Sunday, May 16, 2010

A nicely delivered quickie

We eat breakfast. Shower. The kids get situated. River closes the bedroom door. Unusual. Some smoochies and I feel it. That's amazing. I wasn't sure I had anything but River turns me on. Partway through warmup she has to go out and warn our five-year old daughter away. "Mom and dad need some time together." She's got it easy. It's not like I could go out with an erection and talk to her. I'm on top. Hands on her boobs. "My left hand isn't as coordinated. And it's harder to hold myself up." "You can sit on me." I put all my 149 pounds on her. "Like this?" "Sure." She arcs her hips up into me from beneath like she's fucking me. It's really nice. "So that's what it's like. I want to come back as a girl." "I recommend it." Why doesn't she want to be on top all the time? Then I remember her banging me in missionary and making me a missionary fan. Nice for both of us. Use my uncoordinated left hand on her clit. "I feel your warm fuzzies. They're connected to my libido." It's hard enough for a good stick-in. Sit up and hold River's lips open with my left hand. There's her vagina. Plunge in. But it won't go in with one thrust this time. "Not much oil for lubrication." "There's usually something to dredge out." "Two kinds of lubrication. Oil and goo." Her goo is nice today. Making nice gooey noises as we fuck. Slow, deep. I wonder whether River is having fun yet. I think she is. I've got my breathing in sync with the rhythm and it feels nice. River's legs are around me. "It's like riding you on the bottom." Inverse cowgirl. I tire and sit up. River arches for mini-v and we do it. But I have to stop before long, not because it's so stimulating but not very comfortable or satisfying to come in, but because I tire. Back to missionary. "That's really nice." "It's going to end soon." A few more convincing thrusts and I come, feeling each pulse deep inside. I wonder if River feels them. "That was a nicely delivered quickie."

For once I haven't put my shirt down the laundry chute after we shower. I wipe River off, going fairly deep for me, but I don't really get much. "It's usually in there pretty deep."

"I've got my priorities straight. Coffee, shower, quickie, gardening, ..."

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