Monday, February 16, 2009

Reed and River have a tremendous fuck

Valentine's date.  Yummy Italian dinner.  Dessert somewhere.  Viagra.

Reed and River have a tremendous fuck.

Starting with River's request for a back rub and a foot rub, ending with my request for standing from behind.  All kinds of creativity in between.  Highlights: River on top at a 135 degree angle.  Me rubbing River's butthole while she rubs my parts.  Really good doggy style.  Letting River do all the work.  Rubbing "my" pussy with River on top on her back.  "You go first."  "No, you go first." My legs forward, River rubs and orgasms six ways from Sunday, longest ever, off again/on again with the clit, hitting the g-spot, waves of orgasm.  I go along for the ride then ask whether it worked.  "It's ok to say fuck when you have a cock in your pussy."  "Yes, there's a cock in my pussy."  River aims my cock while we do it.  "I can see your cock."  I'm trembling while standing up and would collapse when I come if it weren't for River.

Another hour plus marathon on pure River juice.  River's got it going on.

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