Sunday, May 30, 2010

Reed gets a full-service massage

This merits trying the 5mg Cialis I've been prescribed. "I don't want to let you down." "You don't let me down." "You've already made me feel good by wanting to make me feel good and saying I'm sexy." We get the candles lit and the face pillow set up and some inconspicuous music going. I feel River's bush settle onto me as she gets into position. She does my back. Nice shoulders. Sides. Oils up my butt. "Your butt is cute." She wants to return the favor I did on her sacrum last night so I try to remember what I was doing. I request some hip rub. I like how she does alternating rhythms with her hands sometimes.

"Anything else?" "You know that fantasy where I'm on my back and you do my neck then climb over and sit on my face?" "I'm not sure I want to do that with my recently itchy hoo." I lie on my back with my head near the edge of the bed. My eyes are closed. When they open they see River's tits over me, and I think that if she moved forward a bit she could stand with her pussy on my mouth. But I'd rather let my eyes close and feel her do my neck, rolling my head to one side then the other. "I'm melting." And getting goosebumps. It's been long enough since I took the Cialis that I should be getting a hardon. But nothing yet. Rubs the edges of my ears. My forehead. An upside down kiss. Oils and rubs my pectorals. There's that alternating thing she does again. My abs.

She's on the bed now. "I'm going to oil your nuts." Mmm. I kind of wish I'd shaved them recently. River likes them with some fuzz so usually I just trim them. I like the fuzzy feel too as they slide over her when I massage her, and when we fuck. Rubbing my nuts around. The base of my shaft. I feel myself responding. Her hands move up onto my cock. She's doing something nice today, pulling downward at an angle, squeezing as she goes over the head. I feel myself getting harder. "That's a nice move." Now a nice squeeze as her fingers circle my cock and slide down the head and over the sensitive ridge onto the shaft. "That's a nice move too." "You taught me that." I remember. I hope the things she's taught me on her clit are so nice.

"That's a magnificent penis you've got." Open my eyes and look down. She's right. It's fully ready to go. "Are you going to get on that?" She does. All the way on. "That's pretty slippery. Is that oil, or you?" "Mostly me." It feels like it. River starts a glorious fuck. Still sideways on the bed. My hands dangling off the edge over my head. We watch together. River's pussy filled with my cock. Her small breasts with their soft shadows. Her hands on my chest. My hands on her hands. Twice she switches into single point. I let her do the work, then fuck back a bit to get it pulled all the way out each time. Her cunt feels like a sleeve when we do this, sliding up and down my cock, just the right size. But she has to stop when we're getting to the good part.

"What do you want to do?" I feel like River when I ask her that. "I'm going to be like you." "This is nice?" "I like it when you're on top." "Maybe doggy?" "In a bit." Scoot towards the other edge, sit up together, where are we going, lie back down with my legs hanging over the edge and let River fuck me some more. A third round of single point. River's getting a workout tonight. Building her endurance. But I don't have much more endurance in this position than she does.

It comes out switching into doggy, but that just means I get to slip it back into her under her luscious butt. Looking at River's shape. Her hair falls barely onto her back, sides swoop in from her shoulders down to her waist, then curve out to cradle her butt as my cock pushes in under the gap between her cheeks. Grab her waist, pull her back, push it in to the bottom of my cock and feel the end of her pussy. "Is that ok?" "Yeah." It doesn't take long to queef. A big one. "I thought that was going to happen." "I felt that go in." And this position always drys us out. We don't want to abrade anything so I keep halfway in and dab some oil around and push it back in. And a dab for her butthole. "My butthole's been oiled." "Yes it has."

Low doggy. I'm liking pushing in until we're mashed together, then that last little bit when it bottoms out. "Is that ok?" Not so ok any more. River sits up for hello kitty. I go even lower to accommodate. "I'm letting you do all the work." She does good work. "You're participatory." It's hard not to fuck back. I take a break. "Let's finish this way." Oil my fingers and reach around for her tits. Her nice small ones are always where they're supposed to be. Oil them up the way I like and feel them up as we fuck some more. "If you ever want to end it fast, fake an orgasm and remind me to feel your boobs." "My boobs like it." "I need to take another break." I stop just inside her and feel a powerful twitch. This would be a good time to finish. I let River do all the work. The head of my cock feels hot as she fucks me. "This feels really good." So good I'm starting to come, River's cunt working up and down on me, I'm moaning and coming and squeezing my pelvic muscles and River is fucking me in the orgasm as I spend myself against her.

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