Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Wham bam

Wham bam.  In which I just can't be happy with a snuggle or masturbating next to River.  I've learned a lesson.

River is disappointed with getting an 88 on her exam.  I'm happy to come downstairs and watch the Mentalist with her on the new futon.  He's not as cute today and I hate the story.  River kind of wants to read and go to sleep, but it's lucky Tuesday and we go upstairs to screw.  I love seeing the bush when River pulls down her panties.  She seems to like seeing me see it.  No underwear for me either.  Kissing is working but we get off topic.  Me moving on top doesn't help.  Watching River rub herself and stroking it a bit works pretty quick.  River is hot.  I put it under her hand and enjoy what she's doing with it but we get off topic again or something and it goes away. That shouldn't matter, but it's not coming back, even when I finger River from the side and put a finger in. River rolls over to sleep.  I am misguidedly determined. I oil it up and rub River's back and get it semi-erect. That's as good as it's going to get.  I roll River over, spread her legs, put it in, and intentionally spurt in about 90 seconds.  This is worse than getting an 88.  It's a D.  One grade up from failing.  So much for magic Tuesday and no laptop.  Maybe four days in a row is too much after all. I express regret that I've gotten so demanding.  Should have just had a nice snuggle with my sweetie.

Maybe River wasn't as into it as she could be, but it's had problems even when River is into it big time, and has done well even when she isn't.  Good erection at 3:30am as usual though.  What is up with that?  What is up.  How can River be so sweet.  How can I be so awful.  Why do I do things I regret?

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