Friday, May 28, 2010

We finish later

"I'm going to bed now. You can join me for some recreation whenever." "As in, pre-sleep whenever?" "I didn't put any limitations on it." I think I want to save waking River up for some other time. Although an offer like that doesn't come along often. Tonight it will be enough to finish what we started this morning. "I'll be up soon." But I'm not up for half an hour. River has been dozing off a bit. It's after 10. I do River's trick. Peel my clothes off in the bathroom and come to bed naked. Can't see in the dark. Snuggle on top of the covers. "What's your plan?" "From your sweetie who's a pale shadow?" It's been a low-energy fainty day for her. Why she was in bed so early. "You're not pale enough to see in the dark." Just an empty blackness in front of me. Then an arm. My eyes adjust. A darkness with no face. Slip under the covers. Her legs cross over mine, she rolls towards me, the snuggliest snuggle. "You're warm as toast. Just out of the dryer." Do we ever do it in this position? We should. I massage her muscles under her collarbones. Down to her breasts and nipples. "That's nice." "You said a few days ago you might have one in you. Do you still?" "Maybe." "What can we do to find out?" River straightens her left leg on the bed. I put my right leg over it. Interlock. This would be a nice start. I move my dick to her muff. "It's not as good as it was this morning. But it should perk up." "It usually does." Her fingers and hand work smoothly on me. She's got a rhythm going with my stiffening cock against her pussy. I reach down for River's parts. My hand slides over hers. I feel it moving, working things around. I don't want to get in the way. "I like that." "Being included?" "Whatever you're doing." When I find her lips they feel like gummi. Gummi lips. It's an erotic feeling. An erotic thought. Makes me harder. Don't need to dip into the wetness tonight. I move my hand away. River has complete control. Is she masturbating herself with my cock? She's doing something. For all the sensitive nerve endings on my cock I can't tell quite what it is she's doing. But the nerves all work together to say whatever it is, it's good. I like being included. Our most sensitive parts together. Feeling what she feels. We breathe together. Moan together. "Do you want to fuck me in the orgasm?" "It hadn't even crossed my mind." Maybe I imagined her bringing us to the point of no return together and shooting my load on her clit while she orgasmed and rubbed herself with my come. We seem so bound together. "I'd love to." Never fucked River in the orgasm in interlock. We'll see how that goes. "It's going to happen any time now." That seems quick for her. It's been a while. And it's her horny time of the month. "If you'd put it in at the right time that would be great." "Ok." I can feel us both building. Then she's sticking it in and we fuck. But interlock isn't working for me. Up to kneeling, keep it in, my right leg falls outside her left leg and I straddle it, fold her right leg up to her chest. There's the power. The depth. The control. Fuck her hard. Fuck her deep. Fuck her fast. Fuck her long. Her head turning from side to side as she comes. Then rest. River maneuvers us into default. "Do you have another one?" "I can if you want." "If I want?" Her hand is back on her clit. "This won't take long." I'm idling. About halfway in. Not much motion. Waiting to fuck her in her second orgasm. My mouth goes onto her right nipple and she pushes it towards me. Licking her nipple, sucking, pulling, licking her breast. For not taking long, it seems to be taking a while. River sounds intense. Like she's enjoying her work. Just listening to her is bringing on my own orgasm. But she's not there yet. I'm barely moving. I don't want to come until she does. We like doing it together now. I stop. Pull out so just the head is inside. But I can't stop it. I feel the flow, like a half orgasm only stronger. "Here's mine." Push in and fuck. Missionary. Feel River's legs go around me and pull me in. Welcoming. Collapse on her. I'm not sure when it started. Or ended. "For not taking a long time, that sure was taking a long time." "I had at least two. Small ones." "I can't tell. If you said you were having one right now I'd have to believe you." She goes back for another small one. That's at least four. "Just listening to you made me come. Remember how I said if you wanted to end things you could just fake an orgasm and I'd come? It's true." But she's never faked one. She doesn't have to. She needs a t-shirt, but I left mine in the bathroom. She finds one of hers for us.

"Sorry that position didn't work out so well for fucking you in the orgasm." "I thought it was great." "I mean the interlock at the start." "You were really deft sitting up for that other one." Deft. I like that.

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