Monday, May 31, 2010

"That was nice."

"I haven't forgotten my offer." I wasn't so sure she was making an offer as much as giving in to what she thought was inevitable, but which I hopefully made clear wasn't. But if I want to, River will go along, even participate. "I always do." "You didn't once." "Oh yeah." "It makes a big difference." I wouldn't do it again without River participating.

I can feel the Cialis still working. "I know I'm going to say yes, but I still need to think about it. What do you want for warmup?" "Would you give me a back rub?" "How can I turn that down?" I'm not entirely altruistic with back rubs and massages. I get at least as much enjoyment giving them as River does getting them. We usually thank each other afterwards.

By the time I effleurage the oil onto her back and get in place behind her there's a good hardon in my way. It seems a bit silly to let it wobble there in anticipation. "I'm ready." Push it down and in. River adjusts her angle and pushes back. We push hard and it goes in a little. Then a few strokes to find her juice and get things wet enough to get it in a little more. That's good enough for now. We can save the rest for later. I have things to do.

"Uh oh, this was supposed to be a warmup." River is wondering whether she's going to get a good massage or a good fuck. When I'm doing two of my favorite things like this it's hard to do them both well. I'll just leave it mostly parked and concentrate on her back. This erection will still be there when the time comes.

I feel squeezes. "What was that?" "I'm feeling you. With my pussy." That feels nice with it part way in. Maybe I can remember to ask her to squeeze my fingers when I give her that handjob.

River's back. Open the book, close the book. Sacrum area. Her alternating hand strokes. Fingers on her back. Some slow in-out to emphasize things as I reach forward for her shoulders, and down for her lower back. The new move is fists up the sides of her spine.

I hope River is as warmed up as I am. Lean forward onto her back, reach under her arms for her hands, and we fuck. Sit up and put my thumb in place under her butthole to guide it back in for the full pullouts. My right thumb stays on her soft butthole, rocking on it, gently pushing on it, being turned on by how it feels.

River sounds like she's liking something that's going on. And she's participating. Her hands forward on the wall to push back. I grab her shoulder and pull down as I push in and speed up and go harder. Sounds like she likes it even more. I hope so. Pretty fast now. It's been a while since we've gone so fast. It feels nice to do this so long without coming. Then my orgasm comes and again I fuck right through it, then slow down and finally rest.

Roll us over into spoons. Still hard. We talk about her reflex that squeezes it out sometimes. Maybe I can wait for it to get soft enough to start slipping out and trigger it. But it's taking a long time to get soft, and I pull out and we clean up so River can sleep.

"That was nice."

You're incorrigible. Or encourageable.

I listen to River play piano. She finishes. Lays down on the piano bench. Legs crossed, knees pulled up. "You're giving me ideas." "You're incorrigible. Or encourageable."

"I get the feeling we're going to be doing something tonight to take advantage of your lingering effects." "I don't want to think that we're going to do it all the time just because I've taken some stuff. But if we do it I'll give you a handjob."

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Reed gets a full-service massage

This merits trying the 5mg Cialis I've been prescribed. "I don't want to let you down." "You don't let me down." "You've already made me feel good by wanting to make me feel good and saying I'm sexy." We get the candles lit and the face pillow set up and some inconspicuous music going. I feel River's bush settle onto me as she gets into position. She does my back. Nice shoulders. Sides. Oils up my butt. "Your butt is cute." She wants to return the favor I did on her sacrum last night so I try to remember what I was doing. I request some hip rub. I like how she does alternating rhythms with her hands sometimes.

"Anything else?" "You know that fantasy where I'm on my back and you do my neck then climb over and sit on my face?" "I'm not sure I want to do that with my recently itchy hoo." I lie on my back with my head near the edge of the bed. My eyes are closed. When they open they see River's tits over me, and I think that if she moved forward a bit she could stand with her pussy on my mouth. But I'd rather let my eyes close and feel her do my neck, rolling my head to one side then the other. "I'm melting." And getting goosebumps. It's been long enough since I took the Cialis that I should be getting a hardon. But nothing yet. Rubs the edges of my ears. My forehead. An upside down kiss. Oils and rubs my pectorals. There's that alternating thing she does again. My abs.

She's on the bed now. "I'm going to oil your nuts." Mmm. I kind of wish I'd shaved them recently. River likes them with some fuzz so usually I just trim them. I like the fuzzy feel too as they slide over her when I massage her, and when we fuck. Rubbing my nuts around. The base of my shaft. I feel myself responding. Her hands move up onto my cock. She's doing something nice today, pulling downward at an angle, squeezing as she goes over the head. I feel myself getting harder. "That's a nice move." Now a nice squeeze as her fingers circle my cock and slide down the head and over the sensitive ridge onto the shaft. "That's a nice move too." "You taught me that." I remember. I hope the things she's taught me on her clit are so nice.

"That's a magnificent penis you've got." Open my eyes and look down. She's right. It's fully ready to go. "Are you going to get on that?" She does. All the way on. "That's pretty slippery. Is that oil, or you?" "Mostly me." It feels like it. River starts a glorious fuck. Still sideways on the bed. My hands dangling off the edge over my head. We watch together. River's pussy filled with my cock. Her small breasts with their soft shadows. Her hands on my chest. My hands on her hands. Twice she switches into single point. I let her do the work, then fuck back a bit to get it pulled all the way out each time. Her cunt feels like a sleeve when we do this, sliding up and down my cock, just the right size. But she has to stop when we're getting to the good part.

"What do you want to do?" I feel like River when I ask her that. "I'm going to be like you." "This is nice?" "I like it when you're on top." "Maybe doggy?" "In a bit." Scoot towards the other edge, sit up together, where are we going, lie back down with my legs hanging over the edge and let River fuck me some more. A third round of single point. River's getting a workout tonight. Building her endurance. But I don't have much more endurance in this position than she does.

It comes out switching into doggy, but that just means I get to slip it back into her under her luscious butt. Looking at River's shape. Her hair falls barely onto her back, sides swoop in from her shoulders down to her waist, then curve out to cradle her butt as my cock pushes in under the gap between her cheeks. Grab her waist, pull her back, push it in to the bottom of my cock and feel the end of her pussy. "Is that ok?" "Yeah." It doesn't take long to queef. A big one. "I thought that was going to happen." "I felt that go in." And this position always drys us out. We don't want to abrade anything so I keep halfway in and dab some oil around and push it back in. And a dab for her butthole. "My butthole's been oiled." "Yes it has."

Low doggy. I'm liking pushing in until we're mashed together, then that last little bit when it bottoms out. "Is that ok?" Not so ok any more. River sits up for hello kitty. I go even lower to accommodate. "I'm letting you do all the work." She does good work. "You're participatory." It's hard not to fuck back. I take a break. "Let's finish this way." Oil my fingers and reach around for her tits. Her nice small ones are always where they're supposed to be. Oil them up the way I like and feel them up as we fuck some more. "If you ever want to end it fast, fake an orgasm and remind me to feel your boobs." "My boobs like it." "I need to take another break." I stop just inside her and feel a powerful twitch. This would be a good time to finish. I let River do all the work. The head of my cock feels hot as she fucks me. "This feels really good." So good I'm starting to come, River's cunt working up and down on me, I'm moaning and coming and squeezing my pelvic muscles and River is fucking me in the orgasm as I spend myself against her.

I'd like to be your dildo

"I want to do something nice for your body tonight. Maybe a massage, then see what happens." I don't give a definitive answer. "Let me try again to accept your offer. I will be the putty in your hands. Then I'd like to be your dildo." "I'd enjoy that. I'll give you a good ride."

Friday, May 28, 2010

We finish later

"I'm going to bed now. You can join me for some recreation whenever." "As in, pre-sleep whenever?" "I didn't put any limitations on it." I think I want to save waking River up for some other time. Although an offer like that doesn't come along often. Tonight it will be enough to finish what we started this morning. "I'll be up soon." But I'm not up for half an hour. River has been dozing off a bit. It's after 10. I do River's trick. Peel my clothes off in the bathroom and come to bed naked. Can't see in the dark. Snuggle on top of the covers. "What's your plan?" "From your sweetie who's a pale shadow?" It's been a low-energy fainty day for her. Why she was in bed so early. "You're not pale enough to see in the dark." Just an empty blackness in front of me. Then an arm. My eyes adjust. A darkness with no face. Slip under the covers. Her legs cross over mine, she rolls towards me, the snuggliest snuggle. "You're warm as toast. Just out of the dryer." Do we ever do it in this position? We should. I massage her muscles under her collarbones. Down to her breasts and nipples. "That's nice." "You said a few days ago you might have one in you. Do you still?" "Maybe." "What can we do to find out?" River straightens her left leg on the bed. I put my right leg over it. Interlock. This would be a nice start. I move my dick to her muff. "It's not as good as it was this morning. But it should perk up." "It usually does." Her fingers and hand work smoothly on me. She's got a rhythm going with my stiffening cock against her pussy. I reach down for River's parts. My hand slides over hers. I feel it moving, working things around. I don't want to get in the way. "I like that." "Being included?" "Whatever you're doing." When I find her lips they feel like gummi. Gummi lips. It's an erotic feeling. An erotic thought. Makes me harder. Don't need to dip into the wetness tonight. I move my hand away. River has complete control. Is she masturbating herself with my cock? She's doing something. For all the sensitive nerve endings on my cock I can't tell quite what it is she's doing. But the nerves all work together to say whatever it is, it's good. I like being included. Our most sensitive parts together. Feeling what she feels. We breathe together. Moan together. "Do you want to fuck me in the orgasm?" "It hadn't even crossed my mind." Maybe I imagined her bringing us to the point of no return together and shooting my load on her clit while she orgasmed and rubbed herself with my come. We seem so bound together. "I'd love to." Never fucked River in the orgasm in interlock. We'll see how that goes. "It's going to happen any time now." That seems quick for her. It's been a while. And it's her horny time of the month. "If you'd put it in at the right time that would be great." "Ok." I can feel us both building. Then she's sticking it in and we fuck. But interlock isn't working for me. Up to kneeling, keep it in, my right leg falls outside her left leg and I straddle it, fold her right leg up to her chest. There's the power. The depth. The control. Fuck her hard. Fuck her deep. Fuck her fast. Fuck her long. Her head turning from side to side as she comes. Then rest. River maneuvers us into default. "Do you have another one?" "I can if you want." "If I want?" Her hand is back on her clit. "This won't take long." I'm idling. About halfway in. Not much motion. Waiting to fuck her in her second orgasm. My mouth goes onto her right nipple and she pushes it towards me. Licking her nipple, sucking, pulling, licking her breast. For not taking long, it seems to be taking a while. River sounds intense. Like she's enjoying her work. Just listening to her is bringing on my own orgasm. But she's not there yet. I'm barely moving. I don't want to come until she does. We like doing it together now. I stop. Pull out so just the head is inside. But I can't stop it. I feel the flow, like a half orgasm only stronger. "Here's mine." Push in and fuck. Missionary. Feel River's legs go around me and pull me in. Welcoming. Collapse on her. I'm not sure when it started. Or ended. "For not taking a long time, that sure was taking a long time." "I had at least two. Small ones." "I can't tell. If you said you were having one right now I'd have to believe you." She goes back for another small one. That's at least four. "Just listening to you made me come. Remember how I said if you wanted to end things you could just fake an orgasm and I'd come? It's true." But she's never faked one. She doesn't have to. She needs a t-shirt, but I left mine in the bathroom. She finds one of hers for us.

"Sorry that position didn't work out so well for fucking you in the orgasm." "I thought it was great." "I mean the interlock at the start." "You were really deft sitting up for that other one." Deft. I like that.

Start in the morning and finish tonight

It's been raining all night. River would have done it last night even though she's still itchy. "I'm holding out for the couch." And really I'm happier with a nice snuggle. She is too. I mention again that I reach a peak of physical desire after about three days. This time it was four days. Two days ago. Then it tapers off and gets easier to go without. I've been in and out of sleep since about 5. A few minutes before 7 River and I find we're both awake. I look into her eyes with one eye open. Then two. She's looks back then closes her eyes. I feel my dick stiffening. All the way. No stimulation. Just looking into River's eyes. River rolls over with her back towards me. Our morning spooning position. I thunk my hardon below her butt and rub it against her with my hips and hand. "That's a surprise." "Yeah. It happened just looking at you. That's how it's supposed to work." How it used to work. An A. I don't want to miss this one. But it's almost time to get up. Not even enough time for a quickie. Maybe a speed record. But I don't want to do a quickie. Much less a speed record. "Do you want to start in the morning and finish tonight?" "For a few minutes?" "Or one minute." She opens up. Grabs my dick. Sticks it in. She's startlingly wet. It slides all the way into her. Or as far as it can in spoons. A few slow strokes. All the way out. Through the improbable part. All the way in. Bliss. Push as far as it goes, squeeze River to me, and hold it in. This is nice. Playful. I don't think we've intentionally done an unfinished fuck before. Just talked about it. We've had to leave things unfinished because we didn't have protection, because we were interrupted, because it was too uncomfortable or strenuous. I wonder if she believes I can actually stop. I'm never wanting it to end. More strokes. A bit faster. Pull my body back to get deeper and do a few more strokes into her wet pussy. Feel her butt against me. She feels nice. Hug and hold. It feels nice being so hard. I think we're about done, then I pull out for some microfuck, just the tip in her opening, then all the way in and hold it again and enjoy her body. About a minute after 7. Pull out and we're through. For now. River sits up. "Good morning." A bit of a ritual for us. Like "sweet dreams". "And it is a good morning." I agree. A sweet start to the day. She stands up. Looks back. Did she feel something? "There's a wet patch. A snatch patch." Where she was sitting. Startlingly wet.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

You're making me want to do it on the couch

"You're making me want to do it on the couch. How do you do that?" "It must be easy. I'm not doing much." "The real question is, how can I make you want to do it on the couch?" "We'll see when the time comes."

Watching River shower

River is going down to her new art studio today. In honor of the occasion I let her shower alone and enjoy the theta waves. But I come in and sit down to watch. Pull the curtain aside. Put my feet up on the edge of the tub. Like old times. She goes through all the motions I know so well. Rinsing her hair, running the washcloth up and down her legs. How her face looks. How she holds her body. I think of her showering without her bush, the water running down her body past the slit between the fleshy "pee pee cheeks". Today she's got bush. Girly, sexy, hot, muff-divingly enticing, secret keeping. I imagine how it would feel touching it. Rubbing it. Feeling her through it. Revealing its secrets. She scoops her breasts with the towel as she dries. "Would you like a kiss from a naked girl?" She bends down. We're both naked. We kiss. "You can feel my boobs if you want." I reach between her legs. Feel her bush. Reach further for its secrets. Pull my hand back along the flaps and folds and feel the apex where her lips come together. "Oh really?" Really.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I was thinking about doing it tonight

"I was thinking about doing it tonight. But the blood's increased. It could slow down though." "I don't mind." "I know you don't." "But you might." "Maybe I should have let you put on my anti-itch cream." "I asked about that yesterday and you weren't enthusiastic. So I won't ask again. Those answers can stick. For decades." "I know."

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I didn't say I didn't enjoy it

"I think my pre-natal vitamins have been increasing my libido." "I've long said that you're horniest right after your period. You say before. I say after." "Not this time. I've been dead down there for about a week." "Not the lightbulb changing time?" "I don't know." Well crap. A week includes last Thursday's jackknife session and the lightbulb-changingly nice Friday. "You stinker." That's playful, of course. "I didn't say I didn't enjoy it."

Monday, May 24, 2010

Of yeast infections and cunnilingus

We talk about yeast infections. River thought about the cunnilingus too, but assures me the yeasties are in there all the time, but can get out of control for many reasons. Sugar, moisture, abrasion. "Will you ever let me cunniling you again?" "Probably." "I like it you know. I like being that close to your parts." That close to River. "It's all intimate and bonding. Does that help?" "Yes."

"I'm sorry I'm not more into it." "You need to let me practice more." "Ok." "Do you feel guilty that you're so hard to . . ." "Not guilty. Inadequate." "We should talk about that." "Ok." First, I don't think she's as hard as she thinks. Second, she's convinced me she doesn't have to orgasm to enjoy a nice fuck. Could cunnilingus be the same way? A nice occasional warmup, at least. Certainly if she's lying there feeling inadequate or hoping to please me by having an orgasm then it's not going to happen. I've been trying to be sure she knows it's something I like to do with her, not a challenge, not an ego thing, and I like it no matter what, orgasm or not, just like she has her reasons for liking intercourse with me.

I do some research. Maybe I should go downtown and do a survey but I just check the internet. 3 minutes. 10 minutes. 20 minutes. 50 minutes. Varies depending on person, mood, relaxation, technique. 10 to 30 minutes is not uncommon. River says it sounds like she's about in the middle of the bell curve. And has the normal variance. I hope that helps her feel more normal instead of feeling inadequate. At least she can have orgasms. With me.

Muff diving is sort of a recent thing on my part. It's always been something I'd do, but I started thinking about it more when we weren't having any kind of sex for quite a while and I wanted to do something. Get things moving again or whatever. I came downstairs one day. "I've got visions of licking your pussy." "That can probably be arranged." But it never was. River was never that into foreplay especially if we couldn't get to the good part, it was just pointless fooling around. And she was especially not into cunnilingus.

I haven't orgasmed from a handjob or a blowjob for a while, they've just been warmup, but I enjoy them. I'll orgasm when the time is right. I like seeing the effects of a handjob orgasm. I asked River long ago about coming in her mouth and she said no so that was the answer and I've never asked again, I've always warned her so she can finish with just her hand. But we talked recently and it may be ok to try now. It came up in the context of things I asked her about and she said no to and I haven't bugged her about since. But many things change.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A yeast infection

River has a yeast infection. It's been at least three years since she's gotten one. She's felt like she might be getting one a couple times over the past year and a half but they've been false alarms. A while back it seems like she'd get one every time we did it. I hope I didn't give it to her with my tongue. One of the reasons she's given for not being so into cunnilingus is hygiene. And her period started today, which is good timing I guess.

We were talking about words. I need a better word for butthole. River thinks anus is ok but saying things like "your anus is so cute" and "pressing my thumb on your anus is really getting me hot" don't come off right. River suggests boozle but that doesn't really work for me either.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

You don't remember what we're going to do tonight?

"You don't remember what we're going to do tonight?" "No." "It was your idea." She sounds worried. I've given her a bad time in the past for not remembering plans we made. "Not three days in a row." "No, online hammock shopping." "Oh yeah." It was only a few hours ago that she suggested it. "We did three days in a row at the Alexis. We did three days in a row at Dover Bay. Is home not good enough?" Maybe we'll have to get away from home more often. "I've already done a lot of stuff today." "That's the problem with doing it at the end of the day. The day has already been used up with other stuff." Not that I wanted to do it tonight. But I'm almost always willing. River says I've turned her down once or twice. The only reason I can think of why I might have done that would be to get back at her, or let her see how it feels. Which is stupid and backlashy. She wouldn't feel the same way about being turned down anyway. We're different.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Everything falls into place

This night makes me want to rave. This night makes me want to gush. This night makes me want to change lightbulbs. Everything falls into place without a plan and we have a nice sweet fuck with a new twist.

It's gotten late while I clean the kitchen and River stays with Brook. "Girl I'm gonna make you purr, purr till you can't purr no more." In my head since I called River. But I have to do my physical therapy exercises. "I don't have to be awake at a particular time tomorrow. We can do it in the morning. I'm flexible." What does she mean by do it? It doesn't really matter. I'm not initiating. Just making her purr. She's had an achy uterus and I want to appreciate her in a way she appreciates.

We arm wrestle left-handed. My weak arm. I win the first two out of three. I'm surprised. We're very even though. I do some of my exercises. They're a bit of a burnout. Even when I just need to make my body move. Will I have anything left to make River purr?

"Is it ok if I go up and warm the bed up?" "Of course." I'm up soon though. "I can't see in the dark." River lights a candle. Romantic. I rest a bit then uncover her. She sets up the face pillow. "Should I rub lavender on your boobs?" "Or wherever you want." I save her boobs for later and start with her back. My hands are uneven but I try to mirror them or use them together. River purrs. I sing. Back, shoulders, sides. Remind her how creative she was last time she did me. Butt. "I always feel kind of funny pulling your butt cheeks apart." Some intention on her butthole. Legs. Up the backs of the thighs like she did me. Catch some whisps of bush.

"Ready to turn over?" "Are you thinking of sticking your dick in me?" "I was thinking of licking your pussy. Something like this." Put my face in her secret darkness with her legs together. Probe with my tongue. Left side, right side, center. Can't get her clit from here. But I like being close enough to touch her lips and dip into her opening with my tongue. "Kind of hard to breathe like that." "I bet. With your nose right in my butthole."

Roll her over. Oil her boobs. "I'm not as aggressive as you were." "Just do what feels good." I like hearing my own advice come back to me. Her small slippery boobs look hot with their hard slippery nipples perking up. River is very relaxed. Massage and benadryl. "Are you cold?" "Yes." Pull the comforter over her. Face and parts still showing.

I wasn't planning on sticking my dick in her but my plans never work out. Rub myself and harden as she opens for me and I feel for her wetness and clit with my thumb. At least my left hand is still good for something. "I wish I could do as nice a job on you as you do on me." "You might be the best cunnilingist in the world. But I'm hard to arouse." I think she's a lot more normal than she thinks. Does she think I'm going to use my tongue some more? I wonder how much endurance I've gotten back. But she's given me the other idea, and I like the good part as much as she does.

I'm ready. Stick my dick in her. Nice oily friction. "That's hard." I'm on top with the comforter between us. I like how it feels. Almost chaste. Except there's a nice fuck going on. River's face sticks out at the top of the comforter. Looking very sweet. And relaxed. At the bottom of the comforter our parts appreciate each other. "Are you falling asleep?" "No, but I'm very relaxed." "You can. Don't let me keep you up." The comforter is very comforting. And comfortable. We should try this with her on top.

I'm on a slowish speed. I like slow. Not because I last longer. Because I don't like to miss anything. Breathing in all the feelings of contact. Not wanting it to end. Everything feels magical tonight. Things falling into place. Massage, relax, taste her pussy, oil her boobs, have a sweet and interesting fuck. Different every time.

Every now and then I have to reach down and reposition my weak left leg, but my left arm doesn't tire. My leg isn't strong enough for mini-magnetism, so we do some jackknife. But mostly default and missionary, feeling the tip go through her improbable part with the full pullouts and all the way back up inside her then out again. No-hands stick-in when it comes out.

River isn't using the wall. Too relaxed? I use her head and shoulder, pulling her down against me as I push up into her. Deep. Rock into her without the hip thrusts. Speed up. River always likes that part. I'll come soon. "Fast or slow?" "Whatever you want. I like both." A good night for another slow one. Relaxed. Magical. Feel it build with each thrust. Then over the edge. Push in and wait for it. It builds by itself. It's here. Feel my load flood into her and flow around me. Afterfuck. Insecure feelings about keeping River awake longer than I have to by keeping things going after I come. But River has said the afterfuck seems natural. And I never want to stop.

I want to make River purr

"Feeling all romantic and appreciative has made me want to initiate again tonight. But if it would be more appreciative not to, I'd understand." I want to make River purr though. She wouldn't turn that down. I call her while she's waiting in line to pick up the kids at school. We're on.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I enjoyed yourself too

Downstairs reading on the couch. Last night was a little rough but we worked things out this morning. River comes down from Brook's room shortly before ten. Lies down next to me. "Hello." "Hello." Rub what I can reach with my left hand. Part of her back, neck, ear. Under her shirt. Silly bra strap interrupting the smoothness. Put down my book and play with her hair. I'd like to do more but there's not much within reach. I can't tell what she's thinking. "Am I annoying you?" "No." "You're being hard to read." "If I keep getting more and more relaxed it means I like it." "I can't really tell how relaxed you're getting." When I like something my breathing usually changes and I go mmm. Positive feedback. "If you did that upstairs I'd purr." "I can make you purr down here." "Then you'd have to carry me up the stairs."

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

We don't get a good sleep

We don't get a good sleep. I'm awake at 5:30, snuggling on River. I usually don't do it before 6. Around 6:20 I'm wondering whether I've got anything. I don't. If I sat up and looked at River and felt her wet pussy I'd probably get something, but River is sleeping nicely and it seems like a bad idea. I'd rather wait until I've got something.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I think I changed my mind

"I think I changed my mind about getting some action tonight." "I don't think I'm up for it either." "I hate it when I feel like that during the day, and feel like this now." "I know you do."

River has taken her plms stuff. I'm wondering if that will help me sleep, too. "If we both get a good sleep tonight, maybe we can do it in the morning."

And some other reasons

"I'm feeling really third-dayish. Would you like to do it with me tonight?" "Probably. My uterus was sore yesterday." "I asked about that." "And I'm getting a sore throat." And some other reasons. "Ok, maybe not." "I just can't promise anything." I know that. Neither can I.

I check and it's only been two days. What's going on. Maybe having River come over onto my side of the bed to snuggle last night. That was a nice cozy treat. I love River.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A nicely delivered quickie

We eat breakfast. Shower. The kids get situated. River closes the bedroom door. Unusual. Some smoochies and I feel it. That's amazing. I wasn't sure I had anything but River turns me on. Partway through warmup she has to go out and warn our five-year old daughter away. "Mom and dad need some time together." She's got it easy. It's not like I could go out with an erection and talk to her. I'm on top. Hands on her boobs. "My left hand isn't as coordinated. And it's harder to hold myself up." "You can sit on me." I put all my 149 pounds on her. "Like this?" "Sure." She arcs her hips up into me from beneath like she's fucking me. It's really nice. "So that's what it's like. I want to come back as a girl." "I recommend it." Why doesn't she want to be on top all the time? Then I remember her banging me in missionary and making me a missionary fan. Nice for both of us. Use my uncoordinated left hand on her clit. "I feel your warm fuzzies. They're connected to my libido." It's hard enough for a good stick-in. Sit up and hold River's lips open with my left hand. There's her vagina. Plunge in. But it won't go in with one thrust this time. "Not much oil for lubrication." "There's usually something to dredge out." "Two kinds of lubrication. Oil and goo." Her goo is nice today. Making nice gooey noises as we fuck. Slow, deep. I wonder whether River is having fun yet. I think she is. I've got my breathing in sync with the rhythm and it feels nice. River's legs are around me. "It's like riding you on the bottom." Inverse cowgirl. I tire and sit up. River arches for mini-v and we do it. But I have to stop before long, not because it's so stimulating but not very comfortable or satisfying to come in, but because I tire. Back to missionary. "That's really nice." "It's going to end soon." A few more convincing thrusts and I come, feeling each pulse deep inside. I wonder if River feels them. "That was a nicely delivered quickie."

For once I haven't put my shirt down the laundry chute after we shower. I wipe River off, going fairly deep for me, but I don't really get much. "It's usually in there pretty deep."

"I've got my priorities straight. Coffee, shower, quickie, gardening, ..."

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tomorrow morning would probably be better

"I'm willing." River thinks. A while. We've had a bit of a rocky day but we're ok. I'm not really sure I want to but I'm willing. "Tomorrow morning would probably be better. After we get the kids situated." "Works for me. You're a morning fan now?" "I like being able to see you." "It definitely seems wrong to leave it for the ass-end of the day."

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Starting off with an inviting handjob

I clean the kitchen and go up to crash on the bed shortly after 9:30. After a while River comes in. "In bed so early?" "Early?" "Oh, it's later than I thought." It does stay light out pretty late now. She goes off to brush. I've already done that. "You can wake me up if I'm asleep when you come back." It's been a while since I've done a pre-sleep. I like being woken up to do it. I wish River did. I'd like to wake her up and do it every now and then. She'd fall asleep afterwards. She's good at falling asleep afterwards. And at falling asleep after waking up in the night. She's let me a couple times at least.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Would you like to squeeze something in?

"Would you like to squeeze something in, or wait and see whether I have enough energy to initiate tonight?" "Are those my only options?" "Of course not. What else do you suggest?" "I might initiate." I was rubbing her pectorals on the couch. "They don't get enough attention. If you rub them I'll let you feel my boobs." When doesn't she let me feel her boobs? The novelty doesn't wear off. I rub her left pectoral and boob, then she opens her robe for me to do the right one while the kids eat breakfast and get ready for school. "That was working." She's sitting cross-legged. I put my hand under her robe and feel her there, too. We work through today's schedule. We've got a half hour from 10:30 to 11. River says that would work. "Afternoon quickies could be satisfying." I'm not sure she really said afternoon. "I like spending more time with you." "Me too." After our shower I show her how she's made me leak. I like how that happens around her. "I'm not sure what's gotten into me, rubbing my parts against you in the shower and all." Maybe her warm fuzzies are connected to her libido after all. "It has been almost three days." And it's starting to feel like it.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A nice vegan meal

River is getting ready to read to Brook. "I don't have any particular plans for tonight." "Me either. Some massage might be nice, with or without . . ." Was she reading my mind, or was I reading hers?

"Who gets to go first?" "You do." That would be the expected order for doing something afterwards. I'm not planning on it, but if anything can change my mind it's sitting on River massaging her back staring at the nice shape of her butt. She's gotten a new candle for us. Thoughtful. She gives me a nice creative back rub. All kinds of rubby fingery swooshy sweetness to collapse into. Does my calves. Pushes her hands up the backs of my thighs and I'm wishing I had a pussy she could lean down and put her mouth on. I'll have to remember that. Both feet at once feels nice. More dreamy creative back rub. I get sweaty from deep breathing. She lies next to me and keeps a hand going on my back. "You're putting me to sleep." "You can just relax and go to sleep. I probably owe you about ten." "You don't owe me anything. I'm not entirely altruistic." And I want to return the favor. Maneuvering with oil in my hand was never easy. Now it's harder. But I've got the right amount to do River's back nicely. My left hand is weak and tires quickly. Make up for it by using both hands together. "Any requests?" "My butt." Trying to make her hip feel better. I use my hands, elbow, and arm on her butt. Every now and then there's a nice sigh. Push her cheeks apart, together, up, down. Tops, bottoms, sides. Not setting up to do it. Just snuggle off to sleep. "That was like a nice vegan meal." I think I know what she means. "I didn't give you any meat?" "Yeah." But I know it wasn't really a joke. No strings is nice. "Tomorrow in daylight?" "It will be hard to squeeze in. It's a busy day." But I know we could do it if we wanted to. And we might want to.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Pierre and Veronique have a good time on the futon

Brook sleeps on a mattress in our room tonight while her paint dries. We'll use the futon for the first time since last summer. River is spooked by flames after thoroughly burning a quesadilla so no candles. She turns on the library desk lamp for mood. We don't even put a curtain up to block the view through the front window. Make sure the futon is far enough from the wall so we can be exuberant without damaging things. Seems a bit chilly as we get under the comforter. "This is awkward." "Because I'm not doing anything?" No, just my weird sense of humor as we wait to see how we'll unfold things. There's something about settling in together for a nice fuck. A reassuring awkwardness. It's never routine.

I've warned River that I'm not sure I've got anything. But those can turn out to be the best times. And we're on the futon. That should help. And it's actually a nice temperature. We do a classic warmup with me on top. Admiring the scenery while River feels me and I feel myself get hard. Could be a decisive stick-in. I need to work out how to reach behind me again. "Sit up on me more." That feels right. Her nipples are sensitive today. I wish I could treat them better and not use her left boob for balance so much. "I should be spraying pheromones." "You made me leak." I lose a little bit but get it back. Good enough for River to rub my part on her parts and still be decisive.

She's named my part Pierre at least for the night. Pierre and Veronique like each other and are going to have a good time tonight. Slow and deep. Unusual rhythms. Fast out slow in. Push into her hard and keep going. "You've got a nice sticky slippery today." "Further evidence of my fertility." Switching between default and missionary. Jackknife. "The front. I should call it that." "Ventral." "Not sexy." I'll probably always think of it as the top when we're doing it like this and I'm aiming for it and feeling it. "I like rubbing on you like that and feeling your bush."

In all the way so she can see how her uterus feels. It's fine. Knees up to her chest. Her right leg up. Flexible. We've done it before. Reader position I call it now. She likes it. I like it. But she can't tilt her pelvis to help get it back in, and has to reach down.

"I sure like doing this with you." "Me too." "I'm glad you wanted to fuck tonight." "Me too."

River feels a bubble. I keep it in and move aside so she can let it out. "Did you feel that?" "Now that's going to become part of our routine. When you want me to come, just fake an orgasm. And fart." I'm glad I'm no longer the only one who's done that while we're doing it. Not really something I'd want to do every time though.

I feel heavy on her in missionary. And deep. Stop for fancy hug every now and then. I haven't forgotten my plan. "Where am I going? My knees?" "Yeah." "High or low?" "Let's see." Stay still while River fucks me high. Then low. I want to sit. Lean all the way back. We've gotten into a funny diagonal angle on the futon. Reach forward. My hand on her butt, pushing her away and letting her fall back. I'm comfortable feeling powerful with River. She likes some manhandling. Playful and energetic. It's queefy but that just means we're fucking.

Back to regular doggy. I see her hand on her parts but what's she's doing down there? "Are you doing your button?" "Just holding my lips open. It's getting kind of dry." It always does like this. The lube is upstairs. I seize the opportunity to move in on Veronique and offer my oral lubrication services. River is still in doggy as I put my face up to her and plunge my tongue into her. At least I hope it's a plunge. I have a good time getting her slippery again, circling her opening and feeling her walls with my tongue, then sit up and slide Pierre back into Veronique and we fuck some more.

Then somehow we can't get it back in no matter how hard we push and I worry about losing it. River seems to worry too and we quickly get her rolled over and restart with me on top again and everything is fine. "Do you want me to be on top?" Does she think I'm working too hard? Except for some problems getting my left leg in the right places, this has been surprisingly easy. "I would be pleased and happy to finish like this. Maybe some River speed." "No, slow is good. I liked your slow orgasm." The feeling is there for a slow one. But it might take too long. Pick it up. River responds. Not as fast and hard as she seems to like best, but more her speed. I believe her when she says she likes it all though. I do. "Now I feel it." At least the finish will be slow. "Just a few more." Two maybe. Nice and slow.

My orgasm doesn't have a definite beginning or end. It melts and drips over us and bonds me to her. Sweet afterfuck. It's still pretty good when it comes out. River uses the clean shirt I just put on a few hours ago. I hope she remembers to pick up our clothes because I don't. My good leg is shaking and River is dripping as we go up the stairs. Snuggle with a not-twitchy sweetie tonight.

I seemed to be listing to the left a lot. Was it me, or the futon? I say me. River says futon. Maybe she's right. I don't remember listing on the bed. And I'm only getting stronger.

"I felt kind of like a porn star for a while there." "Did you like that?" "No, porn stars are stupid." I did have a nice view though.

I want to smell you

River and the kids paint Brook's room. "I feel very level today. I could handle anything." "Want to fuck tonight?" "Ok." I wonder whether the neighbors heard that through the open windows. I wouldn't mind if they did. The direct approach. Show the neighborhood how it's done. We shower around 5pm. I start. I'm feeling good. I wash all of River. It's luxurious for both of us. "I'm on a roll. I might as well go for the whole enchilada. Burrito." "Taco." "I knew it was something like that." Last time she named my hands Claude and Maurice. Claude is not very dexterous lately. Maurice washes her. All the flaps and folds. Run two fingers beside her labia to the front, then one finger in the center. Wash my part with the leftover hoo soap while she rinses. I wondered about a name for her part. "Veronique." "I like it. Sounds like something I'd like to lick." Earlier in the day the bottom had dropped out of my motivation. River noticed I didn't even watch her naked in the bedroom. "I have a strange request." She tends to indulge my strange requests. And she's been really sweet about cheering me up and perking me up and letting me feel how I feel. "I want to smell you." She snuggles and I smell her. She understands how comforting it is. Her pits are a bit clean though. Pulls her scrubs down to show me something on her leg. "I was hoping you were doing that so I could smell you." OMFG. She stands up with her pants down and bends over and I close my eyes and put my nose up to her hoo and breathe her in as I feel her fur brush lightly on my face. "That's the stuff." Now I feel better. "If I'm ever in a coma and you want to resuscitate me that's all you have to do." She mentions maybe doing it after our shower. "I was thinking the traditional time." "Let's take a shower and see." A pre-dinner quickie with the kids downstairs and the balcony door open would be interesting and intriguing, but really I think I'd be more happy to wait for the evening and get an early start and do it right, especially given the thoughts that my close encounter with Veronique have stirred up. "Doggy style." "Is that your plan?" "Such as it is."

Friday, May 7, 2010

A scheduled fuck in the morning

Is it going to happen? River's on the phone making plans for the day. I move her shirt aside and put a chiquita sticker on one of her nice small tits. My favorite tits. It takes a lot longer to shower than it used to. "Come adapt with me." She gets on top. Oils us both. I'm enjoying the squishy sounds her parts are making as I try my left thumb on her clit. "You're turning me on." She leans back and I get a nice view. Of all of her. Talk about how I need some kind of arousal and she can go right into moshing on it. "I guess I need a lot of arousal." I guess that is arousal for her. I want to start on top. Not as easy as it used to be to position. Rub my part on her parts like we both like but haven't done enough of recently. Could be harder but a stick-in should help. We stick. It's in. It helps. River goes for the wall already. Must be in a hurry. This is more tiring than I would have thought. Try jackknife. It works. Bones hold me up. Hard to keep in though. River reslots it a few times. Check with River for depth. Go easy as usual. And bladder. All clear. Tired again. We had a comfy snuggle this morning with me on my side and River's legs over mine. Try that. I can hold her legs up with my arm like we figured out. River arches onto me. I scoot under her. Still at right angles. This is new. "Can you do that?" "I am." She is. She points out how she bulges as my penis goes into her. I'm getting a nice view of the action as I plunge into her. Try interlock on my left side. "How does that feel?" "Fine, but I'm getting tired again." Seems like she's itching to get on top. 135-ish. Grab her butt and bang. Reverse cowgirl. Mmm. Face to face. River does single point and watches. Likes the backlit daylight view. "I like you mashing onto me." "With what?" "Your cunt? What should I call it? Your box?" Comes out a few times. "Going for the full pullouts." "How long do you want to do it?" "You should come soon." That won't be a problem. "You can make me come." Of course she can. She does. "Squeeze down." She does. Then comes her incredible front and back rub, her bush stimulating my skin. I wish I could stretch my leg out but it feels like a log. Orgasms always get the legs. It's hard to stand through a good one. Now I'll have to lean on her even more. "Even ordinary things are tiring. But there's never anything ordinary about that.

Is River on top going to become our new classic?

I felt a bit like I was pressuring River. And getting crappy. I don't like that. She's supposed to be telling me her feelings. I'll ask. I asked. She says she didn't notice me being pressury and crappy, doing it was reassuring and comforting, and it's been easy for her to be open with her feelings, and I'm sweet. I thank her for being my sweetie, and she thanks me.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

We wait until daylight

"You can have some more of that tonight. If you want." We get up to bed and snuggle. "So. Who's on top tonight?" "I don't know. You're the boss." River convinces me to do it tomorrow morning instead of this evening. Turns out she likes daytime just like I do. Even works out the schedule backwards from when she has to pick the boys up, including a long trip out of town, and convinces me we'll have time. She's gotten me horny, I'm leaking, but I like morning. I feel her parts because I like them so much and they're comforting and she doesn't mind. I never really had the nerve to do that much before because I was always thinking she'd be thinking I was trying to get something going. But I just like touching her.

River has PLMD pretty much all night except for two glorious hours in the morning when I get to touch her in peace. Bad sleep for me. Bad dreams. Sweating. Have to pee twice.

"I thought I felt something." "I wonder why it took so long for me not to feel self-conscious about being aroused around you?"

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

After our morning shower

Snuggle after our morning shower. The most difficult shower yet. More happy tears for me. And another response as River snuggles on top. "I was checking for a response. There is one." "I'd respond to you." "Do you want to fuck?" "Of course." Reach down and push it against her as she caresses me with her soft groove. Hardening. "Is it ready?" "You tell me." I hope so. River puts it in. Her snatch is freshly clean but we find the right slippery. There we go. River nursing me back to health. It's nice. I move my heavy leg up for a while but mostly leave it straight and fuck back. Will I get a foot cramp? What will happen? I look down and see River using her bush to engulf my glistening shaft. It looks as nice as it feels, being with my sweetie like this. I look up into River's face. Earlier I was commenting on her coloring, her medium brown hair and happy blue eyes, and there they are, looking happy at me. Beneath her face her cute breasts aim their nipples at me and I grab them for a pinch until my arm gets heavy. Pull her towards me and feel us working together as we hug. "That's nice." I always think so. Up again. She's got a nice rhythm, smooth but aggressive, mashing down onto me, up into her. Maybe more my speed than hers. Now she picks it up. "Go for it." I hope she's doing what she likes. It's plenty wet now. How does she manage that even when she's dehydrated? I slow her down once but just to pick up some friction. She feels me get harder. "Make me come." She does. Pushing down onto me as I do. That was amazing. I am alive.

"It had been a while." "Four days." I laugh. "Now you're counting? I'd call it three and a half."

River kisses me in the afternoon. Full on. "We did it this morning. I'm enjoying the pleasant weightiness. I must be ovulating."

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Just a silly in-between time

"Whenever you feel like you have enough energy." I want to have enough energy afterwards so we skip it after our shower and have a silly time watching Dick Van Dyke in the evening. I'm really loopy. The next morning I give River what I hope is a gentle ribbing about turning the light out before undressing and denying me one of my simple pleasures.

That was quite a honeymoon

That was quite a honeymoon. We liked our nest. Put it to good use. The oil made it smell like us. River smelled like her and I liked it. Good food. River painting. Talking about emotions. Bonding. A shower together in the men's shower with no lock. River wasn't kidding when she said that doing it Thursday wouldn't slow us down. Without even trying a lot of things happened that I'd been thinking about: as much darkness as we could get; morning after fuck; twice in one day; River masturbating out of position; watching her, especially doing her boobs; rubbing myself in her butt crack. My favorite was the morning after fuck. Even River said it was comforting. Her warm snugglies were connected to her libido. And on the way home, River pauses so I can take a picture of the "speed hump" sign.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Oil up and fuck again today while River orgasms

Back in our nest after dinner and more time in the tub this evening. A refreshing view of bush, and a nice back side on display tonight, even if it was a bit fleshy for my taste. Some people would probably find it perfect, but I prefer River's nice trim ass. I'm not biased. I don't have to be. Her ass is amazing. I wonder how a non-materialistic guy like me ended up with such a nicely appointed sweetie. River says the other girl's front wasn't bad either, but I couldn't see so clearly.

River is wanting to be oiled. Of course. She gives me a bottle. I tip some onto my finger and lube up one soft nipple, then the other, squeezing, pinching, pulling, rubbing. Supple. I can feel the effect on me already. I hope it has the same effect on her. River puts some on her hands and oils her boobs for me. I get to watch. She fascinates me with them. Grabbing hard, kneading, twisting, pushing together, reminding me of a tittie fuck we did long ago. I try to remember her moves, but mostly it seems that anything goes. It's quite a show. I wish I could feel them from the inside like she does.

"Want to oil my back?" "If I do, I'll want to do more than that." "I was planning on it." On her front. Oil her back, her butt, her crack. Seems like the Cialis is still helping today. Slide my stiff cock over her butthole between her slippery cheeks. "I'm not going to do anything, just warming up." It's ok. She's reaching behind her back for me, feeling my balls and how ready I am. Ready to fuck my beautiful and receptive sweetie in the secret darkness nestled beneath her perfect butt. I can't believe I still miss sometimes in this position. Don't want to get the wrong orifice by mistake. Slip it in right under her butthole and enjoy our third fuck of the last twenty-four hours.

"I think I've got one in me." She reaches under. "Can we do inviting with my right leg out?" "Of course. I wonder why it took so long for us to figure out inviting?" "It's kind of subtle." "But it's so inviting. Fuck you right in the invitation." And it's versatile. "Mmm, it's deep this way." But she needs more room. "Me on top? Hello kitty?" I approve. "Something exotic." She sits up into hello kitty and I position myself underneath her butt while she works on herself while fucking me with her sweet movements. "This is a great position for masturbating." I like that. I've asked about trying some other positions but we always end up with River on her back and me trying to stay out of the way between her legs until the time comes. I can't get in the way back here. But I still worry about distracting her from her main event. And it's her turn now. "Is it ok if I pull out for a while?" "Yeah." Sometimes I think I should be able to hold out longer at my age. But River really gets me going. She's had to switch hands a couple times, propping herself with one while the other does circles on her clit. I wonder if she's tiring.

Eventually she rolls over into the tried and true position and I move back into place and stick it in. Waiting and watching until I get to fuck her in the orgasm. She says it extends them, makes them better, can restart them. She's always been multi-orgasmic. I like coming with her while fucking her in her second orgasm. We'll see what happens tonight. It's hard lasting through her first one, with her going nuts beneath me, that always sets me off, and I've had a good emotional and physical warmup today. Nevermind that this is our fourth fuck in three days, it still won't be easy to last.

"It's coming." I move up for the plunge and start fucking into her as she comes, our new bonding ritual, feeling her against me. Push in until I feel it bottom out against her cervix. "Mmm, deep, yeah, deep!" The first live feedback I've gotten since we've been fucking in her orgasms. I push in satisfyingly deep again and again. "When's your turn?" That's so cute. Soon. I start my rhythm and it doesn't take long. My balls pull up and I'm coming, but it feels strange. I know this feeling. "I'm parched. I'm not sure anything came out. This has only happened before when I've jacked off too much." "Move and see if it's slipperier." I try some thrusts and we feel the familiar slippery of my jism inside her.

Morning after honeymoon fuck

Dover Bay. Yurt. Honeymoon. A nice sleep for both of us after doing it last night. Waking up and not knowing what time it is. I'm awake first. A morning erection comes and goes against River's cold butt. The butt that looked so nice against the darkness, feeling so nice against me. It may be a lingering effect of the Cialis, or it may be a normal lingering effect of being with my sweetie. River wakes up. "I'm thinking about slipping it up inside." Aren't I always. But we have to pee first. River hasn't peed all night. I can't remember the last time that's happened. She puts on the long underwear she's kept warm in bed all night and heads out to the bathroom. When she gets back I pull on a shirt, pants and shoes and take a good leak behind the yurt. We snuggle back in. I wonder if I'll still get one without the bladder pressure. "I used to want to do it a lot the next morning. Not so much now since you've gotten so good at helping out on my orgasms, but sometimes." It's like I used to have unfinished business, but not any more. But I'm thinking of slipping it in in a fancy hug kind of way. I get on top and we have a good squeeze. And I feel it stiffen a bit. Then a bit more. Start a sensual rhythm against my sweetie to help out. When I sit up I'm fully erect. "We can't let that go to waste." "What do you need for warmup?" "Just to take my pants off." They come off and she's ready. I slip up inside for the fancy hug. She must be a bit dehydrated if she didn't have to pee, but she's as well-lubricated as ever. A lingering effect from last night? "Penis, meet vagina. BFFs." "Yeah." She's warm. Do I feel cold inside her? The circular motion I haven't done much lately. Medium speed. Smooth full thrusts into her wetness. Pulling me in with her bare legs while I cling to her clothed body. I feel the pressure of orgasm start to build already. "Quickie?" But not too quick. We're fucking like newlyweds after all these years. Only better. Squeeze into the fancy hug without holding off and enjoy her body, and her love, while she flows under me.