Thursday, May 6, 2010

We wait until daylight

"You can have some more of that tonight. If you want." We get up to bed and snuggle. "So. Who's on top tonight?" "I don't know. You're the boss." River convinces me to do it tomorrow morning instead of this evening. Turns out she likes daytime just like I do. Even works out the schedule backwards from when she has to pick the boys up, including a long trip out of town, and convinces me we'll have time. She's gotten me horny, I'm leaking, but I like morning. I feel her parts because I like them so much and they're comforting and she doesn't mind. I never really had the nerve to do that much before because I was always thinking she'd be thinking I was trying to get something going. But I just like touching her.

River has PLMD pretty much all night except for two glorious hours in the morning when I get to touch her in peace. Bad sleep for me. Bad dreams. Sweating. Have to pee twice.

"I thought I felt something." "I wonder why it took so long for me not to feel self-conscious about being aroused around you?"

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