Saturday, February 7, 2009

Come first fuck second

River looks hot all day.  I've been telling her every chance I get.  I want to do it every time we're alone. River finds some nude pictures of herself from before we met and gives them to me.  "They'll be put to good use."  I gaze at them several times during the day.  River's butt is at least as good now as it was then.  I love River's hot body as much as I love River.

Movie and popcorn with everybody on the new futon. Pharmaceutical insurance or not?  I'm confident.  I want to dive River's muff.  Orgasm first, fuck second. Kiss, side by side, I'm on top, up it comes.  No problems. Will I get another after a muff dive?  Probably.  Muff dive, over the right side, straddle, River on my face. Doesn't seem to be working as well as it has.  Fingers with guidance from River.  I ask River to take over.  I do the g-spot.  "Fuck!"  Hearing River come gets me hard in a hurry.  It goes in as River's orgasm winds down.  Hopefully a good surprise.  Reed and River fuck.  Hard.  Then slow in jackknife.  I lean back for a while.  It's good. All the way back.  But there's no wall for me to push on for leverage.  River with legs to the side to get into upside down spoons.  I start to soften a bit and go for something more straight up.  Hard missionary.  "You're fixin' to give me another orgasm." That's all it takes for me to suddenly cream all over River's insides.  River squeezes it out after a while.  Cute.

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