Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Recovery from a tryst gone awry

We've agreed on a tryst tonight.  My request is for River to start on top.  A very nice kiss as River goes off to class. "It's going to be good."

Things do not get off to a good start.  We watch tv, that's ok, but it's 24, not one of my favorites.  I rub River's chest and undo her bra.  I rub River's feet, socks on, socks off.  She snuggles closer but I'm getting insecure and think I'm irritating her and she's just tolerating me, because she just talks about the tv and doesn't get my hint when I say it's a boring show.  I leave and go upstairs.  "Wake me up when you're ready."  Yeah right.  I regret it even as I'm saying it.  I have sabotaged everything.  I come back.  I explain my feelings in a stressed out way, and how I feel terrible and had to come back.  River explains her feelings. We go talk in the kitchen.  I've forgotten that we're different.  River doesn't always remember that I like audible feedback, even a small "I like that."  I don't always remember that River can enjoy things in silence and be happy.  I forgot that River is hard to read.  I like the subtlety of hints, but I forgot she doesn't do hints well.  If I need something, the best thing to do is be direct. Yes, I touch River because I love her, and I was hoping to help her relax after a stressful class.  And yes, I was also trying to direct some attention to me, and it was seeming like another "ignore Reed until he gives up" moment.  Just ask.

Not so much a lesson as a reminder.  And not so much making up as rediscovering and reconnecting, yet enhancing.  It's good that way.  I look forward not with dread but with anticipation.

We're different.  That's part of what's so wonderful about being in love with River and having her love me back.

We recover.  I'm really glad we've gotten good at talking. River takes a bath.  She gets in and I give her a nice kiss and leave her in peace.

Levitra for the first time.  If it works through this I'll be amazed.  Cologne.  Candle.  I have been trying hard not to think of River while she's in the tub.  I don't want to get hard until we're together.  River starts on top, by request.  It stiffens -- slowly and dubiously, but it's hard. I feel her position it, it slots in, she lowers onto it, it's inside her, and it's an OMG moment.  Single point of contact. Very nice.  I try some words out.  "You're fucking me with your cunt."  "We're having intercourse."  "You're fucking me with your vagina."  "Cunt" sticks.  River enjoys her cunt.  So do I.  90 degree angle, 135 degree angle as River remembers what she did.  I watch.  Her knees are popping.  She's getting tired.  "But not too tired for this." Doggy style.  "That's a fuck."  Power fuck.  "I like that."  Hold River's flaps open and we both like it.  "Doggy style lets me reach my button."  And queef.

Default position.  "This used to be my favorite, but it's not so much anymore."  "Yeah, it seems kind of plain."  It's still a sweet and versatile default Reed and River fuck though. Looking into River's blue eyes.  "When we started again, I'd grab your shoulders like this."  "That's good."  We really get into it and I almost come.  "Careful."  Too close for comfort.

River's not going to do her button tonight.  Or maybe she'll have her turn afterwards.  It's my turn.  Reposition with hands on the wall.  I'm on top.  Jackknife is definitely a favorite.  "I didn't used to do this because you said it hurt you."  But really I just need to check with her and be careful.  Grab her ankles and hold her legs up and get the rhythmic bounce going.  Bouncing magnetism.  "I'm going to come."  No way to stop it, and I wouldn't want to anyway.  The sooner the better.  Incredible position.  Now. It's a good one, but not the easiest position to have a satisfying come in.

"Next time it's your turn."

But I want to keep going.  "Let's see what this stuff can do."  Default for control.  It's good for a while.  "Squeeze it out."  "I may have been squeezing already so I wouldn't fart."  I love River.  I am so blissed out that I completely forget about finding something to help clean up the drippage. It's one of our oldest traditions.  Or is it a ritual.  And she's forgotten she wanted to bring a slide up for a sample.

My favorite part was spreading her flaps while we were doing doggy style.

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