Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Out of the blue, or, the fuck she deserves

Out of the blue.  River comes home, pets the bunny, and watches House while I read.  I like being quiet.  Does she want that rub? We go upstairs. Very nice kisses and back rub from River get things going well.  Going where though?  A blow job?  I get on top and rub up a good one. My underwear come off.  River oils it up.  Not for a blow job.  River gives a hand job while I'm on top pretending to be a girl, trying out various positions.  My downstroke is River's up handstroke and I like it.  It's fun to be a girl.  It's hard not to reach back into River's panties but her period isn't over.  River could really get the fuck she deserves tonight, going in nice and hard.  And she's amenable.  OMG.  Off come the panties, in goes the cock.  "I'm glad you're getting the fuck you deserve."  And what a fuck it is.  Missionary, jackknife, bouncing magnetism, flying v, hard cock, sweet sweetie.  Feels good in so many ways.  I lean back and bring my legs forward ready to pull River on top.  We do it like that for a while.  Nice view.  I pull River on top.  "Fuck me."  And does she ever.  Our favorite squatting position until River tires.  I get back on top.  Bouncing magnetism -- but River doesn't have the wall to push off of.  I never realized she used the wall like that.  "You can come inside."  Missionary until I come.  It stays hard enough for a bit more action in the different slippery.  River drips.  "I was hoping we'd do it tonight" says River.  Out of the blue.

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