Monday, May 31, 2010

"That was nice."

"I haven't forgotten my offer." I wasn't so sure she was making an offer as much as giving in to what she thought was inevitable, but which I hopefully made clear wasn't. But if I want to, River will go along, even participate. "I always do." "You didn't once." "Oh yeah." "It makes a big difference." I wouldn't do it again without River participating.

I can feel the Cialis still working. "I know I'm going to say yes, but I still need to think about it. What do you want for warmup?" "Would you give me a back rub?" "How can I turn that down?" I'm not entirely altruistic with back rubs and massages. I get at least as much enjoyment giving them as River does getting them. We usually thank each other afterwards.

By the time I effleurage the oil onto her back and get in place behind her there's a good hardon in my way. It seems a bit silly to let it wobble there in anticipation. "I'm ready." Push it down and in. River adjusts her angle and pushes back. We push hard and it goes in a little. Then a few strokes to find her juice and get things wet enough to get it in a little more. That's good enough for now. We can save the rest for later. I have things to do.

"Uh oh, this was supposed to be a warmup." River is wondering whether she's going to get a good massage or a good fuck. When I'm doing two of my favorite things like this it's hard to do them both well. I'll just leave it mostly parked and concentrate on her back. This erection will still be there when the time comes.

I feel squeezes. "What was that?" "I'm feeling you. With my pussy." That feels nice with it part way in. Maybe I can remember to ask her to squeeze my fingers when I give her that handjob.

River's back. Open the book, close the book. Sacrum area. Her alternating hand strokes. Fingers on her back. Some slow in-out to emphasize things as I reach forward for her shoulders, and down for her lower back. The new move is fists up the sides of her spine.

I hope River is as warmed up as I am. Lean forward onto her back, reach under her arms for her hands, and we fuck. Sit up and put my thumb in place under her butthole to guide it back in for the full pullouts. My right thumb stays on her soft butthole, rocking on it, gently pushing on it, being turned on by how it feels.

River sounds like she's liking something that's going on. And she's participating. Her hands forward on the wall to push back. I grab her shoulder and pull down as I push in and speed up and go harder. Sounds like she likes it even more. I hope so. Pretty fast now. It's been a while since we've gone so fast. It feels nice to do this so long without coming. Then my orgasm comes and again I fuck right through it, then slow down and finally rest.

Roll us over into spoons. Still hard. We talk about her reflex that squeezes it out sometimes. Maybe I can wait for it to get soft enough to start slipping out and trigger it. But it's taking a long time to get soft, and I pull out and we clean up so River can sleep.

"That was nice."

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