Wednesday, May 5, 2010

After our morning shower

Snuggle after our morning shower. The most difficult shower yet. More happy tears for me. And another response as River snuggles on top. "I was checking for a response. There is one." "I'd respond to you." "Do you want to fuck?" "Of course." Reach down and push it against her as she caresses me with her soft groove. Hardening. "Is it ready?" "You tell me." I hope so. River puts it in. Her snatch is freshly clean but we find the right slippery. There we go. River nursing me back to health. It's nice. I move my heavy leg up for a while but mostly leave it straight and fuck back. Will I get a foot cramp? What will happen? I look down and see River using her bush to engulf my glistening shaft. It looks as nice as it feels, being with my sweetie like this. I look up into River's face. Earlier I was commenting on her coloring, her medium brown hair and happy blue eyes, and there they are, looking happy at me. Beneath her face her cute breasts aim their nipples at me and I grab them for a pinch until my arm gets heavy. Pull her towards me and feel us working together as we hug. "That's nice." I always think so. Up again. She's got a nice rhythm, smooth but aggressive, mashing down onto me, up into her. Maybe more my speed than hers. Now she picks it up. "Go for it." I hope she's doing what she likes. It's plenty wet now. How does she manage that even when she's dehydrated? I slow her down once but just to pick up some friction. She feels me get harder. "Make me come." She does. Pushing down onto me as I do. That was amazing. I am alive.

"It had been a while." "Four days." I laugh. "Now you're counting? I'd call it three and a half."

River kisses me in the afternoon. Full on. "We did it this morning. I'm enjoying the pleasant weightiness. I must be ovulating."

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