good thing I'm such a pushover.

The balcony door is open. Probably the last day this year it will be warm enough for that. I stand at it. Naked. No sign of anybody in the neighborhood. Not that I would care. River walks up behind me and presses her body against mine. Warm, soft, and surprisingly naked. Moves her hands on my body. I move her hand down. "If you touch here, something will probably happen." She's reaching around from behind. "This is the 'my penis' position." Reminds me of when she lays on top of me on the bed, facing up, and I get to play with my pussy, rubbing my clitoris, slipping my hand up to my breasts and nipples. "But if it were mine I'd play with these." Her hand rubbing my balls. Fuzzy, the way she likes them. "You can do that." Something is happening down there.

I reach behind me, both hands, running fingers through her bush, a finger up and down each side, until they meet at her lips. She's working my cock, her cock, getting it hard, still standing in the open doorway, facing into the starry night, playing into my exhibitionist streak. My left fingers are on her clit, finding their way between her flaps and folds to her wetness, back to her clit. "There should be some sweet lubrication today." Is it time of the month, or something to do with the sensations she's been having when we kiss?

I'm ready. She's ready. "Now what?" "I've been wondering the same thing. Any requests?" A few steps back to the bed. Put her right foot up on it. With the ED, we haven't gotten face-to-face standing to work for a long time. It almost works this time. "I think you have to make yourself shorter." I try, but I'm losing it. I can't help comparing myself to my former self. I should have a raging rock-solid erection to fuck her with. "It should be hard to keep it down, not hard to get it up." I'm fairly dejected. River is sweet. She knows how much I want standing face-to-face. Maybe we can do it standing from behind. But I've lost it. "We can talk. We can snuggle." I like both of those. Sometimes talking is as good as fucking. But not tonight, when we got so close. And River initiated.

"I think if we go back to the door it will work again." Back to the starry night. River jacking me off from behind. My left hand reaching behind, finding her clit nestled in the folds. It gets some nice big circles. "That's good." I feel myself stiffening again. Her sounds say she's really liking getting it rubbed, standing with her legs together stroking my stiffening cock in the cool night air. She pushes her face into my neck, grabs on to me, and moans.

It's hard, but not hard enough for standing. We go to the bed and try to start with me on top but by now it's a limp dick fuck and I have to prop it up from underneath but it's in and stiffening. We have a good missionary fuck, well-lubricated, wet slippery, then she spreads her legs into a wide V. "I like it when you do that. But it looks tiring." "It's easy."

"Once again your clitoris gets ignored." "It was getting some good stimulation when we were fucking." River reaches for her clit while I keep the fuck going. "Am I distracting you?" "No." She pulls her knees up, my arms on the outside of her legs, it's a nice position but she can't reach her clit so I put her left leg on my shoulder and she spreads her right leg and starts again but it doesn't seem like she's got one in her tonight. "I just want to fuck." I always have one in me. But it's too close, I have to take a lot of breaks to keep from coming.

"Should we do a doggy position?" We roll into doggy, her legs together. We should do it with her legs apart some more but it's so nice with her legs together. Feels nice, looks nice. River likes to keep it in as we reposition but it comes out and I get to line it up under her amazing ass and push it back into her warm wet pussy, grab her hips, and fuck. She's right, her lubrication is sweet for doggy. She sits up. I drop down. Feeling my balls rub across her feet almost sets me off. "I like hello kitty." So do I. But I'm so close to the edge I can't do it for long. "You can come. This doesn't have to be a long fuck." "Yes it does."

"Should we do something standing?" We keep it in as we back off the bed, me first, River still in position on the bed as we fuck, then River, leaning over and bracing on the bed as I push into her from behind, my butt facing the door, feeling the outside air. I want to bang her good. Grab her hips and hit it hard, all the way in. I bottom out. She winces. Too sensitive tonight. "You can go deep and slow, or shallow and fast." Shallow and fast. Feel the build. When I come I can barely stand, pushing deep, making all kinds of sounds. Despite the problems getting it up it stays hard enough for a nice long afterfuck. I'm glad River doesn't wonder when I'm going to stop. "That was non-routine." River likes non-routine. So do I.

"I sure made a lot of noise tonight." "I like it. It's good to know you're enjoying yourself back there." "I was enjoying myself. If the door were closed I would have been even louder." "I don't mind if the neighbors hear us doing it. I don't really want them to see though." I guess her recently admitted exhibitionist streak doesn't extend that far. "I'm the opposite. I wouldn't mind people seeing, everybody does it. But the sounds are kind of personal." "Maybe more women would watch porn if the guys made more sound." Interesting. "I used to be a lot louder when we first started. And you were always quiet." "You wanted me to make more sound." "I don't think I would have said that. I would have said, you can be louder if you want." "Yeah, you were nice about it." "You were making some very nice sounds tonight, when we were standing doing each other's parts. And I've always said, you always seem really appreciative. That's why I like being on top with you so much."

"Too bad my uterus was a little owie today." "Sometimes I wish I were a little shorter. You wouldn't even notice." Not that I'm that long. Pretty average I think. "You could lose a half inch and I wouldn't notice."

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