Friday, February 27, 2009

Breaking in the new futon

In the TV room. "My period didn't start today." That gets things stirring. "Now would be a good time." "Do you want to do it in the TV room?" Oh my yes. My surprising sweetie. We have to break in the new futon. I'm worried that the opportunity will subside while River has to brush her teeth, and we need to block the room off. I'm not that much of an exhibitionist. River gets naked and rolls into a crazy upside down position for a time. I strip to my underwear. Will this work? I have doubts. I get on top. It's working a bit. Then River gives it some nice strokes, pulls, and rubs, and uses her mouth on it. No doubt, it's working. I could get used to that. "Are you ready? Because when it gets up, it's going in." "I'm ready." And she is. It gets up. It goes in. This is supposed to be a sweet screw, but we go through all our new Reed-on-top favorites: missionary, magnetism with bounce, flying V, jackknife. Lots of g-spot. Hitting it feels good for me, too. Looking into River's face with its silly grin as we fuck on the futon is the sweetest thing. I've got a silly grin too. I'm imagining River with her clothes on as I fuck her amazing nakedness. The hall light is on and I can see her pussy clearly for the first time in I don't know how long. "How about some doggy?" But we only make it to butt position. "Mmm, that's what I wanted." And I want to come this way. River has her left hand down on her button. After some sweet fucking I come in her pussy.

"Can I look at your pussy?" And what a sight it is. The wings with the handles and the bush and the improbable spot with its frill. I want to put my mouth on it.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I give myself clearance to fuck River all I want

9:15am. Horny morning after syndrome. Sexy thoughts. Spreading the flaps. Fucking River while she does her button. It's semi-hard so I go up to the bathroom and take it out and lube it up and squirt off left-handed. Well, a dribble really. Not much left after last night, but more than a drop. Everything works as well as I'd expect considering the night before. I'm not sure if it's me, or if the enhancers tend to linger at least 12 hours. A good thick sample for the microscope. Fluid drifts by. Looks completely clean. I give myself clearance to fuck River all I want. The pleasant weightiness is back already.

River comes home, I give her the thumbs up, and she takes a look, even though she's been looking through microscopes all day in lab.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Recovery from a tryst gone awry

We've agreed on a tryst tonight.  My request is for River to start on top.  A very nice kiss as River goes off to class. "It's going to be good."

Things do not get off to a good start.  We watch tv, that's ok, but it's 24, not one of my favorites.  I rub River's chest and undo her bra.  I rub River's feet, socks on, socks off.  She snuggles closer but I'm getting insecure and think I'm irritating her and she's just tolerating me, because she just talks about the tv and doesn't get my hint when I say it's a boring show.  I leave and go upstairs.  "Wake me up when you're ready."  Yeah right.  I regret it even as I'm saying it.  I have sabotaged everything.  I come back.  I explain my feelings in a stressed out way, and how I feel terrible and had to come back.  River explains her feelings. We go talk in the kitchen.  I've forgotten that we're different.  River doesn't always remember that I like audible feedback, even a small "I like that."  I don't always remember that River can enjoy things in silence and be happy.  I forgot that River is hard to read.  I like the subtlety of hints, but I forgot she doesn't do hints well.  If I need something, the best thing to do is be direct. Yes, I touch River because I love her, and I was hoping to help her relax after a stressful class.  And yes, I was also trying to direct some attention to me, and it was seeming like another "ignore Reed until he gives up" moment.  Just ask.

Not so much a lesson as a reminder.  And not so much making up as rediscovering and reconnecting, yet enhancing.  It's good that way.  I look forward not with dread but with anticipation.

We're different.  That's part of what's so wonderful about being in love with River and having her love me back.

We recover.  I'm really glad we've gotten good at talking. River takes a bath.  She gets in and I give her a nice kiss and leave her in peace.

Levitra for the first time.  If it works through this I'll be amazed.  Cologne.  Candle.  I have been trying hard not to think of River while she's in the tub.  I don't want to get hard until we're together.  River starts on top, by request.  It stiffens -- slowly and dubiously, but it's hard. I feel her position it, it slots in, she lowers onto it, it's inside her, and it's an OMG moment.  Single point of contact. Very nice.  I try some words out.  "You're fucking me with your cunt."  "We're having intercourse."  "You're fucking me with your vagina."  "Cunt" sticks.  River enjoys her cunt.  So do I.  90 degree angle, 135 degree angle as River remembers what she did.  I watch.  Her knees are popping.  She's getting tired.  "But not too tired for this." Doggy style.  "That's a fuck."  Power fuck.  "I like that."  Hold River's flaps open and we both like it.  "Doggy style lets me reach my button."  And queef.

Default position.  "This used to be my favorite, but it's not so much anymore."  "Yeah, it seems kind of plain."  It's still a sweet and versatile default Reed and River fuck though. Looking into River's blue eyes.  "When we started again, I'd grab your shoulders like this."  "That's good."  We really get into it and I almost come.  "Careful."  Too close for comfort.

River's not going to do her button tonight.  Or maybe she'll have her turn afterwards.  It's my turn.  Reposition with hands on the wall.  I'm on top.  Jackknife is definitely a favorite.  "I didn't used to do this because you said it hurt you."  But really I just need to check with her and be careful.  Grab her ankles and hold her legs up and get the rhythmic bounce going.  Bouncing magnetism.  "I'm going to come."  No way to stop it, and I wouldn't want to anyway.  The sooner the better.  Incredible position.  Now. It's a good one, but not the easiest position to have a satisfying come in.

"Next time it's your turn."

But I want to keep going.  "Let's see what this stuff can do."  Default for control.  It's good for a while.  "Squeeze it out."  "I may have been squeezing already so I wouldn't fart."  I love River.  I am so blissed out that I completely forget about finding something to help clean up the drippage. It's one of our oldest traditions.  Or is it a ritual.  And she's forgotten she wanted to bring a slide up for a sample.

My favorite part was spreading her flaps while we were doing doggy style.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Losing it during warm up

We both get bored watching tv and go up to bed together. It's always a treat watching River undress.  River is going to read.  I think it might work tonight and have other ideas.  Pinching the underside and thinking about River gets a response.  "Can we see if it comes up?"  "What do you have in mind?"  "What I always have in mind.  Ok, some nice I love you sex."  I get on top and it's up.  River's hands feel nice on my legs.  Underwear off, panties off.  We should get right to it, but River probably needs more warmup and I lose it in the process.  "Let's just go to sleep." "Ok.  You're sweet."  I leak.

Bedtime is perhaps not such a good time.  For the lab test at the beginning of January it came up easily for us in the afternoon.  But it's now the end of February.

Next morning I ask how much warmup River needs (not wants).  "A backrub is always good."  I used to know that. River's pussy is tight and wet, but maybe she's always been warmed up.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

No swimmers

River reaches into her pants and pulls out a sample for the microscope.  No swimmers of any kind in evidence.

A sweet little morning screw

No erections at night or in the morning.  I don't think I've got anything for River but I need to find out.  She's still asleep at 6:20.  I've been awake since 4.

Thinking about it does nothing.  Rubbing her back does nothing.  In September that's all I needed to get hard. Fingering River's pussy doesn't help either.  River is awake now.  "I don't think I have anything for you."  Panties off.  Climb on. Still nothing.  "Do you want some oil?" Well, ok.  Stroke it on top of River.  Move forward on her and reach back for River's pussy.  Move River's hand onto my cock.  Feels nice.  Feels like it's been four days.  "I want to fuck you."  "I'm ready."  Jackknife for penetration, missionary, left leg up, straddle River's right leg, jackknife and fuck River until I come.  For some reason I want to come halfway in, so I do.  It's a nice one now that it's in, no worries, but it was work getting it up.  I was worried I'd pop off quickly after four days but it's a sweet little screw.  I love hearing River moan.  She's always been appreciative on bottom.  That's why I like being on top.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Reed's first real F

River watches tv.  I rest with my head in her lap. We're both on-again/off-again about doing it today.  It's been quite a while.  Four days.  It really feels like it should work.  I straddle River and try to rub one up but nothing.  We'll try again in the morning.  I usually have a good one then. This is the first time I've utterly failed to get any kind of erection.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Reed is satiated

River has called me insatiable.  It's not true.  I am satiated. For now.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Reed and River have a tremendous fuck

Valentine's date.  Yummy Italian dinner.  Dessert somewhere.  Viagra.

Reed and River have a tremendous fuck.

Starting with River's request for a back rub and a foot rub, ending with my request for standing from behind.  All kinds of creativity in between.  Highlights: River on top at a 135 degree angle.  Me rubbing River's butthole while she rubs my parts.  Really good doggy style.  Letting River do all the work.  Rubbing "my" pussy with River on top on her back.  "You go first."  "No, you go first." My legs forward, River rubs and orgasms six ways from Sunday, longest ever, off again/on again with the clit, hitting the g-spot, waves of orgasm.  I go along for the ride then ask whether it worked.  "It's ok to say fuck when you have a cock in your pussy."  "Yes, there's a cock in my pussy."  River aims my cock while we do it.  "I can see your cock."  I'm trembling while standing up and would collapse when I come if it weren't for River.

Another hour plus marathon on pure River juice.  River's got it going on.

Can't get it up in the shower

Very nice kissing and hugging and washing everything and caressing in the shower.  This should have me up and doing it quite easily.  I'm in heaven just looking at River.  Heaven. But no erection.  Compare this to last August when just being in the shower with River gets it up and I have to jack off in the shower.  Jacking off in the shower without lube isn't easy but I did it without a second thought.  Six months ago.  Six months of sub-mediocrity.  I have to call last night and this morning an F.

"I want to feel that tongue thing on my dick."  "That can be arranged."

Sunday, February 15, 2009

What was River doing with her tongue?

A rather nice left-handed snuggle in bed.  We are not trying to do it even though River accepted my invitation earlier. I ask what River was doing with her tongue last night. "You mean this?"  She does it again.  "Uh huh."  But no erection.

Semi-hard at 2:15.  River gets up to pee and I slot it against her crack when she gets back in bed.  I wish River wanted to do it in the middle of the night.  But she likes to sleep.  And it gets softer instead of harder.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

It would not be possible without River

Valentine's day.  We've switched sides of the bed.  I don't like having sides of the bed.  We used to just get in on whatever side we wanted, at least I did, but at some point we started having sides.  It makes me feel like an old married couple.  Not having sides is more interesting and exciting.  You never know what you're going to get. This morning River is my left-handed sweetie.  It's interesting.  It's exciting.

At 6:15 I've got an erection and want to wake River up but she likes to sleep so I let her.  I wouldn't mind if she woke me up now and then.  I straddle River and hug and gaze and touch.  Hot. Grab River's hand so she can feel me leaking.  I only leak around her.

I make pancakes.  Shower break for River by herself, but I watch her dry off and walk naked to the bedroom and get dressed.  My sweetie fix.  I forgot I'd like to dress her.  River hints she'll make up for her solitary shower later.

After getting mixed and/or non-signals while watching TV, I reassure River that it's ok if we don't do it, but I'd like to touch her, with no expectations.  Jacking off on the reversed side of the bed.  Not so sure it's a good idea with a date coming up in two days, but I really want to and River approves.  Undress River.  Panties on.  In bed. River goes off on a tangent that completely blows my mood.  It comes back quickly.  Straddle River, kiss, rub, boner.  Oil.  Too much oil. Ok hardness but not great.  "Can I squirt on you?"  "Thanks for asking."  Touching River is nice.  "You're insatiable."  I get on top. Very nice interesting tongue work by River, but I need more room.  Sit up and admire the view and jack until I shoot my load near River's belly button.  River thinks she hasn't done much, but it would not be possible without her.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

River's Guide to Fucking, or, the blue pills really work

The blue pills really work.  River and I are alone with not much to do in the afternoon for the first time in ages. "I wish it hadn't been just a day and a half since the last time we did it."  "We can do it tonight."  Really?  Smile. We'll try the samples.

I hear the gate opening at 8:00.  River is home early. "Couldn't wait?"  Pill at 8:30.  Can't back out now.  River has just seen the picture I emailed and gets suggestive with a popsicle.  I wish I could just whip my pants down and have her get to it.

Kids to bed.  Things may be stirring down there a bit, but they always do.  Candles lit.  River is undressing already, where's my fun?  She's changed the blue stripe panties out for the pink boyshorts.  Kissing.  She takes my pants off and rubs.  It's working.  Oh yes it's working.  River forgets about the proposed bj and gets ready to do it standing up. Leg on the bed, me holding her leg, need a wall.  Wow, has River's pussy ever been this wet before?  It is wet.  River turns around and bends over and puts it in.  Grab her for a power fuck.  Takes off her shirt.  She's braless? Grab her boobs.  Her nice compact set.  River stands up and it's so good I nearly come.

Onto the bed.  River rubbing her button.  I want to feel her orgasm from the inside.  I bring my legs forward and lean back to keep clear.  River rubs, I thrust into her.  Nice view.  River is hot.  My balls feel good banging against River's butt.

River on her back on top of me.  Masturbating while fucking position.  River on top in creative positions.  Turning from side to side.  Rubbing up and down.  Looks strenuous, but no.  I relax and enjoy her driving.  Then push back.

Me on top.  Keeps slipping out when I'm overzealous.  Feel bad for River always having to stop and put it back in. River puts her left leg over my left shoulder, my left arm goes under her left leg.  Face by her left boob.  Pillow under her butt.  This works great.  My left leg out to the side for better leverage.  River is working it furiously. This is a hard one.  "Now!"  I give it all I've got. River is coming and coming and coming and coming.

Slow down while River recharges.  "How did you not come?"  I don't know.

Hold River's legs up and cross them.  They're shaking.  Jackknife.  Slow.  Deep.  Rub the cervix. River feels my penis from the outside.  "So that's where it goes."  Smells like pussy.  It's nice.

We maneuver into inverted spoons again.  It's hard enough, but I'm not finding the friction.  Into regular spoons to find the friction.  River's butt feels good against my body. And looks good.  I get to push it in and out under a butt that's even nicer than when it was 23.

River on top on her back again.  River's legs up to her chest like we did in my lucid dream.  I'd need a few more inches for that.  I'm glad I don't have them.  Usually I feel just right to me.  And to River.  Her legs back down.  I rub "my" pussy.  Mmm, it feels good to rub my pussy.  So good there might be a second orgasm.  Lots of rub rub, side to side, in and out from below, lips feel so good and thick.  I love my pussy.

"How do you want to come?" "Flying v".  "Go for it".  Spread River open and do it.  Jackknife has my name on it.  I can feel it.  It's warming up and spreading.  In and out.  Friction.  Here it comes.  It's in deep and coming and coming and coming.  It's good good good.

We could probably keep going but wow, that's enough, time for a good sleep.  We've becn fucking over an hour, no lube, just pure River juice.  We like it.

River was the creative one last night.  She could write her own book.  "River's Guide to Fucking, and How It Improves With Age".

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wham bam

Wham bam.  In which I just can't be happy with a snuggle or masturbating next to River.  I've learned a lesson.

River is disappointed with getting an 88 on her exam.  I'm happy to come downstairs and watch the Mentalist with her on the new futon.  He's not as cute today and I hate the story.  River kind of wants to read and go to sleep, but it's lucky Tuesday and we go upstairs to screw.  I love seeing the bush when River pulls down her panties.  She seems to like seeing me see it.  No underwear for me either.  Kissing is working but we get off topic.  Me moving on top doesn't help.  Watching River rub herself and stroking it a bit works pretty quick.  River is hot.  I put it under her hand and enjoy what she's doing with it but we get off topic again or something and it goes away. That shouldn't matter, but it's not coming back, even when I finger River from the side and put a finger in. River rolls over to sleep.  I am misguidedly determined. I oil it up and rub River's back and get it semi-erect. That's as good as it's going to get.  I roll River over, spread her legs, put it in, and intentionally spurt in about 90 seconds.  This is worse than getting an 88.  It's a D.  One grade up from failing.  So much for magic Tuesday and no laptop.  Maybe four days in a row is too much after all. I express regret that I've gotten so demanding.  Should have just had a nice snuggle with my sweetie.

Maybe River wasn't as into it as she could be, but it's had problems even when River is into it big time, and has done well even when she isn't.  Good erection at 3:30am as usual though.  What is up with that?  What is up.  How can River be so sweet.  How can I be so awful.  Why do I do things I regret?

Monday, February 9, 2009

Pictures put to good use

I put the pictures to good use while River is at school in the morning.  Having the third picture is good.  Some work getting it up, could be better, but pretty quick considering the interval.  Still, it was three times in two hours several times in summer 2004.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pictures of you

I've been looking at the pictures and the real River all day and want to rub the back in the picture for real.  Looks like River might read all night, but she comes up to bed. I warm up in bed then oil and rub River's back, arms, hands, neck, scalp.  River is enjoying it.  Getting late, going a bit quick.  Left leg, left foot, right leg, right foot.  I pull the panties down and rub River's butt. I oil myself and go to work.  I have to get it up. Beside River, reaching into the spot.  I sit behind River's butt for better contact and a nice view.  Stroke the cock, rub the butt.  Cock goes down the crack to rub the pussy.  River tries to help it go in.  It's in.  Mmm. Different angles. Leaning forward, sitting up working the butt and back.  Concentrating on the entrance, I have a good come.  "That's what everybody who saw those pictures wanted to do."  Full moon over the bay in the morning.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Come first fuck second

River looks hot all day.  I've been telling her every chance I get.  I want to do it every time we're alone. River finds some nude pictures of herself from before we met and gives them to me.  "They'll be put to good use."  I gaze at them several times during the day.  River's butt is at least as good now as it was then.  I love River's hot body as much as I love River.

Movie and popcorn with everybody on the new futon. Pharmaceutical insurance or not?  I'm confident.  I want to dive River's muff.  Orgasm first, fuck second. Kiss, side by side, I'm on top, up it comes.  No problems. Will I get another after a muff dive?  Probably.  Muff dive, over the right side, straddle, River on my face. Doesn't seem to be working as well as it has.  Fingers with guidance from River.  I ask River to take over.  I do the g-spot.  "Fuck!"  Hearing River come gets me hard in a hurry.  It goes in as River's orgasm winds down.  Hopefully a good surprise.  Reed and River fuck.  Hard.  Then slow in jackknife.  I lean back for a while.  It's good. All the way back.  But there's no wall for me to push on for leverage.  River with legs to the side to get into upside down spoons.  I start to soften a bit and go for something more straight up.  Hard missionary.  "You're fixin' to give me another orgasm." That's all it takes for me to suddenly cream all over River's insides.  River squeezes it out after a while.  Cute.

Friday, February 6, 2009

A visit to the urologist

I get a referral to a urologist.  Not the fucker who gave me my problems.  This one is supposed to be good.  But the appointment goes about like this: "Any problems going pee?" "No." "Any problems not going pee?" "No." "Do you get erections at night or in the morning?"  "Yes."  "When's the last time you did it?"  "Last night."  "Wrong answer kid.  Take two Viagra and call me in the morning.  I have to go now, I've got another patient to see. And your testosterone level isn't so bad.  Although you should have had it checked at 8am like all our other patients who we treat as individuals."  Then why is it off the low end of normal?

Everybody seems to think the ED is psychological or something.  Like I'm too worried about pleasing River.  Then why did my masturbation performance fall off a cliff?  I don't do that to please River.  River has never been anything but sweet and supportive. And she takes her own turns.

All I get out of it are some samples of the recreational drugs Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis.  But that's such a cop out solution.  I doen't like drugs.  I've already paid through the nose for a vasectomy and now I might have to cough up every time I want to do it? What is really going on here?  Nobody cares. Stupid medical-industrial establishment.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A quickish fuck while River does herself

I undress River.  Panties removed at her request.  Kissing.  Me on top rubbing one up.  Underwear off.  River is rubbing her clit. It goes in and I try to stay out of the way.  I want to feel her orgasm from the inside.  Magnetism, flying v.  "I'm going to come."  "You can do that."  Jackknife, a long one for me, in to the cervix, decent post-orgasm stiffness for a while then out it comes.  River reaches to feel my balls.  River keeps going, I suck her nipples and squeeze her boobs.  "Here it comes."  A long one for River too.  A quickish fuck is just what I've been wanting.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Out of the blue, or, the fuck she deserves

Out of the blue.  River comes home, pets the bunny, and watches House while I read.  I like being quiet.  Does she want that rub? We go upstairs. Very nice kisses and back rub from River get things going well.  Going where though?  A blow job?  I get on top and rub up a good one. My underwear come off.  River oils it up.  Not for a blow job.  River gives a hand job while I'm on top pretending to be a girl, trying out various positions.  My downstroke is River's up handstroke and I like it.  It's fun to be a girl.  It's hard not to reach back into River's panties but her period isn't over.  River could really get the fuck she deserves tonight, going in nice and hard.  And she's amenable.  OMG.  Off come the panties, in goes the cock.  "I'm glad you're getting the fuck you deserve."  And what a fuck it is.  Missionary, jackknife, bouncing magnetism, flying v, hard cock, sweet sweetie.  Feels good in so many ways.  I lean back and bring my legs forward ready to pull River on top.  We do it like that for a while.  Nice view.  I pull River on top.  "Fuck me."  And does she ever.  Our favorite squatting position until River tires.  I get back on top.  Bouncing magnetism -- but River doesn't have the wall to push off of.  I never realized she used the wall like that.  "You can come inside."  Missionary until I come.  It stays hard enough for a bit more action in the different slippery.  River drips.  "I was hoping we'd do it tonight" says River.  Out of the blue.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Wait and see

River's period started yesterday.  We agree to try waiting and see whether it comes up easier after laying off for a few days.  We're not really expecting the extra time to make a difference though.  This seems like a natural end to the torrid pace we've been keeping up since we started fucking again.