Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pictures of you

I've been looking at the pictures and the real River all day and want to rub the back in the picture for real.  Looks like River might read all night, but she comes up to bed. I warm up in bed then oil and rub River's back, arms, hands, neck, scalp.  River is enjoying it.  Getting late, going a bit quick.  Left leg, left foot, right leg, right foot.  I pull the panties down and rub River's butt. I oil myself and go to work.  I have to get it up. Beside River, reaching into the spot.  I sit behind River's butt for better contact and a nice view.  Stroke the cock, rub the butt.  Cock goes down the crack to rub the pussy.  River tries to help it go in.  It's in.  Mmm. Different angles. Leaning forward, sitting up working the butt and back.  Concentrating on the entrance, I have a good come.  "That's what everybody who saw those pictures wanted to do."  Full moon over the bay in the morning.

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