Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A nice vegan meal

River is getting ready to read to Brook. "I don't have any particular plans for tonight." "Me either. Some massage might be nice, with or without . . ." Was she reading my mind, or was I reading hers?

"Who gets to go first?" "You do." That would be the expected order for doing something afterwards. I'm not planning on it, but if anything can change my mind it's sitting on River massaging her back staring at the nice shape of her butt. She's gotten a new candle for us. Thoughtful. She gives me a nice creative back rub. All kinds of rubby fingery swooshy sweetness to collapse into. Does my calves. Pushes her hands up the backs of my thighs and I'm wishing I had a pussy she could lean down and put her mouth on. I'll have to remember that. Both feet at once feels nice. More dreamy creative back rub. I get sweaty from deep breathing. She lies next to me and keeps a hand going on my back. "You're putting me to sleep." "You can just relax and go to sleep. I probably owe you about ten." "You don't owe me anything. I'm not entirely altruistic." And I want to return the favor. Maneuvering with oil in my hand was never easy. Now it's harder. But I've got the right amount to do River's back nicely. My left hand is weak and tires quickly. Make up for it by using both hands together. "Any requests?" "My butt." Trying to make her hip feel better. I use my hands, elbow, and arm on her butt. Every now and then there's a nice sigh. Push her cheeks apart, together, up, down. Tops, bottoms, sides. Not setting up to do it. Just snuggle off to sleep. "That was like a nice vegan meal." I think I know what she means. "I didn't give you any meat?" "Yeah." But I know it wasn't really a joke. No strings is nice. "Tomorrow in daylight?" "It will be hard to squeeze in. It's a busy day." But I know we could do it if we wanted to. And we might want to.

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