These are questions I frequently ask myself.
  • Why does this blog have so many readers but so few comments?

    I don't know.

  • Why are you always doing it with River with little or no warmup?

    I ask River. "Because I like it that way. And I'm impatient."

    With River, it's literally fuck or nothing.

    She's just not into foreplay. She'd rather just get to what we call the good part. And I like the good part, too. I like spending time on foreplay, though. River handjobs me like she has a direct neural connection. I love putting my face in her muff. She likes giving blow jobs. And we both like massage.

    River's pussy is usually well-lubricated, regardless of warmup.

  • Maybe River's just never had a good warmup and doesn't know what she's missing?

    "You've given me good warmups."

  • Why doesn't River always orgasm?

    She doesn't always want to.

  • Why do you do it in bed so much?

    River likes being comfortable and doesn't like having a potential audience. Although she does indulge my exhibitionist streak sometimes. After we get going I don't tend to notice so much where we are. And we both think our bedroom is pretty sexy.

  • Do you really have ED?

    Not as much as some people. And not as much as I used to. Or maybe we've just learned some tricks for dealing with it. But it is definitely less reliable post-vasectomy. Erections are harder to get, I have not always been able to get them (I can only rarely get one in the shower any more), have gone soft while fucking, and sometimes have to be careful about what position we use and what I'm doing so I can maintain an erection. All of that would have been unthinkable previously. My erections used to spring up by themselves; I could see my cock stiffen and rise with each heartbeat. Now it takes some work and we have to do the stick-in semi-erect more often than I'd like. I'm fortunate that River is so understanding and we're so compatible and we've been able to adapt. Talking about things more has been a silver lining.

  • Are you obsessed with sex?

    No, just with sex with River.

  • Why do you do this blog?

    I started taking notes just to keep track of how well I was working. I'd rate my functioning from A (pre-vasectomy) to F (fucking not possible). Then I wanted to remember why I gave it that rating so I scribbled a few notes some time afterwards. Then I started writing with River in mind, so she'd know a bit about my perceptions of things. Then it turned out I liked writing. And I'm fascinated by how every time is different, especially the lead-up. And like I mentioned, I've got an exhibitionist streak.

  • Are you going to stop?

    I've been hoping I would just stop some day but it hasn't happened yet. Around the end of September 2010 I cut back to about every third time though.

    But that didn't last long, did it?

  • When are you going to post the missing stuff from 2009 and 2010?

    It's in the pipe. There's some good stuff in there. It's interesting going back and seeing how things have changed.

  • Do Reed and River ever have dud nights?

    Maybe one or two in the past couple years. We'll have to try it.

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