Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hot afternoon sex

We're doing an afternoon walk. Pause for a kiss in our usual spot. "I can feel the consequences." The pleasant weightiness in her parts. I feel it in mine, too. "The question now is, how to get you to feel that way this evening." Why wait. We talk about doing it while we walk back home. We've got someone coming over in less than an hour, but we have time. And they'll probably be late. "It's a nice day. We can open all the bedroom window shades, then you can walk in, naked. Unless you have a better plan." "My plan would probably involve food. I'm hungry." "I can wait. I've never done it with a grilled cheese sandwich." River grills herself a sandwich, but gets impatient and doesn't let it brown long enough. That's a good sign.

I've opened the shades in the bedroom. We go up and strip off. River gets on the bed and puts on some music. She's in low doggy position while she fiddles with the clock. "Sorry this is taking so long." "I don't mind." Her ass and pussy easily accessible. I reach under, run my fingers over her vulva, back to the moist gap between her spreading lips. She feels really wet. Oozing wetness. I don't think we'll have to use extra lube today. "There's nothing quite like your natural juice."

"Hello kitty stick-in?" I like when she does a hello kitty stick-in, but she's been messing with the clock for a while and I'm getting impatient. And hard. "Or maybe low doggy." Stick it in while she's still setting up the music. But I wait, my cock standing up, ready to go. River backs up to me and sinks down onto my rod for a well-lubricated fuck. I can't remember the last time she was this juicy. I watch her amazing ass going up and down as she fucks me, fitting nicely into the space between my spread legs, my cock straining towards her. "I like feeling your butt with my feet." What? Usually in this position my balls are on her feet and she can bounce them, but this time she's backed up so far that her feet are under my ass. I let her do all the work, riding my cock, and again the expression comes to mind. "I'm your dildo." I want her to use me. I get off on her getting off on my cock, taking it inside her, feeling it fill her up.

"What's next?" River lifts her ass into doggy and now I fuck her, pushing into her wet pussy, her sweet juices enveloping my cock. "How long?" "A quickie is fine." But I want to go longer. I like feeling River's ass against me in doggy, and admiring her shape.

"We're both in fine form today." Wet. Hard. Horny. A hot session. The spark from the smooch during our walk has been fanned into flames. "When are you going to be this wet again?" "Maybe tonight."

We can't finish with anything less than face to face. Reed banging River. She rolls under me, skillfully keeping my cock inside her, until I end up between her legs. I sit up with my hands pressing on her tits as we fuck, then let my body rest on hers and enjoy being close and intimate. Scoop her legs onto my shoulders for jackknife. Sit up and hug her legs to my chest while my cock disappears into the gap between them and she moans erotically. That always makes me want to come. And I'm not holding off any more. We're having a great fuck. "Real soon . . . and that means . . ." I don't even notice the individual spurts of my orgasm, it's just one continuous feeling of fulfillment. ". . . now."

My cock doesn't get soft at all. We keep going. The afterfuck. The tip of my post-orgasm cock is super-sensitive but River's pussy feels perfect as I pick up the pace and wonder whether I can keep it up until I come again. Eventually I feel myself softening and slow down and finally pull out. Grab my t-shirt to use on River's gaping, just-fucked pussy, wiping deep this time until I let her take over.

She has an interesting question. "Does your body ever get confused, trying to have an orgasm when it can't?" She says that happens to her sometimes, going for another one when it's just not going to happen again. I think about it. "Yeah, that might describe my situation pretty well." I like having a shared experience like that, being able to talk and understand each other.

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