Saturday, May 1, 2010

Oil up and fuck again today while River orgasms

Back in our nest after dinner and more time in the tub this evening. A refreshing view of bush, and a nice back side on display tonight, even if it was a bit fleshy for my taste. Some people would probably find it perfect, but I prefer River's nice trim ass. I'm not biased. I don't have to be. Her ass is amazing. I wonder how a non-materialistic guy like me ended up with such a nicely appointed sweetie. River says the other girl's front wasn't bad either, but I couldn't see so clearly.

River is wanting to be oiled. Of course. She gives me a bottle. I tip some onto my finger and lube up one soft nipple, then the other, squeezing, pinching, pulling, rubbing. Supple. I can feel the effect on me already. I hope it has the same effect on her. River puts some on her hands and oils her boobs for me. I get to watch. She fascinates me with them. Grabbing hard, kneading, twisting, pushing together, reminding me of a tittie fuck we did long ago. I try to remember her moves, but mostly it seems that anything goes. It's quite a show. I wish I could feel them from the inside like she does.

"Want to oil my back?" "If I do, I'll want to do more than that." "I was planning on it." On her front. Oil her back, her butt, her crack. Seems like the Cialis is still helping today. Slide my stiff cock over her butthole between her slippery cheeks. "I'm not going to do anything, just warming up." It's ok. She's reaching behind her back for me, feeling my balls and how ready I am. Ready to fuck my beautiful and receptive sweetie in the secret darkness nestled beneath her perfect butt. I can't believe I still miss sometimes in this position. Don't want to get the wrong orifice by mistake. Slip it in right under her butthole and enjoy our third fuck of the last twenty-four hours.

"I think I've got one in me." She reaches under. "Can we do inviting with my right leg out?" "Of course. I wonder why it took so long for us to figure out inviting?" "It's kind of subtle." "But it's so inviting. Fuck you right in the invitation." And it's versatile. "Mmm, it's deep this way." But she needs more room. "Me on top? Hello kitty?" I approve. "Something exotic." She sits up into hello kitty and I position myself underneath her butt while she works on herself while fucking me with her sweet movements. "This is a great position for masturbating." I like that. I've asked about trying some other positions but we always end up with River on her back and me trying to stay out of the way between her legs until the time comes. I can't get in the way back here. But I still worry about distracting her from her main event. And it's her turn now. "Is it ok if I pull out for a while?" "Yeah." Sometimes I think I should be able to hold out longer at my age. But River really gets me going. She's had to switch hands a couple times, propping herself with one while the other does circles on her clit. I wonder if she's tiring.

Eventually she rolls over into the tried and true position and I move back into place and stick it in. Waiting and watching until I get to fuck her in the orgasm. She says it extends them, makes them better, can restart them. She's always been multi-orgasmic. I like coming with her while fucking her in her second orgasm. We'll see what happens tonight. It's hard lasting through her first one, with her going nuts beneath me, that always sets me off, and I've had a good emotional and physical warmup today. Nevermind that this is our fourth fuck in three days, it still won't be easy to last.

"It's coming." I move up for the plunge and start fucking into her as she comes, our new bonding ritual, feeling her against me. Push in until I feel it bottom out against her cervix. "Mmm, deep, yeah, deep!" The first live feedback I've gotten since we've been fucking in her orgasms. I push in satisfyingly deep again and again. "When's your turn?" That's so cute. Soon. I start my rhythm and it doesn't take long. My balls pull up and I'm coming, but it feels strange. I know this feeling. "I'm parched. I'm not sure anything came out. This has only happened before when I've jacked off too much." "Move and see if it's slipperier." I try some thrusts and we feel the familiar slippery of my jism inside her.

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