Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pulling halfway out on the futon

"When I said I wasn't sure what to do about you being so irresistible, and you said work on a plan, I wasn't sure if you were serious. So, I'm not expecting anything." "I wouldn't have teased you so egregiously."

We're in the media room. The painting River did today has been featured on the site she's on. I've been telling her how her paintings make me horny. And they do. "I want to leave a comment: Your paintings make me horny. I'd like to fuck you tonight, River." "Do you want to do it here?" On the futon. Something's gotten into her. She was the first to initiate on the futon, but this is completely unexpected. Or maybe not. She's been making art. "Sure."

River has prepared the futon. I bring a candle down. She peels and gets under the comforter. I massage foot cream into her dry feet. Peel and get on top of the comforter and we have some hot kisses. I don't think I want to do it with the comforter between us this time, I want to feel our bodies touching, so I rearrange it to cover both of us. "I thought you might have tunneled up under the comforter." "I might have stopped halfway up, and that's probably not what you want."

I sit on top. I feel her fuzzy bush under my parts. Stimulating. I move my hips, brushing my cock against it, and it starts to stiffen. "I just figured out what bush is for." Aside from being visually stimulating. Bush turns me on. Better than the bare bland boring babes of porn. No bush, no girl. Although she was enticing with her sphinx last summer, and I've told her she'd be cute with a landing strip. And she would. But I like her with bush, seeing the triangle when she takes her pants off, when she opens her robe, seeing her fuzzy lips from behind as I wash her butt and peek between her legs in the shower, feeling it against my face as I lick her pussy.

"Any requests for warmup?" "Just keep me warm." I sit up. She wraps her hand around my cock, already hard, and does me. I reach behind me, find her pussy, work my finger between her lips, move up to her clit, two fingers on it, start some circles, feeling her skin slip over it as I rub, first teasing, then harder. River responds, arching upwards, still doing my cock with her hand. "I might have one in me tonight." "You'll have to get it out." I love the mutual hand jobs. It's hard to stop. But it's time to fuck.

We do the stick-in, deep into her pussy in missionary. "It's my very attractive sweetie. Amazingly attractive." Beautiful in the candle light. "I have a plan. We fuck for a while, then you have one ..." "Then we finish. It's nice to have a plan." We fuck in default. "I'm making sounds with your pussy." Little plopping sounds at the end of each pullout. "With your cork." "Is that how you pronounce it?" Then full pullouts, all the way out, not touching, plunging straight back in. "Deluxe." I move her leg up to my shoulder for half-jackknife and push even deeper. We both feel her cervix being pushed aside and she winces. "It was ok until my leg went up." Put it back down. Still plenty deep.

I explore her pussy with my cock. "It feels different with my fingers. There's a left side." Angle my cock to probe her left side. "And a right side." Angle for the right side. "And a top and bottom. I can see how it's called a box." Ask about her bladder as I poke against the top. The front. "It's fine." "But you usually seem to like straight up the middle." "You can do the sides." But I go straight up the middle for a while because I like it, too. "I'm fucking an artist." And I'm being rather vocal tonight, not holding back on expressing my pleasure.

Put my thumb on her clit and do circles while we fuck. Feeling her clit turns me on. "I'm not sure how long I can do that without coming." She takes over. Put my mouth on her left tit, lick, suck, pull the nipple for a long time. "Oh look, you've got another one." Do that one too. She stops. "Are you giving up?" "It was never really close." Maybe I was too distracting.

So we fuck some more, River liking being on bottom, me liking being on top, plunging, kissing, squeezing her boobs and nipples. She's reaching down with both hands and doing something. "Holding the flaps out of the way so they don't get pushed in." "Do we need more slippery?" Our oil is upstairs. "I can lick it." "I think spit would dry out too fast." Or maybe there's some other reason. One of us will have to go upstairs. "I nominate you."

River goes up somewhat reluctantly it seems. Her legs are a bit unsteady after we've been doing it like this, but I'm not sure I could go up and down the stairs and keep my erection or get another one. As she's coming back downstairs I realize. "We both should have gone up, and finished in the bed." "It's cold up there. It's warm down here."

We oil things up and get back to it. I've managed to keep myself reasonably hard and it perks all the way up when it slips back into the sweet friction of River's pussy. But River's gotten too sore for me to pull out all the way. So I push all the way in, and only pull halfway out with each stroke. The opposite of last week, when I only pushed halfway in. "How's that?" "Fine."

It's nice feeling my cock head rub forwards and back through the soft squishy part of her pussy. Her box. The backstrokes feel especially nice and I concentrate on them, feeling the friction increase each time as I pull back towards her opening. It's a nicely subtle stimulation, and I feel it building. "I can finish this way."

It's a nice slow build. I'm close enough that I can already feel my right nut getting sucked up and my left foot cramping. Something's happening with my left nut, too. Still just moving a few inches, pulling out half way, feeling her opening around the base of my shaft. It reminds me of masturbating without touching my cock head, with the indirect stimulation, the anticipation, my come starting to flow even before the orgasm, and the wind-up to an explosive and long-lasting orgasm while I press down on the base of my cock.

It's still building, my foot is cramping, my nuts are hiding somewhere, I'm being really vocal, about to drip sweat onto River, and I'm coming, my orgasm pulling it all together and shooting into River while I shiver and squeeze her and feel her pubic bone as I push in deep for a long one. I hope she's not too sore tomorrow.

And we talk about how I'm a little worried about her recent tendency to dry out, and not being able to have orgasms.

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