Friday, May 28, 2010

Start in the morning and finish tonight

It's been raining all night. River would have done it last night even though she's still itchy. "I'm holding out for the couch." And really I'm happier with a nice snuggle. She is too. I mention again that I reach a peak of physical desire after about three days. This time it was four days. Two days ago. Then it tapers off and gets easier to go without. I've been in and out of sleep since about 5. A few minutes before 7 River and I find we're both awake. I look into her eyes with one eye open. Then two. She's looks back then closes her eyes. I feel my dick stiffening. All the way. No stimulation. Just looking into River's eyes. River rolls over with her back towards me. Our morning spooning position. I thunk my hardon below her butt and rub it against her with my hips and hand. "That's a surprise." "Yeah. It happened just looking at you. That's how it's supposed to work." How it used to work. An A. I don't want to miss this one. But it's almost time to get up. Not even enough time for a quickie. Maybe a speed record. But I don't want to do a quickie. Much less a speed record. "Do you want to start in the morning and finish tonight?" "For a few minutes?" "Or one minute." She opens up. Grabs my dick. Sticks it in. She's startlingly wet. It slides all the way into her. Or as far as it can in spoons. A few slow strokes. All the way out. Through the improbable part. All the way in. Bliss. Push as far as it goes, squeeze River to me, and hold it in. This is nice. Playful. I don't think we've intentionally done an unfinished fuck before. Just talked about it. We've had to leave things unfinished because we didn't have protection, because we were interrupted, because it was too uncomfortable or strenuous. I wonder if she believes I can actually stop. I'm never wanting it to end. More strokes. A bit faster. Pull my body back to get deeper and do a few more strokes into her wet pussy. Feel her butt against me. She feels nice. Hug and hold. It feels nice being so hard. I think we're about done, then I pull out for some microfuck, just the tip in her opening, then all the way in and hold it again and enjoy her body. About a minute after 7. Pull out and we're through. For now. River sits up. "Good morning." A bit of a ritual for us. Like "sweet dreams". "And it is a good morning." I agree. A sweet start to the day. She stands up. Looks back. Did she feel something? "There's a wet patch. A snatch patch." Where she was sitting. Startlingly wet.

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