Tuesday, May 4, 2010

That was quite a honeymoon

That was quite a honeymoon. We liked our nest. Put it to good use. The oil made it smell like us. River smelled like her and I liked it. Good food. River painting. Talking about emotions. Bonding. A shower together in the men's shower with no lock. River wasn't kidding when she said that doing it Thursday wouldn't slow us down. Without even trying a lot of things happened that I'd been thinking about: as much darkness as we could get; morning after fuck; twice in one day; River masturbating out of position; watching her, especially doing her boobs; rubbing myself in her butt crack. My favorite was the morning after fuck. Even River said it was comforting. Her warm snugglies were connected to her libido. And on the way home, River pauses so I can take a picture of the "speed hump" sign.

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