Saturday, February 26, 2011

Skillfully delivered fantasy fuck

River is working with some new paint this morning. I was up late last night and I'm still in bed reading and resting. My fantasy of River painting, me masturbating, her coming over and fucking me then painting some more comes to mind. I've got to give her a good long time to paint though. So I read, and rest, and see if my cock will get hard. I got a good one snuggling on River this morning, but it doesn't seem to want to get hard so easily again. So I rest, and read, and listen to the music go by while River paints.

Maybe some oil will help. I push my boxer briefs down and oil my cock. Now that I'm more obviously playing with myself I push the covers down so River can see. If she wants to. I keep my eyes mostly closed. I'm not doing this for her, I'm doing it for me. My cock gets nicely stiff as my hands work up and down, my fist, a few fingers and a thumb, one hand on the base one on the head, my first and second fingers on either side, my hands folded around it, pushing my nuts upward. I'm just staying hard. I feel that I could come easily, but I'm saving that for later. I don't even want to get close until it's time. Every now and then I hear a kid walk down the hall and I have to put it away and talk to them. When they leave I've lost a bit of hardness, but it comes back. Not like the days when my erection would practically sustain itself just on its own pressure and nice feeling. Now it takes some work.

After . . . how long? A half hour? Forty five minutes? An hour? I have no idea. I make sure River knows she's invited. "You're welcome to join me." "Not right now. Thanks for the offer though." That's fine. What I expected. She's got stuff to do first, and I need to let her do it. No pressure from me. "You remember my fantasy?" "Yes." Good enough.

I'm enjoying the sensations my cock and I are creating. It's hard to think of anything else. But my mind wanders to the first time I jacked off with River watching. A warm sunny day, an exotic deserted beach, sitting with River on an outcropping of rocks in the surf. My cock hardens with the eroticism of the moment. A quickie? She declines. I unleash my hard cock, jack off smoothly in the sun, hope she'll get interested. My come shoots onto the rocks, I milk the last drops out, put my cock away, and leave the streams of come to dry and wash away with the tide. Later, when it's dark, we walk out on the beach, lay a towel on the hard sand, and fuck in the starry night

I hear her walking towards me. She's peeled her jeans off. How would it be if I were so close that I came as she finished sliding her pussy down onto me? I think she'd like it. The thought excites me. I can feel it in my nipples.

"That's a nice rod." "The hardness has had an ebb and flow." "It's hard enough for this." She swings a leg over me and her bush comes into view, hovering over my cock. I hold it for her and watch her bush descend as she lowers her pussy onto my cock. After being hard for so long it feels incredible, warm, soft, slippery, sensuous, hot, carnal, enfolding, intimate, dropping slowly onto my sensitive cock. When I look again I can't believe she's only halfway down. She drops all the way on, I feel our parts pressing together, and she fucks me, just like in my fantasy. Some nice pumps, then single point, squatting over me and fucking me with her cunt.

I look up at her. She's cute. Her shirt is still on. I like that. She knows I like that. She's doing it for me. Black, long-sleeve, loose enough to be comfortable, fitting enough to reveal her sporty shape and her small braless tits pressing against the front. I move my hands up to them, her hard nipples tickle my palms through the fabric as I circle them, then reach under and feel the bare skin of her breasts.

River looks down and watches her pussy bobbing up and down on my cock. It's a nice view. "What are you doing?" "Watching the action." "I like it when you watch, but it always surprises me." "Why?" "Because I'm the visual one." "I don't get turned on visually, but I like to watch."

Bouncing in single point is tiring. She drops her knees to the bed, still fucking me. She leans forward and lifts her ass and fucks just my knob, small movements, barely in and out, the microfuck that I do to her. It drives me fucking nuts. I don't want her to stop. "I'll come this way." She keeps it going, moving her pussy opening on my cock head, not too fast, not too slow, the pressure building until my orgasm floods over me and I'm coming, delivering my spunk just inside her cunt, spurt after spurt as she holds still, then slowly slides down my cock, lubricating me with my own come, keeping my orgasm going with the gentle friction of her pussy until she's fully settled on and my cock twitches with the final spurts.

We stay together, and she rolls me on top. I stay hard and we afterfuck, watching my cock work in and out between the fleshy lips of her cunt.

"That was everything I thought it would be. Thanks for such a nice skillful fuck." She's probably blushing.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Early morning styling session

I wake us up in the morning as usual and we shower. I can't believe how tired I am. When we get back to the bedroom I realize I've misread the clock and gotten us up an hour early. River had mentioned something about it being 5:30, not 6:30, but she was too tired to believe herself so she trusted me. Now that we're awake and showered I can think of a nice way to spend our extra hour this morning. But River would rather start in on homework. I get kind of bent out of shape until River suggests I try to lure her back to bed with a nice back rub. Why didn't I think of that. I love River.

When I walk into the room River is face down on the bed, naked, with the body butter next to her. Her perfect ass creates a stirring in my groin. But I keep my clothes on. I'm not feeling like my recent behavior deserves a nice River fuck.

Butter her back, ass, between her legs to the edge of her bush, down her legs to her feet, taking my time. I savor every square inch of her. Being slathered is one of her favorite things, and I enjoy it at least as much as she does. Butter her feet and between her toes, pressing my thumbs and fingers against her soles and rubbing up and down. Roll her over to expose her deliciously small breasts and her dark triangle. Butter the fronts of her legs, her arms, shoulders, stomach, up to her breasts, sliding my palms and fingers over her nipples.

I feel better. Somewhat redeemed. I undress. Straddle her, feel my cock brushing against her skin, my balls tickling on her luxurious bush, the anticipation building. She reaches for my cock. "Here's a little something." "You're not supposed to call a guy's thing a little something. But I'll give you a little something." She spreads her legs and I swirl her clitoris with my thumb while I stroke my hardening cock with my other hand. "Thumb is nice." "More subtle than fingers, you've said." I put my hard cock against her clitoris, rub up and down, the length of my shaft slotted into her groove, then slide the head down her slit until I feel it dip into her opening and push in and we fuck.

"You're really wet today." "Good." It's like things used to be. River's vagina, always well-lubricated. We pick up the pace, the fuck feeling nice with only a few inches of penetration, knowing there's more to come. Sit up, hands under her knees, lifting her ass, River arching into it and moaning, lifting her ass higher, the strain on my muscles adding to the tension, fucking deeper, faster, until it feels too good. I stop and lower her ass, feel my cock slip out, feel it twitch, feel a drop of come pressing out of the slit. My cock is out and we both see it, thick and white at the tip of my purplish head.

We keep fucking. Holding her legs up in front of me, holding them together, hiding behind them. We can't see each other. Just hear each other, each of us responding to the feelings with moans of pleasure. And we feel each other, my cock filling the space between her closed legs, and I wonder what it's like for her. For me, the word anonymous comes to mind. A nice-feeling hole to fuck. Anonymous without her face to go with it. I look down at my cock plunging in and out of the anonymous space between her legs. But it's not anonymous at all. It's her dark pussy framed by the perfect shape of her legs and ass. River's pussy. River's shape. It's animalistic. Pure fuck. My cock and her hole. Nothing else.

Scoop her legs to my shoulders and rock her back for jackknife, squeezing into her, pulling out, gazing into her eyes and smiling. She's remarkably wet today, and it feels nice sinking all the way into her. "I could come any time." That's how good it feels. I back out for some short thrusts, small movements pushing my head in and out against her g-spot, River still moaning. When I feel my orgasm reach the point of no return I push in deep, feel the tip of my cock against her cervix, hold it, not moving, just waiting, until the first wave of orgasm stiffens my cock inside her and squeezes my come into her, and River feels it and pulls me further in while I'm coming, both of us enjoying my orgasm.

"Once again I feel bad that we fuck until I come then that's it." "It works out ok." Some evening, soon I hope, I'll eat her pussy again after we've fucked and I've come.

"My hair's looking especially nice today," says River. "My stylist has an unusual technique." "I hope you gave him a good tip."

Monday, February 21, 2011

River's really nice touch

We lie around in bed together in the morning having a nice snuggle. River moves her arm and her hand comes to rest partly on my cock. "I don't mean anything by that." Fine with me. I'm enjoying our snuggle and don't need anything more this morning. But I adjust my position so my cock is fully under her hand, and it stiffens a bit. "I feel some response." She moves her hand and curls her fingers around the base, then strokes gently upwards. It feels amazing, her fingers running smoothly over the skin of my shaft, up to the sensitive ridge at the head. She's always had a really nice touch. She slides her hand back down and I push my hardening cock through her fingers a bit. We keep that up for a while, her hand moving slowly up and down, following my cues and sighs for speed.

"Now I mean something by that. There's a receptive girl playing with your cock." I sit on top of her and move forward so I can reach back between her legs for her pussy. She puts her hand back on my cock and jacks me off easily while I slide my fingers down her fur and rub her lips, then work my fingers between them into her wetness. Back up to her clitoris, a finger on each side, working her clit hood over it like she showed me, large movements up and down, smaller movements side to side.

We spread her legs and I get between them, my hard cock ready for the plunge. I try for the no-hands stick-in but it's not going. "Do we need some slippery?" "I think it will be ok once it's in." She reaches down and puts my cock in place and I push and she's right, she's really wet, my cock slides into her beautifully and we fuck in missionary. I feel appreciative, crossing my legs to get in deep, hugging against her, my face in her hair, my cock pulling out to her lips then pushing back in to her cervix, increasing the rhythm while River moans. It feels so good to be fucking this morning. We can hear the kids waking up but nobody comes wandering in.

I sit up and grab River's waist to pull her against me, she puts her hands on the wall to push back, and we keep our rhythm going nice and steady until I feel my orgasm well up and I just let it come, washing over me, my eyes squeezing shut, my skin getting goosebumps, my head turning from side to side, my come spurting into her.

We clean up and spoon until it's time for River to get up. I fall asleep again.

"That hand job this morning felt really nice." "So did the fuck. I was wanting some lube." "You were really wet." "I mean for the hand job." "It was perfect without it." "Thanks." River's really nice touch.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A quick finish to what we started this morning

We finish what we started this morning. River gets a back rub, then I oil my cock and it gets hard and I stick it in from behind and we fuck. It feels nice having it back in, sliding in and out, moving up and down to change the angle. I roll River over, both of us working to keep my cock in her pussy, and we fuck face to face in our default position. I come fairly quickly, pushing in and holding it while my orgasm builds for a few more seconds then explodes, the first spurt, then the powerful second spurt, feeling my spunk spill into her and flow around my cock, then it tapers off and I relax. "That was pretty quick." "It was a good length."

Fucking River in her dream

I wake up. My cock is hard. River is facing the right way to spoon. It's 6am. The stars are aligning to try to fuck River in her dream. I spoon on her and thunk my hard cock between her legs and enjoy the feeling of it rubbing against her vulva. She seems pretty sleepy. I roll over and oil my cock a bit so it will go in easily. Reach under her ass for her pussy, work my finger tip between her lips and find her soft wetness. I line my cock up. This time I can feel the head notch barely into her opening and I know I've got it right. I give a confident push, feel my cock burst through up into her pussy and slide between her walls. This is what I think about every time we spoon. How nice it would be to just casually slip my hard cock into her. Intimate. Bonding.

I just move a little. Push into her, hold it, pull out to her lips, another quick push in, adjusting my angle to maximize the warm waves of sensation that flow from my cock head as it slides into her, the sweet friction keeping me hard. Hold it inside her while she dreams. I hope. Every now and then I pick up the pace and get a nice rhythm going and I feel her respond, pushing back a little. She puts my hand on her breast, her nipple pressing into my palm, and I pull her towards me.

In a half hour it's time for her to get up. I pull my hard cock out and she heads to the shower. We'll finish later.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

River has hinted that she's been having a wet day, and I shouldn't miss out. We have some nice bedtime smoochies. I reach down and help my cock harden as we kiss. When it feels hard enough I push it against her with my leg and we dry hump like we did so often, setting up to do the side-by-side, face-to-face stick-in we've done so many times. But we can't manage it today. Oh well. I roll River on top. "It's not as hard as it was . . ." "But it's hard enough," she says as she slips my cock in and slides down onto it and fucks me.

I love feeling River on top. Her legs on either side, her hands on me, her pussy taking me in. She sees our reflection in the window and I line us up so she's looking straight on, but she doesn't want to watch and switches the light off.

"Some Valentine's single point," she says as she squats on me and fucks me with just her cunt, lifting it and dropping it back down as I melt under her and wonder where I am and how I got here and how can it possibly feel so good. Then she spins into 135 and fucks me at an angle.

But I can't let River do all the work tonight. We fuck in doggy, my cock sliding into her between her closed legs, in and out of hello kitty, a good long fuck, hardly having to hold off, my hands on her back, my hands on the bed, smelling the scent of her pussy, fucking her, letting her fuck me.

"I'll give you a good bang on top." Right away she rolls down and I roll up and give it to her, not hard but hard enough. Her hands are on my sides, holding me, guiding me, controlling me, making me do whatever she wants, making me fuck her how she wants, the way she likes. And I like it too, deep strong plunges into her pussy at a nice angle, feeling her yielding body against mine, watching her reach back for the wall to fuck back against me. But it isn't there. I make up for it, holding her, hearing her appreciative sounds, until finally my orgasm builds and cuts loose and I go nuts and flood her with come.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

In the morning after art

We passed on Thursday and again last night. River says I'm insatiable but I guess it's not true. Especially when I've got Thursday afternoon to savor. But I did have a plan last night. "I snuggle on you in the morning, get hard, and we do it." "I'd do that after making art." "Sounds good to me." I love it when River makes art. It makes her horny.

She gets up, makes art, comes back to bed and snuggles, pushing her butt against my cock aggressively. "I like getting into bed with a warm sweetie." But after having a hard on every time I woke up last night, I'm not sure I've got anything. "I can't make any promises." "That's ok. But I'm willing. Maybe willing plus two."

I pull her against me, feel her ass against my cock, and slowly get hard as I grind against her. Reach around for her compact tits, rub the flesh, feel the nipples. That always perks me up. When I feel hard enough I reach down and press my cock between her legs and slide it against her vulva. "I feel some piston action there." "And I feel some nice bush hair to rub against." I squeeze my legs together as I push my hips forward and my cock strains against her parts.

"You're going to have to do the stick-in". Spoons can be a tough one sometimes, and I don't want to lose it while I'm trying to find her opening. She spreads her legs a little, reaches down, and lines me up. I give a confident push and feel it move in a little, then a little more, just enough to fuck, back out and deeper with each thrust, working it's way in. Not as wet as Thursday but she has a nice slippery and we have a nice easy fuck. I bend my knees and curl my feet up behind my ass while I'm thrusting. It always makes me feel girly doing that, but somehow it goes nicely with the feeling of her ass pressing against me and my hard cock reaching into her pussy.

Spoons is nice but I want a little more. Push my leg between River's and roll her towards me for interlock. I pull on her leg, she puts her hands on mine, and I slice into her in a fast regular rhythm. A good long steady fuck. I'm not even close to coming with this morning boner. But interlock is always relaxing. "I could go to sleep in this position." "You're not supposed to do that while we're doing it."

Again I want a little more. Time to get a good bang on. I maneuver on top and we fuck like we mean it until we need to pause for lube. While I'm pouring oil onto my fingers we hear Brook walking down the hall towards our open door. River raises her leg and I duck sideways under it, back into spoons, trying to keep it in, trying to help River pull the covers over us, trying not to spill the oil in my hand.

Brook comes in and talks to River. I pull out and oil up my cock under the covers, then spread the excess on River's pussy and slip my cock back into her and fuck her slowly and inconspicuously, just enough to stay hard, while we talk with our daughter. She comes and goes, then leaves for good. But we can't really get the moment back. River has a suggestion. "We can finish later." "I'm not quite ready to stop yet." I give a few more slow deep thrusts with feeling, then we disconnect and get out of bed.

"Sorry about that. The stealth fuck." "I wasn't complaining." "I wonder if I ever walked in on my parents."

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hot afternoon sex

We're doing an afternoon walk. Pause for a kiss in our usual spot. "I can feel the consequences." The pleasant weightiness in her parts. I feel it in mine, too. "The question now is, how to get you to feel that way this evening." Why wait. We talk about doing it while we walk back home. We've got someone coming over in less than an hour, but we have time. And they'll probably be late. "It's a nice day. We can open all the bedroom window shades, then you can walk in, naked. Unless you have a better plan." "My plan would probably involve food. I'm hungry." "I can wait. I've never done it with a grilled cheese sandwich." River grills herself a sandwich, but gets impatient and doesn't let it brown long enough. That's a good sign.

I've opened the shades in the bedroom. We go up and strip off. River gets on the bed and puts on some music. She's in low doggy position while she fiddles with the clock. "Sorry this is taking so long." "I don't mind." Her ass and pussy easily accessible. I reach under, run my fingers over her vulva, back to the moist gap between her spreading lips. She feels really wet. Oozing wetness. I don't think we'll have to use extra lube today. "There's nothing quite like your natural juice."

"Hello kitty stick-in?" I like when she does a hello kitty stick-in, but she's been messing with the clock for a while and I'm getting impatient. And hard. "Or maybe low doggy." Stick it in while she's still setting up the music. But I wait, my cock standing up, ready to go. River backs up to me and sinks down onto my rod for a well-lubricated fuck. I can't remember the last time she was this juicy. I watch her amazing ass going up and down as she fucks me, fitting nicely into the space between my spread legs, my cock straining towards her. "I like feeling your butt with my feet." What? Usually in this position my balls are on her feet and she can bounce them, but this time she's backed up so far that her feet are under my ass. I let her do all the work, riding my cock, and again the expression comes to mind. "I'm your dildo." I want her to use me. I get off on her getting off on my cock, taking it inside her, feeling it fill her up.

"What's next?" River lifts her ass into doggy and now I fuck her, pushing into her wet pussy, her sweet juices enveloping my cock. "How long?" "A quickie is fine." But I want to go longer. I like feeling River's ass against me in doggy, and admiring her shape.

"We're both in fine form today." Wet. Hard. Horny. A hot session. The spark from the smooch during our walk has been fanned into flames. "When are you going to be this wet again?" "Maybe tonight."

We can't finish with anything less than face to face. Reed banging River. She rolls under me, skillfully keeping my cock inside her, until I end up between her legs. I sit up with my hands pressing on her tits as we fuck, then let my body rest on hers and enjoy being close and intimate. Scoop her legs onto my shoulders for jackknife. Sit up and hug her legs to my chest while my cock disappears into the gap between them and she moans erotically. That always makes me want to come. And I'm not holding off any more. We're having a great fuck. "Real soon . . . and that means . . ." I don't even notice the individual spurts of my orgasm, it's just one continuous feeling of fulfillment. ". . . now."

My cock doesn't get soft at all. We keep going. The afterfuck. The tip of my post-orgasm cock is super-sensitive but River's pussy feels perfect as I pick up the pace and wonder whether I can keep it up until I come again. Eventually I feel myself softening and slow down and finally pull out. Grab my t-shirt to use on River's gaping, just-fucked pussy, wiping deep this time until I let her take over.

She has an interesting question. "Does your body ever get confused, trying to have an orgasm when it can't?" She says that happens to her sometimes, going for another one when it's just not going to happen again. I think about it. "Yeah, that might describe my situation pretty well." I like having a shared experience like that, being able to talk and understand each other.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Bedtime massage

I'm not sure I've got anything tonight. But I feel blood going to the right place when I snuggle River. It's been a while since we've done the massage and butt position stick-in. This would be a nice night. I roll River onto her front, oil her back, and do the massage. When I lean forward my cock rubs against her ass and starts to stiffen. When I finish her back I oil up her butt. How I ended up with a sweetie with such an amazingly perfect butt, I'll never know. My cock stiffens as I run my thumb and finger along it, sliding sensations up and down the shaft, and squeeze River's butt cheeks with my other hand.

But I'm wanting something more interesting than our standard butt position stick-in. "Inviting?" "Ok." River bends her knee out to the side invitingly. I straddle her other leg and squeeze my hard cock into her waiting invitation. "Mmm, nice," she says. My fuzzy balls slide along her leg as I push into her wetness, pull out, push back in.

Eventually we move her legs back together and fuck in butt position. I'm doing most of the work, but it's nice to feel her butt wiggling under me and watch River move it up and down, countering my thrusts. We have a nice fuck then I come inside her.

"We're supposed to be on your schedule this year." "I wanted to do it tonight." "What a coincidence. So did I."

Friday, February 4, 2011

Slow fuck in the orgasm

"I'd do it with you tonight." My old line. "I'd do it with you, too." "I have something to look forward to." "Doing it?" "I'm looking forward to you looking forward to doing it."

But River notices that I'm not very horny at bedtime. That's rare. Fortunately she gets me to come around. "If I had a thing, I'd rub your back and stick it in." "You can start on top then." She oils my chest and stomach. Slicks up my balls. Slides her hand up and down my shaft. Rubs her body on mine. I put my hands on her breasts and feel her slippery nipples. I feel her soft pussy lips on my cock. There's a hot naked babe with small tits and a bush hovering over me, her face glowing in the light from the clock, the pyramids of her small breasts pushing towards me, ready to drop onto my hard cock and fuck me. But I'm not getting very hard. "Be patient." "I feel some response."

She gets me hard enough to start and slides down on my cock. I like seeing her above me, and visualizing where my cock has gone inside her. She does the single-point position that she knows is my favorite, working up and down on my cock, only our parts touching. "This always brings the phrase fucking me with your cunt to mind." "My cunt, and not much else."

I'm still not fully hard yet. I've asked for 135 and reverse cowgirl tonight, but I'd probably do better on top. I don't have to ask River twice. She loves it on the bottom and rolls us over. I need something deep and frictiony, so I scoop her legs into jackknife and pump into her until I can feel her cervix squeezing out of the way on each thrust. She can feel it, too. I'm getting harder. Sit up and pull her legs against me, then grab her waist and bang harder. Now she's warming up. I keep going as long as I can, but I'm starting to soften.

"I think I've got one in me," she says, "but maybe you should go first." I convince her to go first. I pull out and rub her clit with my thumb, then she takes over while I try to get my cock hard to fuck her when she comes. She's got her head back, one hand on her chest, the other rubbing circles on her clit, one finger on each side of her button. I'd rather be licking it, but I put two fingers on her pussy entrance for inspiration as I jack off. I can tell I won't have any problem coming, but I'm still not very hard. "Take your time," I tell her.

I can hear the kids out in the hall, going to the bathroom. If they come down the hall they'll get an eyeful. River masturbates herself obliviously while they go back to their room. I slide a finger into her slippery pussy and do some slow circles on her g-spot. "It won't be long." I hope I'm hard enough.

"Here it is." I put my cock in place like I've done so many times before. It's hard enough to push into her while she comes. I fuck her while she orgasms under me, a slow fuck, pushing in as deep as I can. She's having a long one. And a good one by the sounds she's making. Her moans are triggering my orgasm, and she knows we're both coming when I moan and push into her and do a deep fuck, just moving in and out about an inch, her pussy feeling wet as I empty my load into her. "If you ever want me to come, just fake an orgasm." "I don't think I could. I'm not really sure what I do during my paroxysms of pleasure." "It's never the same twice." "If I repeat myself, you'll know I'm faking."

"That was an experimental slow fuck in the orgasm." Usually I fuck her like there's no tomorrow when she's coming. "It was nice. I like all fucks in the orgasm."

She goes for another one as I stick my fingers back into her for her g-spot. "That's such a nice feeling," she says. And I like the sticky wet feeling of her cunt after I've come in it. "You might have a high-water mark. My period isn't through yet." Badge of honor.