Sunday, February 22, 2009

Losing it during warm up

We both get bored watching tv and go up to bed together. It's always a treat watching River undress.  River is going to read.  I think it might work tonight and have other ideas.  Pinching the underside and thinking about River gets a response.  "Can we see if it comes up?"  "What do you have in mind?"  "What I always have in mind.  Ok, some nice I love you sex."  I get on top and it's up.  River's hands feel nice on my legs.  Underwear off, panties off.  We should get right to it, but River probably needs more warmup and I lose it in the process.  "Let's just go to sleep." "Ok.  You're sweet."  I leak.

Bedtime is perhaps not such a good time.  For the lab test at the beginning of January it came up easily for us in the afternoon.  But it's now the end of February.

Next morning I ask how much warmup River needs (not wants).  "A backrub is always good."  I used to know that. River's pussy is tight and wet, but maybe she's always been warmed up.

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