Thursday, May 20, 2010

I enjoyed yourself too

Downstairs reading on the couch. Last night was a little rough but we worked things out this morning. River comes down from Brook's room shortly before ten. Lies down next to me. "Hello." "Hello." Rub what I can reach with my left hand. Part of her back, neck, ear. Under her shirt. Silly bra strap interrupting the smoothness. Put down my book and play with her hair. I'd like to do more but there's not much within reach. I can't tell what she's thinking. "Am I annoying you?" "No." "You're being hard to read." "If I keep getting more and more relaxed it means I like it." "I can't really tell how relaxed you're getting." When I like something my breathing usually changes and I go mmm. Positive feedback. "If you did that upstairs I'd purr." "I can make you purr down here." "Then you'd have to carry me up the stairs."
Neither of us takes the other's suggestion. River goes upstairs to brush. I sit on the couch staring. She's taking a long time. I'd like to make her purr, but I'd like to keep things going downstairs where they started. She'd like to purr, but she wants to do it upstairs where there's more room. I should go up and make her purr but I spend a long time not thinking up a compromise. I go up and brush while River finishes flossing and goes to bed. By the time I get there the light is out. I think River thinks I'm not ok. My behavior says I'm not ok. But I'm fine. I hope she is. We talk about things. Whether I'm ok. I am. Whether she's ok. She is. What could be better. Don't know. About not saying what we really wanted. I want this to be a nice talk and not deteriorate. I see signs of deterioration and try to stem them. But we're ok. I think. Last night I remembered we really should snuggle. No matter what. Pull River towards me for a snuggle. And kiss. We'll probably end up doing it. I'm willing. Is River? Usually I'd ask but I'm hoping things will just fall into place. Even hoping River takes the lead. She knows what's coming and knows I'm driving it, explicitly or not, and she's acquiesced. She rubs my back. A bit of a lead. I feel hers. Slide my hand down to her butt. Leave my finger at the top of her crack. I'm breathing. Is River getting more relaxed? The kisses don't seem to be getting more passionate. I take her hand and move it down to my parts. She's willing. Her usual amazing job. Everything just right. She's always had the nicest touch. Seems more than willing. I go mmm and move with her. The kisses get more passionate. "Is it going to work?" "It always does." ED notwithstanding. Feel one of my favorite boobs. That always helps. Get on top and feel both of them. "I wonder how coordinated my left hand is today." "I was wondering that about my hand." It hadn't crossed my mind that I moved her left hand down to my part. She's using her right hand now. "I don't have a preference for which hand you use." She's great with both. I used either hand on her. She reaches down and uses both. She's given me a nice hardon. Move forward and reach back with my left hand. She opens for me. My right hand. I wish I could do something nicer for her to get her going. She says she's not much for foreplay and likes to get to the good part. "How should we do the stick-in?" "This is good. On my back." "We do that most of the time." "What do you want?" Our usual stick-in is quite nice. But we can do something a little less routine. "Jackknife?" "Ok." "Let me know when you're ready." "I'm ready." I'm obviously ready. River brings her legs up and rubs herself with my nicely hard cock. I like that. I'm not worried about losing it before we get it in. I won't lose it. "You can do that as long as you want." She rubs for a while. Up and down. Against her clit. Then dips it down and lets it plunge in. "Or give in to temptation." "Was that tempting?" "Yes." That makes me feel good. Sticks halfway in on the first thrust. A few more and it's all the way. Sinking deep. Feel River's cervix. "How's that today?" "Better take it slow." I go my speed. Medium slow. Some interesting sounds of fuck. Wet. Squishy. Not at the end of the pull out, or the start of the push in. Near the end of the push in. Unusual. Check for air. No air. We both like making sounds. River is a connoisseur of funny sounds. The sounds of my dick and River's wet pussy moshing together always turn me on. River looks peaceful. Hard to see in the dark though. I look at her a lot tonight. It's all jackknife, face to face, varying angles, depth, speed, River's hands on my sides making me feel wanted. One brief break when I pull River's legs towards me for minimagnetism. I tire. Fold her legs back with her feet on my chest. "The angle's not working right." "I had to try it." "It's good to try new things." Back in jackknife. Get a rocking motion going on between us. No thrusting. I like how it feels moving in and out of her while we rock together. Has that happened before? "Do you want anything else?" "Do you?" "I could finish this way." "Ok." "How long can you stay in that position?" "A while." She holds her feet up with her hands for a short time. Flexible sweetie. We take turns putting it back in when I get greedy on the pullouts. I like sliding it down her slot until it sticks in. I like how she reaches around with both hands and does it. Look down in the dark and watch my cock disappear into her fur with her legs together. My leg has been getting tired and I stretch it out behind me. Push in deep and enjoy the feeling of being so close to River. Reed and River are fucking. "I wonder if I can reach you for a kiss." River scrunches up even more as we press together and we do some nice kisses while the fucking gets more intense. It's really nice being together like this. I don't say anything when I come. Just push in and feel it stiffen with the contractions as I come inside her. She feels it and pulls me closer. Good hardness for the afterfuck. I almost think we could keep going. But I want to rest and we got a late start. Roll onto my side with River's legs around me. "Where am I going?" She keeps rolling. We keep it in while she ends up on top. "I enjoyed myself." "I enjoyed yourself too."

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