Friday, May 21, 2010

Everything falls into place

This night makes me want to rave. This night makes me want to gush. This night makes me want to change lightbulbs. Everything falls into place without a plan and we have a nice sweet fuck with a new twist.

It's gotten late while I clean the kitchen and River stays with Brook. "Girl I'm gonna make you purr, purr till you can't purr no more." In my head since I called River. But I have to do my physical therapy exercises. "I don't have to be awake at a particular time tomorrow. We can do it in the morning. I'm flexible." What does she mean by do it? It doesn't really matter. I'm not initiating. Just making her purr. She's had an achy uterus and I want to appreciate her in a way she appreciates.

We arm wrestle left-handed. My weak arm. I win the first two out of three. I'm surprised. We're very even though. I do some of my exercises. They're a bit of a burnout. Even when I just need to make my body move. Will I have anything left to make River purr?

"Is it ok if I go up and warm the bed up?" "Of course." I'm up soon though. "I can't see in the dark." River lights a candle. Romantic. I rest a bit then uncover her. She sets up the face pillow. "Should I rub lavender on your boobs?" "Or wherever you want." I save her boobs for later and start with her back. My hands are uneven but I try to mirror them or use them together. River purrs. I sing. Back, shoulders, sides. Remind her how creative she was last time she did me. Butt. "I always feel kind of funny pulling your butt cheeks apart." Some intention on her butthole. Legs. Up the backs of the thighs like she did me. Catch some whisps of bush.

"Ready to turn over?" "Are you thinking of sticking your dick in me?" "I was thinking of licking your pussy. Something like this." Put my face in her secret darkness with her legs together. Probe with my tongue. Left side, right side, center. Can't get her clit from here. But I like being close enough to touch her lips and dip into her opening with my tongue. "Kind of hard to breathe like that." "I bet. With your nose right in my butthole."

Roll her over. Oil her boobs. "I'm not as aggressive as you were." "Just do what feels good." I like hearing my own advice come back to me. Her small slippery boobs look hot with their hard slippery nipples perking up. River is very relaxed. Massage and benadryl. "Are you cold?" "Yes." Pull the comforter over her. Face and parts still showing.

I wasn't planning on sticking my dick in her but my plans never work out. Rub myself and harden as she opens for me and I feel for her wetness and clit with my thumb. At least my left hand is still good for something. "I wish I could do as nice a job on you as you do on me." "You might be the best cunnilingist in the world. But I'm hard to arouse." I think she's a lot more normal than she thinks. Does she think I'm going to use my tongue some more? I wonder how much endurance I've gotten back. But she's given me the other idea, and I like the good part as much as she does.

I'm ready. Stick my dick in her. Nice oily friction. "That's hard." I'm on top with the comforter between us. I like how it feels. Almost chaste. Except there's a nice fuck going on. River's face sticks out at the top of the comforter. Looking very sweet. And relaxed. At the bottom of the comforter our parts appreciate each other. "Are you falling asleep?" "No, but I'm very relaxed." "You can. Don't let me keep you up." The comforter is very comforting. And comfortable. We should try this with her on top.

I'm on a slowish speed. I like slow. Not because I last longer. Because I don't like to miss anything. Breathing in all the feelings of contact. Not wanting it to end. Everything feels magical tonight. Things falling into place. Massage, relax, taste her pussy, oil her boobs, have a sweet and interesting fuck. Different every time.

Every now and then I have to reach down and reposition my weak left leg, but my left arm doesn't tire. My leg isn't strong enough for mini-magnetism, so we do some jackknife. But mostly default and missionary, feeling the tip go through her improbable part with the full pullouts and all the way back up inside her then out again. No-hands stick-in when it comes out.

River isn't using the wall. Too relaxed? I use her head and shoulder, pulling her down against me as I push up into her. Deep. Rock into her without the hip thrusts. Speed up. River always likes that part. I'll come soon. "Fast or slow?" "Whatever you want. I like both." A good night for another slow one. Relaxed. Magical. Feel it build with each thrust. Then over the edge. Push in and wait for it. It builds by itself. It's here. Feel my load flood into her and flow around me. Afterfuck. Insecure feelings about keeping River awake longer than I have to by keeping things going after I come. But River has said the afterfuck seems natural. And I never want to stop.

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