Friday, February 6, 2009

A visit to the urologist

I get a referral to a urologist.  Not the fucker who gave me my problems.  This one is supposed to be good.  But the appointment goes about like this: "Any problems going pee?" "No." "Any problems not going pee?" "No." "Do you get erections at night or in the morning?"  "Yes."  "When's the last time you did it?"  "Last night."  "Wrong answer kid.  Take two Viagra and call me in the morning.  I have to go now, I've got another patient to see. And your testosterone level isn't so bad.  Although you should have had it checked at 8am like all our other patients who we treat as individuals."  Then why is it off the low end of normal?

Everybody seems to think the ED is psychological or something.  Like I'm too worried about pleasing River.  Then why did my masturbation performance fall off a cliff?  I don't do that to please River.  River has never been anything but sweet and supportive. And she takes her own turns.

All I get out of it are some samples of the recreational drugs Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis.  But that's such a cop out solution.  I doen't like drugs.  I've already paid through the nose for a vasectomy and now I might have to cough up every time I want to do it? What is really going on here?  Nobody cares. Stupid medical-industrial establishment.

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