Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

River has hinted that she's been having a wet day, and I shouldn't miss out. We have some nice bedtime smoochies. I reach down and help my cock harden as we kiss. When it feels hard enough I push it against her with my leg and we dry hump like we did so often, setting up to do the side-by-side, face-to-face stick-in we've done so many times. But we can't manage it today. Oh well. I roll River on top. "It's not as hard as it was . . ." "But it's hard enough," she says as she slips my cock in and slides down onto it and fucks me.

I love feeling River on top. Her legs on either side, her hands on me, her pussy taking me in. She sees our reflection in the window and I line us up so she's looking straight on, but she doesn't want to watch and switches the light off.

"Some Valentine's single point," she says as she squats on me and fucks me with just her cunt, lifting it and dropping it back down as I melt under her and wonder where I am and how I got here and how can it possibly feel so good. Then she spins into 135 and fucks me at an angle.

But I can't let River do all the work tonight. We fuck in doggy, my cock sliding into her between her closed legs, in and out of hello kitty, a good long fuck, hardly having to hold off, my hands on her back, my hands on the bed, smelling the scent of her pussy, fucking her, letting her fuck me.

"I'll give you a good bang on top." Right away she rolls down and I roll up and give it to her, not hard but hard enough. Her hands are on my sides, holding me, guiding me, controlling me, making me do whatever she wants, making me fuck her how she wants, the way she likes. And I like it too, deep strong plunges into her pussy at a nice angle, feeling her yielding body against mine, watching her reach back for the wall to fuck back against me. But it isn't there. I make up for it, holding her, hearing her appreciative sounds, until finally my orgasm builds and cuts loose and I go nuts and flood her with come.

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