Saturday, February 12, 2011

In the morning after art

We passed on Thursday and again last night. River says I'm insatiable but I guess it's not true. Especially when I've got Thursday afternoon to savor. But I did have a plan last night. "I snuggle on you in the morning, get hard, and we do it." "I'd do that after making art." "Sounds good to me." I love it when River makes art. It makes her horny.

She gets up, makes art, comes back to bed and snuggles, pushing her butt against my cock aggressively. "I like getting into bed with a warm sweetie." But after having a hard on every time I woke up last night, I'm not sure I've got anything. "I can't make any promises." "That's ok. But I'm willing. Maybe willing plus two."

I pull her against me, feel her ass against my cock, and slowly get hard as I grind against her. Reach around for her compact tits, rub the flesh, feel the nipples. That always perks me up. When I feel hard enough I reach down and press my cock between her legs and slide it against her vulva. "I feel some piston action there." "And I feel some nice bush hair to rub against." I squeeze my legs together as I push my hips forward and my cock strains against her parts.

"You're going to have to do the stick-in". Spoons can be a tough one sometimes, and I don't want to lose it while I'm trying to find her opening. She spreads her legs a little, reaches down, and lines me up. I give a confident push and feel it move in a little, then a little more, just enough to fuck, back out and deeper with each thrust, working it's way in. Not as wet as Thursday but she has a nice slippery and we have a nice easy fuck. I bend my knees and curl my feet up behind my ass while I'm thrusting. It always makes me feel girly doing that, but somehow it goes nicely with the feeling of her ass pressing against me and my hard cock reaching into her pussy.

Spoons is nice but I want a little more. Push my leg between River's and roll her towards me for interlock. I pull on her leg, she puts her hands on mine, and I slice into her in a fast regular rhythm. A good long steady fuck. I'm not even close to coming with this morning boner. But interlock is always relaxing. "I could go to sleep in this position." "You're not supposed to do that while we're doing it."

Again I want a little more. Time to get a good bang on. I maneuver on top and we fuck like we mean it until we need to pause for lube. While I'm pouring oil onto my fingers we hear Brook walking down the hall towards our open door. River raises her leg and I duck sideways under it, back into spoons, trying to keep it in, trying to help River pull the covers over us, trying not to spill the oil in my hand.

Brook comes in and talks to River. I pull out and oil up my cock under the covers, then spread the excess on River's pussy and slip my cock back into her and fuck her slowly and inconspicuously, just enough to stay hard, while we talk with our daughter. She comes and goes, then leaves for good. But we can't really get the moment back. River has a suggestion. "We can finish later." "I'm not quite ready to stop yet." I give a few more slow deep thrusts with feeling, then we disconnect and get out of bed.

"Sorry about that. The stealth fuck." "I wasn't complaining." "I wonder if I ever walked in on my parents."

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