Wednesday, June 29, 2011

In the pines


To me, some of the most interesting bits are not the fucking itself, but the lead-up. This one takes a while. But it's worth waiting for.


On Monday we agree to postpone until Tuesday. Tuesday morning is warm and sunny. We snuggle in the double sleeping bag. River’s legs over mine. It’s a nice position. We could just slip her panties off and slip it in and fuck. But her legs are restless and she gets up. Sits at the picnic table with her coffee. I sit behind her and grab on. “I’d do it with you on a picnic table.” “Physically, that would be nice. There’s a very sexy breeze. But psychologically it wouldn’t be good.” “Have you tried it?” “No.” “Then let’s try it. There haven't been any signs of life in the campground yet.” At least she's talking about it. But I think I know when it’s too much pressure. I walk down to look around the bend in the road. Maybe nobody is camped there. But somebody is. Oh well.

When I get back, River goes for a walk. Is she scoping out the campground? She is. “There’s a fairly secluded spot down there.” Not secluded enough though, I guess. And she got a fresh mosquito bite for her trouble. We go for a walk around the campground together. The wrong parts of the campground. I really don’t get the RV-ers with the satellite dishes. “I’m thinking of waking up the kids.” “That’s the kind of thing you think about it.” I don’t mean that in a bad way. I walk some more and find a nice spot on the grass with a burbling creek nearby. But when I get back River has the kids up. “I didn’t know where you went. I would have gone with you if I’d known. The kids were still sound asleep. Maybe a walk this evening.” “That makes me happy. Like I say, there’s hope for you yet.” It is a sexy breeze.

“I’m going to be suggestive all day.” “I don’t mind.”

My new modus operandi: pre-scope campgrounds.


We stop at a hot springs while we’re on the road. Something fun for the kids. And girls in swimsuits. “If there were a contest for the hottest ass at the hot springs, you’d win first prize.” Smooth and well-balanced. How a non-materialistic guy like me ended up with a sweetie like that I don’t know.


Our next campground is nearly deserted. There is nobody at all in our loop. Or the nearby loops. I’ve never seen such an empty campground. Just a few RVs, far away and through the trees. It must be a sign. The weather is nice. I go for a walk to pre-scope and decide that just about anywhere is a possibility. But the best bet is the cluster of sites for cyclists. It's nearby. And deserted. “I’d go for a walk with you this evening.” “Let’s wait until the kids are asleep.” “Sure.” We wait. Thunder rolls in. Wind blows through the trees. Rain flecks against the tent. I don’t think anything is going to happen tonight. Even though rain can be sexy. Should I cave to desire and do it in the tent? No. I think tomorrow morning will work out. I hope. I slip her panties off. There’s just something about sleeping with a naked sweetie.

I hope this delayed gratification is going to pan out. There have been quite a few delays.

In the pines

Someone pulled in and pitched a tent around midnight. No worries. We're awake in the morning. “How long are you going to stay in bed?” “At least ten minutes.” I can wait. She gets up. “Are you going to make coffee?” “Yes.” I can wait. She boils water. Some for my tea. Some for her coffee. But not enough. She heads off to get more. Can I wait? I’m not sure. I try to say it gently. “Our window of opportunity may be closing.” “I didn’t know that going for a walk was 'the plan'. I was waiting for you to make a move in the tent.” “It’s been the plan since last night.” “I would have gone for a walk before making coffee.” “I’ve been trying not to be too pressury.” “I appreciate that.” I drink my tea. She drinks her coffee. We check on the kids and go for a walk. Finally. Up the stairs to the bike-in sites. Find a place unlikely to be observed by drive-bys. It’s quiet. Now what? I drop my shorts. There’s my cock, hanging out into space. I hug River from behind. Rub my bare cock against her. She drops her pants. There’s her prize-winning ass. This is when my cock should be straining skyward. But it isn’t. I massage my cock. Reach under her ass for her pussy. There it is. Wet. We kiss, my fingers still on her pussy. Maybe it’s hard enough. River bends over. It won’t squeeze in. Not even with her help.

I kneel on the ground. Sometimes it’s easier to get hard in this position. River squats in front of me. That spreads her lips. I push a finger in. The moist heat of her cunt is intense in the cool morning air. Hello kitty? That would be a nice one to do out here. I’d like to come across somebody doing that in the woods. But it’s too awkward.

Feeling her hot tight pussy has gotten me hard enough. I hope. This time it squeezes in from behind with her help. And we fuck. Looking around at all the open space. The trees. The sky. Outdoors. The way nature intended. Maybe some more wildlife will wander by. Morning is a good time.

I’m enjoying my cock sliding in and out under her ass in the fresh air. I take my hands off her and just let our parts connect, mine and hers, my hips moving in the rhythm of fuck. And it feels too good. It’s been a while. “I could pop off at any time.” “That might be a good idea.” “I’m not ready yet.” I’m so close to the edge I can’t give her a good hard bang without shooting my load. I grab her waist again, look down, watch my cock slide out until I can see the head poised between her lips, watch it disappear as I push back into her.

We have our usual problem in this standing-from-behind position of her pushing back against me and me scooting back to keep my balance. Maybe I should pull on her more for balance. Maybe I should just let us fall over. We take a few steps forward together until she can brace against the nearest tree again.

“How you doing?” “This is a good spot.” The view could be better, but it’s a nice combination of open and secluded. I hold off a few times. When it’s time I groan and feel my orgasm pump into her. I feel wild out here. Pull out and squeeze my remaining jizz into a drop at the tip of my cock and shake it off onto the ground.

We walk back to our campsite. “I’ll do anything mom asks for a while now.” River laughs. “I can do better. That was kind of utilitarian.” “Yes, it was. We had a much better warm up yesterday morning.” “But it was worth it.” I couldn't agree more.

Friday, June 24, 2011

A late night in the tent

“Since you’ve unintentionally waited three days, I might even be in the mood tonight.” “What can I do to help?” “I’ve been thinking of making art.” “I’m all for it.”

And I’ve been thinking of doing it everywhere but the tent. On a nice flat rock where we stopped for a picnic. In the trees at the campground. In the dark hotel pool room. In a gondola. At the outdoor hotsprings pool my eyes keep drifting to her perfect ass in its polka-dot bikini bottom. But by the time we’ve changed campgrounds and cooked dinner and cleaned up and gotten the kids sorted I’m beat. And Brook has moved into our tent permanently.

River gets up to pee in the middle of the cold night. I warm her up when she gets back. “Now that my bladder is empty I might be a little more friendly.” I thought it was me who was unfriendly. We snuggle face to face. I feel something. She reaches for it and feels it, too. No problems tonight. My cock fills in, her hand working smoothly up and down while we talk about what to do. “Your pad seems pretty comfy.” I get between her legs. She rubs my hard cock on herself, then dips it down to her pussy. It slips in and we’re fucking, a nice bonding fuck, slowly at first, working up to a long fast fuck, my hands under her shoulders pulling her against me. I don’t even have to move, just pull her and let her do whatever it is she does. Then I work with her, pulling my cock all the way out, feeling it push its way back inside, her feet on my ass urging me in all the way.

I’m trying to feel what my fingers feel inside her, but to my cock it’s just one juicy tunnel that it loves to be in. Her sleeping pad is only an inch thick but my knees are on the tent floor and the difference in elevation is noticeable. I like it.

I feel my impending orgasm. Back off for a slow finish. When it’s inevitable I bury my cock deep inside and wait. My cock jerks inside her and we hug. We’re warm.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tonight I’m an insomniac on the hotel wi-fi

The weather is not so good today. We do get in an outrageously scenic walk when the rain lets up. Back in the village we hit the information center for weather. It’s supposed to get even worse. Time to move out of our campground for a day or two. So we ask about hotels and get a few pointers. We’re checking reservations online when the power goes out in the whole town. Back into the lightning and sleet to check out the cheapest option, which has the benefit of an indoor pool. We get set up there and hit the pool. In the dark. There is no emergency lighting in the washrooms or the pool. We get by on headlamps, sticking together to maximize the light. It’s the first time I’ve ever showered in a women’s locker room. It would probably be more spectacular in the light. And with women. The pool is dark except for a few small windows that let in a trickle of daylight. A friendly staff member hands the kids glowsticks that we use to keep track of them in the semi-darkness. We have the pool and hot tub to ourselves. No one else seems to be able to find the pool in the dark. Swimming in the dark with glowsticks is the most fun the kids have ever had in a pool.

At the room River and I share a dark shower together. It’s cozy. I’m thinking maybe we’ll just skip the lighting in that bathroom remodel we’re doing. “You know how I can only think of one thing to do when the power goes out around bed time?” “Are you thinking of it now?” “Uh-huh.” “When don’t you think of it?” If we do it tonight it’s going to have to be with all the kids in the room. Hopefully asleep. We’ve done it before, but the kids are all two years older now. We should have done it in the dark pool room when we had the chance. The power comes on just before bedtime. Maybe we’ll do it anyway.

Brook has lost her first tooth. The tooth fairy will be visiting tonight. I fall asleep quickly and wake up in the middle of the night. “Tooth fairy?” “Taken care of.” I’m disappointed. I wonder if River remembers my longstanding fantasy of catching the tooth fairy in the act and making a deal that involves the opportunity to fuck her in exchange for keeping her secret. But she’s come and gone. “I’m sorry I missed her.” “I’m sorry, too.” That sounds inviting. Maybe the backrub River asked for earlier could be part of the deal. I’ll find out. I rub River’s back while she’s on her side. She rolls over for me. I sit on her and do her shoulder blades, along her spine, her sides. I’m monitoring the kids. They seem restless but they’re asleep. I get hard. Pull down her panties. She tilts for me. And I lose it. And can’t get it back. We try to squeeze it in and hope it perks up but we can’t. Not even sticking my thumb in her warm cozy snatch is helping. I lay beside her and try to get hard. Nothing. She’s probably too tired to help.

So tonight I’m an insomniac on the hotel wi-fi.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The double sleeping bag was a great idea

Brook demands to sleep in our tent tonight. Something to do with mosquitoes. We acquiesce. River seems disappointed that we might not be able to get around to something. I’m not worried. Brook can and does sleep through anything. Nevertheless, I’ve scoped out a moderately secluded location near our campsite with some nice trees.

We fall asleep. At least I do. Semi-awake. Strange dreamlike thoughts about River. And yes, I can tell she’s asleep too, at least part-time. I want to just get on top and start things up. If I can get it up. It’s not looking good. I’m thinking all the right thoughts, using my hand in all the right ways, but it’s not even close.

“I’m trying to go to sleep. But you’re being too busy back there.” Caught in the act. Seize the initiative and get on top. It should come up with a rub and a kiss. But it isn’t. I sit up, look at River in the fading light, stroke my cock. River glances at Brook sleeping next to us. She won’t wake up.

Now I feel some blood flowing in. Reach behind me and feel River’s lips through her panties. Slip a finger underneath and find her wet opening. More for me than for her. And it’s working. I’ve got a good stiff. She helps get her panties off. It’s a decisive stick-in. And we fuck.

It’s a basic fuck. Not too long. Not too short. Not too fast. Not too slow. River’s pussy is just right. We move from default, slowly through into missionary, taking our time, enjoying each other, her feet pulling on my ass. Moaning. Breathing. I’m going to come. Pushing in deeper with each spurt. Even when I think it’s over I move and another one hits me.

Brook has slept through it.

The double sleeping bag was a great idea. Thanks, River.

The next day we’re talking. We both enjoyed it. River is apologetic about not helping me get hard. I didn’t mind. I like it when she just sits back and lets me surprise her.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Double sleeping bag test drive

River is all hot to get a double sleeping bag for our vacation. And try it out. I’m a little more reserved. It sounds like a good idea in theory, a really good idea, my kind of idea, but there are so many things that can go wrong in practice. “If we don’t like it, we can take it back.” “After two weeks?” “Sure.” And she wants to try it out tonight. I like that.

River lays it out on the futon in our library. She sure is excited about it. That’s a good thing. I bring along a washcloth and a hand towel to use as a drop cloth. She thinks my newfound fastidious streak is out of character. I’m the one who doesn’t mind sleeping on the same sheets for a while. But I’m not so sure about sleeping in a nylon sleeping bag with two weeks of accumulated crust and then returning it if it doesn't work out. But if River is for it, then I’m for it. And if it does have two weeks of crust, then it worked out and we're keeping it.

This is nice. It’s comfy. There’s plenty of room for activities. We snuggle up just like we do in bed. River rolls over for the face-to-face snuggle. Her leg pressed between mine. Kisses. She swings up on top. That’s a surprise. “We should have gotten one of these a long time ago.” She works my cock while I feel her boobs. Sensitive today. Take it easy. Her boobs always help me get hard. Am I hard enough? Feels like it. Sometimes I don’t want to look, and find out I'm not. “Am I ready?” “I’m ready.” “But am I ready?” She slides straight down onto my cock. She wasn’t kidding about her being ready. And apparently I was ready, too, because we’re having a really nice fuck.

She does single point right off and I can’t help but fuck back. She hugs in tight. Sits up straight. She must want me to really like the sleeping bag. “We’re making a wet spot. It’s on your side.” Oops. Forgot the drop cloth. I must have had something else on my mind. I can live with that.

Just when I think she’s going to finish me like this, she rolls us over. I stop us halfway. “I just wanted to do something different.” Then she’s back on top. For reverse cowgirl? No. She’s up in 135. There’s only one reason to be in that position. To fuck me. And she does.

My hands grip her ass. My thumb presses against her soft asshole. And this time I can’t resist. I wet a finger and push it into her. “Aaaa!” Surprise and alarm. But not rejection. “Sorry. I couldn’t resist.” I keep it in while she pumps me, letting it slip in and out to her rhythm. “I can feel my thing.” “The membranes are pretty thin.” It’s like having a window into her. But it doesn’t seem to be doing anything for her. Just me.

“I was wondering if you’d hello kitty me.” “Of course. Only it’s not so much me doing you, as us doing each other.” We maneuver so she’s sitting between my legs, my cock sticking in under her ass, and we do each other. Her up and down. Me in and out. Grabbing her waist. Sitting behind River like this and watching her use me as her dildo is incredibly visually stimulating. I guess that's an advantage to being a guy: she's always in front. Where I can see her. “Finish like this?” “Ok.” I let myself go. She brings me to the brink. “A few more.” I come loudly as she grinds me, keeping me coming, then settles on while I slowly recover.

We move to doggy for the afterfuck. She coughs. I’m still in. “Was that a test?” “No.” Hmm.

“It smells like sex.” “Hopefully not just any sex. Reed and River sex.”

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Churning pussy

I stand naked in front of our bedroom’s balcony door. I’ve asked River to give me a nice hug from behind when she comes into the room and sees that. Will she remember? She does. I reach back to feel her shape behind me. When did she undress? Mmm, silkies, the dusky pink ones by the feel. “You remembered. And you’re playful.”

First a butt rub for me. My butt got a lot of exercise yesterday. I smell the cotton-candy oil. Feel River oiling my cheeks and up the crack. I spread my legs and she sits between them. “I feel raunchy.” “You look raunchy.” “Not as raunchy as you. You wouldn’t do it if you knew how raunchy you looked, all gaping.” “Yes, I would. I like good clean raunchy. If that’s not an oxymoron.” She uses her hands and elbows on my ass cheeks. We work together to find the spots that need it. She rubs up my back. She’s on tonight. I purr.

“I can see how you don’t usually mind that I do you after doing this to you.” “It’s pretty relaxing.” “It seems like it would be just the thing afterwards.” “So did that relax you, or did it get you excited?” “Both.”

I stare down River’s body. The triangle of the dusky pink silkies covering her neatly trimmed bush. Her smooth tummy. Small tits. Face wondering what’s going to happen next. I’m wondering, too. I spread her knees and her legs fall open into a diamond. Work towards the strip of fabric concealing her lips. Feel them through it. Hold the fabric aside and tongue her snatch. I’d like to fuck her while she’s got some of my favorite panties on, but I want to eat her even more. And they’re in the way. Whip them off up over her legs. Lie down on the bed, wrap my arms around her legs, and pull my face against her pussy. I love doing this. And she sounds like she actually likes it tonight. “There’s a mix of what I like.” The stimulation. “And what I don’t like.” Too wet.

Her short bush is a bit ticklish. I switch to over the side, my nose in her pussy. It’s harder than I remember. And I’m getting her wetter than I remember. So I sit astride her, my back to her face, my fingers between her legs making “my” pussy feel good for me. “Try slowing down.” I do. My pussy feels nice. Her legs open into the diamond. My semi-erect cock bounces against her leg as I rub my clit. “I feel like I’m going to wear a hole in you.” “You’re getting me ready.” That’s all I want to do. Back to my tongue. “That’s good right there.” I like that we’re working together. I stay on it. But she needs to come. I let her take over.

I push a finger into her while she’s doing her clit. Two fingers? Not this time. They won’t go. “You’re really tight tonight.” “I’m all puffy.” Nice. So one finger. She feels tight even with just one. It feels so different to my finger. To my cock, it’s a perfectly fitting cylindrical sleeve. Except around her g-spot. And there’s a cervix in there somehere. To my finger it’s ridges, and folds, and hard, and soft, and strong, and delicate. And wet.

She’s getting closer. I stay on her g-spot. Pressing. Circling. “Here it is.” I leave my finger inside while her orgasm starts. I’m not planning on fucking her in it. Just watching, and feeling. But suddenly I’m hard and I’m moving up, fitting my cock to her pussy, she’s reaching down with desperation to straighten things out and I push in and fuck like a maniac while her orgasm goes on and on and she swirls beneath me. Then I slow down, enjoying the tight fuck, enjoying River.

I stay in while she works her fingers over her clit for another one. Her nipple wants me to notice it. I push my tongue against it and pull it into my mouth and she starts to come and I push her leg up on my arm and pound her. Her hand is still on her clit. She’s having a wild orgasm, something extraordinary, she should be screaming but she can’t get any sounds out, and suddenly there’s cervix all over the place inside her, her pussy is churning like a blender full of marbles, and giving me an intense orgasm of my own with my cock fucking her tight pussy.

That was fucking incredible. For both of us. “Coming in your second orgasm is my favorite.”

But I’m not done eating her. Maybe I can do her third. So I’m down on her again, on the pussy I just fucked, my tongue parting her lips and finding her clit. “That will work.” But it’s not working. I back off and let her finish herself.


“Are you ovulating?” “Probably.” “That would explain a lot.” Like why I’ve been telling River how beautiful she is more often than I usually do. And why I’ve just spent about half an hour spooning her with my hardon scratching against her vulva while the pressure builds in my balls. “Is it giving you any ideas?” “It might. After I use the bathroom.” I wait for her, jacking up a good stiff for when she gets back. “I’m ready for you.” We gaze into each other’s eyes as I stroke my cock. I want to bang her in doggy. But we hear a kid in the hall.

“It’s hard to stop.” “You don’t have to stop.” I don’t stop. “The guys are coming to do the floor. I have to leave a note for them to come in and start working.” She leaves the note and comes back up. “You can bring that into the shower if you want.” I walk down the hall, keeping myself erect. River smiles when I come in. When she bends over to get the scale for our periodic weigh-in I miss my chance. So when she squats on the edge of the tub and starts the water, I reach under her ass. One hand on her. One on me. Feel the trimmed bush alongside her labia. Run my fingers along them until I feel them spread and reveal her wetness.

Into the shower. “Should we start right in?” “Sure.” She bends over, hands against the wall. My cock slips right in. And we fuck, slowly at first, then I grab her hips and run my hands down the front of her thighs and pull her back for a good bang.

“I’m not sure I want to finish this way.” “Yeah?” “Yeah.” Something's not quite right. And the water is working against us. We both know it. River thinks perhaps the lubrication she's got today, which was very lovely when we started, isn't holding up to the water so well. She stands up. I reach for her tits and pull her against me, then slip my cock out. “That must be a little strange for you.” “To get poked in the shower for a little while? Yeah.” It's a little strange for me, too. But then, fucking is always strange. And fascinating. Depending on how I think about it.

We wash each other off. She washes my face, and I feel her lips on mine while my eyes are closed. “That was a surprise.” “A bit soapy. I’m not licking my lips after that.” “I’ll lick your lips.” “Ok. Tonight.”

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

“I like the no-hands stick-in.”

In bed. Not expecting anything. Even though River seems extra-smoochy tonight. She’s had a rough day. Bad mood. Bad attitude. I’m certainly sympathetic. And I’m expecting her to roll over and go to sleep at any moment. It wouldn’t be the first time. It's ok. Then her hand is on my back. Squeezing the muscles up and down my spine. I sigh. Smoothing across the small of my back. Sigh some more. “Does it feel this good when I do that to you?” “Yes. It’s nice to be petted.” Then why doesn’t she want to fuck every time I do it? She’s sure got my attention.

My hand on her back. A mutual petting session. How to go about it? I get on top and we kiss while my hardening cock scrapes lightly across her. We’ve started like this so many times. I sit up and gaze down at her. She looks like a girl. “I’ll do you right in the bad attitude.” “Ok.” Her hands slide along my thighs. Will she or won’t she? She moves in for a quick feel. Looks impressed. No work for her tonight. Too bad for me.

My legs slip between hers. My cock rubs her snatch. Across the swelling of her clitoris. I let it drop to the place I know so well. I push. “How’s my aim?” “Perfect.” Patience. Her lips slowly pushing aside. My cock slowly entering her. And we’re fucking.

Moaning. Breathing. Pounding. When I’m about to come I slow down. Feel the come flow. But no orgasm yet. Still hard. Perfect. Fucking in my own sloppy seconds. I wouldn’t want it this slippery every time, but it’s some nice variety. Some good speed, some good friction, River moaning like she’s going to make me come, holding off just when it gets to the good part for us. “How many times can I not come?” “I don’t know.” It’s been about four already. Her pussy getting slipperier every time. Maybe I’m overflowing from not finishing yesterday morning. “I mean how many times may I not come?” “It’s up to you.” “How much time do we have?” “I have to be somewhere at eight. We should stop by then.” Nine hours? She’s called my bluff.

That is one slippery pussy I’m fucking. I like it. Her bush has been trimmed down to a bristly mat. I like that too. A nice contrast. I park my pubic bone on her thatch and let it rub my skin as we fuck. Hold off one more time. Then a serious fuck for the come. “This time.” Squeezing together. “Are you ok?” “I just need some air.” “Oh. Sorry.”

Sometimes it’s difficult after holding off this long. Takes some careful driving to finish. Not this time. I feel the build. A nice slow build for a nice fast fuck. My balls pull up. My cock gets even harder. I come, strangely silent, just feeling it all, bottoming out inside her, the warmth of orgasm crinkling across my back, my arms, my legs, my chest, my face, my breath coming in stuttered gasps, my cock unloading whatever I’ve got left as deep inside as I can.

“I like the no-hands stick-in.” “I like it, too.”

Monday, June 13, 2011

So close

River comes home. “My neck and shoulders are really sore.” I recognize the hint she doesn't think she's given. She goes upstairs to lie down. I’m there shortly afterwards. Grabbing the oil. “I didn’t expect this.” “It was a hint.” “I mean the instant gratification.” Try to keep me away.

Her shirt comes off. She lies down on the bed. Her ass is ensconced in its favorite pair of comfy jeans. I could get hard just looking at it, much less lingering on the thoughts it provokes. I sit on her and rub her back. Then I sit at her head, a better angle to do her neck. Spend a lot of time with my thumbs in places she directs me to. Fingers up the sides of her neck. And down her neck. I love doing this.

If I were in her position, and she were in my position, I’d be thinking about eating her pussy. Maybe more than thinking. But she doesn't think that way. She rolls over onto her back. More oil for her breasts and nipples. “These sure are fascinating. My favorites.” She dresses. Sits in front of me. Leans in for a kiss. “Your knee is rubbing my ball.” She rubs it some more. “It’s working for me.” Her fingers wiggle over my balls. It works even more. “I’m trying to figure out where your anatomy is in there.” She’s found my cock. “I hate to fondle and run, but . . . ” “You can fondle some more.” She does.

“I have to go down to the laundry room and check on a few wet things.” “I’d like to go down and check on wet things with you.” She goes first. I’m walking down the stairs. “It stinks down here.” “Just when I was thinking that I couldn’t possibly do a better warmup for the laundry room than that.” And she’s just spent hours in a dark movie theater watching Johnny Depp. “This is the least sexy room in the house.” “Not when you’re in it.” “It’s dirty.” Not too long ago it was spotless, but that didn’t seem to make a difference. “If you do it with me, maybe it will shut me up.” She sorts laundry. “Maybe I’m just satiated after doing it last night and this morning. Although we didn’t finish this morning.” Her satiation point is too low. And isn’t this the girl who was telling me how the movie would get her all excited, and giving me ideas about finishing tonight after I said we didn’t have to? “This is the year of sieze the moment.” “Who’s moment?” I have what I hope is my most seductive voice on. “Our moment.” She pulls in for a kiss. A full-contact, sunny-spot style smooch. I push my hardening cock against her. It’s going to happen. I can feel it. She can, too.

And we hear the door open. Brook comes down the stairs and into the laundry room. That’s closer than I’ve ever gotten. I really can’t imagine a better warmup.

Morning-after hornies

I wake up. No need to wake River up just yet. I kind of hate to wake her up. But I’ve got my morning-after hornies. I wish River got them, too. I snuggle on her and a pretty good erection comes up. I thunk it under her vulva. She’s trimmed back the scratchy stimulation that I’ve come to expect. I’m going to have to step things up a notch. I find her snatch under her ass, slide my cock against my fingers, and push. I don’t feel the return push. Either she’s asleep, or she’s wishing I wouldn’t. She claims she can’t sleep through this. Maybe she’s getting used to it.

I feel it slide in a little. Maybe an inch. Enough to start. It feels nice just slipping the head in and out of her. My tension leaves me and I relax. Pushing in a little further, in and out. About halfway by now. Enough. Starting. Stopping. Faster. Slower. Paying attention to the varying textures and terrain of her pussy. It’s easy to feel with my fingers. I take the time to feel it with my cock.

After about 20 minutes she’s clearly awake. Making her nice sounds when I pull all the way out and push back through. I wasn’t planning on coming, but I feel something in the distance. Pick up the pace. Long and steady. River tells me when I hit on something good. But it’s not happening. That’s pretty normal for a morning erection. Even though I got this one for mostly the right reasons. “Much as I’d like to come, I don’t think it’s going to happen.” “Do you mind?” “No.” Sometimes in the morning it’s a lot of work for an orgasm that seems regrettable. So I just enjoy the fucking. Like River does. And she won’t have to drip today. I feel like such a gentleman.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

It all comes from the same place

We pull it back together in the afternoon. “I admit I’m thinking of taking advantage of my sleep-deprived sweetie tonight.” “You can do that.” But I end up crashing in bed while River reads to Brook. My thoughts drift into dreams. There’s nothing like coming out of a sleep and fucking.

When River comes in she’s naked. “Did you say something about a plan?” “No, but I’m thinking we snuggle for a while, and then it all just comes from the same place.” “Yeah, something sweet.” So we snuggle, and talk, and it’s working for me. It really does all come from the same place. “I’m getting what I need. What kind of warmup do you need?” “A backrub?”

I straddle her and use the cotton-candy oil, rubbing my cock in her ass crack, trying to keep it hard while I do her back. “Everything you’ve done on my shoulders is amazing.” “That’s surprising. I’m really distracted back here.” And my erection is slowly flagging. But that’s ok. I oil up her ass cheeks, push them around with one hand while I get myself hard again. She tilts her ass for me and my thumb finds her pussy opening. Her pussy makes nice thick wet smacky sounds as my thumb stirs it. Should I surprise her and slip into her ass? No, tonight isn't the right night. My cock slides into her pussy with smooth authority. “That was decisive.” I’m glad she liked it.

It’s a long sweet fuck in butt position. Slow for me to savor. Fast for her pleasure. We roll over. River is on her back, I’m on my side, pushing her leg to her chest with my arm, reaching around it to squeeze her tits, fucking. She stretches her leg over and rests it on my shoulder. We look at each other through the tangle of body parts. “Come here often?” “Not as often as you.” “Good one.” Maybe I can do something about that. Her clit is easily accessible. This is a fun position. I do the circles on it while we fuck. It seems to do something for her. It certainly does something for me. But it’s not in the stars tonight.

So I go on top. But she plants her feet and arches and fucks me while she’s on her back. I hold still while she slips her pussy onto my cock and back off. She can fuck me like this until I come. I smile when she gets greedy, pulls off too far, my cock springs out and I push it back down for her to remount. The soft sleeve of her vagina is almost getting me there. I can’t hold still any longer. I fuck back. But if I’m fucking I’ll do it my way tonight. Missionary. Feeling my ass rub her feet as it bobs up and down behind me with the motion of my cock driving into her in front of me. Is it as interesting for her? Do the sensations on her feet and in her pussy connect for her, like my sensations connect and enhance for me?

Into jackknife for the finish. We’re far outside the zone of a sweet fuck. Well into raunchy. But River says things can be sweet and raunchy at the same time. And she’s right. It’s still sweet, feeling her beneath me, kissing while my cock slams her cervix, her moans making my orgasm swell, and smiling at how sweet it is to hold still while my come pumps into her. And how raunchy.

I grin for several minutes. Feel her squeeze. Feel her push. Feel her overcome my fading erection. “That was a squeeze and a push.” “You should do the squeeze while we’re doing it.” “I do.” “Oops.”

That was a good emotional warmup for me. Now I want to talk in the afterglow. But River has been severely sleep-deprived the past two nights. And I got to pre-sleep before we fucked. It will be sweeter to let her sleep. It only takes a few minutes for her to drift into dreams.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Reed and River are Not Fucking

The whole thing was doomed. First River studied way too late. Then there was a hyperactive fly buzzing around our room that she was trying to swat while I was trying to warm her up. Then there was the incident with the beautiful 100-year old wavy glass window. At least bleeding always stops.

We're on for tonight

River is in the bath after work. I can’t resist coming in and sitting with her and admiring the scenery. She’s planning her afternoon. I’m planning our evening. “I’ll pull weeds with you if you’ll have sex with me tonight.” It’s a deal.

I dry her off. She spreads her legs while I kneel behind her with her towel. “I just do this because I like the view.” Her lips hanging in the space below her ass. Gaping open slightly over her pussy opening. She bends over and the gap widens. I want to fill it with my tongue. “Is that a hint?” “Yes.” For tonight.

River air drys in the bedroom. Trims her bush. Pulls on some fun stripey panties. And looks hot. “I need my camera. Can you hold that pose?” She does. I take a few shots. “I didn’t know I looked that good.” I almost fall over. “If you don’t know that by now then I haven’t been doing something right.”

What is my plan? Restraints. Blindfolds. Whatever comes next. We don’t really have a bed, per se. Just a mattress and box springs sitting right on the floor. It suits us somehow. But there is nothing to tie to. So under our mattress is what I call “the restraints”. Climbing webbing, two sections each running side to side and top to bottom. It works for me.

But I don’t usually follow my plans. They just get me horny.

River goes for a run. We hug when she gets back. A nice sweaty River hug. “You smell clean.” “Clean sweat.” I could fuck her right there. She bends over to stretch. All the way. Hands flat on the ground. “Can you do that tonight?” “Yes.” She’s been taking me up on more of my requests than I would have thought possible a few years ago. Maybe that’s what happens when we’ve more-or-less agreed that I’m in charge of the sex in our relationship. And that that’s a good thing. “I think my plan is changing.”

A delicate balance

“You sure know how to hurt a guy.” I was looking at River with what I hope was a meaningful look. And she turned out the light. She knows how much I like to watch her strip and reveal what’s been giving her clothing its shape all day. A rare shape. A shape I like. Her shape. And I know she doesn’t like to peel when all the shades are up. Which they are. Even though it’s part of the turn-on. My sweetie casts aside her hangups about a potential audience and shows off. For me. Who doesn't mind a potential audience. Even secretly hopes there is one. So it’s a delicate balance. I can’t always get what I like at River’s expense.

She turns the light back on. There are the small tits that have been poking bralessly through her shirt. She did that for me, and now I want more? Am I that ungrateful? Her shorts and panties slide down over the gentle curves of her ass. Her bush turns towards me. I feel loved. She turns the light off, and I’m happy. I hope she is, too.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Something she likes

The kids are mostly out of school and we get to sleep in. I know what “sleeping in” means for me, but for River it seems to mean she gets to sleep in. But she surprises me. She's good at that. “I was wondering whether anything would happen.” “I was wondering too.” She flips her legs over mine, while she’s on her back and I’m on my side. A really nice position for a stick-in. Just thinking about it makes me want to. But I have another idea. Something River likes.

She opens her legs for me as my hand drifts to her pussy. I stroke the short hairs on either side, where they’re slowly growing back after our experiment with the landing strip. My fingers move up her labia to her clit. Start in with some slow circles. When River does herself it seems like she skips the introductions and just gets right to it, but I’d feel boorish if I did that. Especially since she usually does such nice build-ups on me, moving from my legs, to my balls, to my cock, as my anticipation grows. Bigger circles. Dipping down to her pussy opening for some moisture. Settling into a rhythm.

“Is anything going on down there?” I have to check in. Her arousal is more complicated than mine. Her desire and physical arousal aren’t necessarily linked. And her arousal isn’t as obvious. “Not yet.” “How can I get it to go?” “Do what you’re doing.” I can do that.

I think of River doing herself, and adjust my motion so it’s more circular, more up and down to go with the side to side. The heel of my hand rests on her pubic bone. Her lips follow the circles my fingers make on her clit. I feel her hood slipping across it. “I’m thinking of how you do yourself.” “That’s good technique.”

Something is going on down there. Her breathing is more intense, and more distant. Her pelvis moves against me. Her tissues swell. Her clitoris becomes more prominent. “You can take over if you want.” The last thing I want is to rub her raw with no result. But I keep going. Remembering how she does it. Feeling everything about her get more intense. I don’t stop when she asks to take over. If she’s that close maybe I can get it. She doesn’t seem to mind. Just keeps grinding against me. And breathing.

I move my hand aside for her. Set my hand on hers. Feel her rhythm. And feel the tell-tale tickle of my cock leaking. “What’s your plan?” “You have an orgasm. Then I get hard. And fuck you.” My finger slips down to her pussy opening. Slips in. Then another. Presses her g-spot. Circles it. Waits to feel her orgasm. But am I helping? Or distracting? She’s had really nice ones this way.

My fingers come out and my thumb slips in. My thumb in her box just feels right somehow. Stretching towards her asshole. Slipping across the ridge at the back of her pussy. Squishing through circles, surrounded by her sturdy delicate wetness. But she gives up. Sometimes she just doesn’t have one. “There’s a Magic Wand in the drawer.” Zero to a hundred in about three seconds. She can come so fast she misses it. Like flying over the grand canyon at twice the speed of sound. She declines. “I’ll fuck you anyway.”

Stroking my cock using my copious pre-come for lube quickly makes for a nice stiff. Her pussy is mesmerizing, its engorged flaps waiting to be parted, waiting to lick against my cock as it slips between them and fills her cunt. They don’t wait long. I push them aside, reveal her frill, and push through it, hard and deep. And we fuck until I come, intense and vocal, River feeling my goosebumps. I can't fake it.

“Once again I get to have a nice orgasm, and you get to drip all day.” “I think I asked for it, my dear.” “You did?” I’m imagining something like, my dear, I’d like to drip all day. Would you mind accommodating me? And me saying, with pleasure. Or maybe, don't mind if I do.

Monday, June 6, 2011


We can’t even remember what she said. But we know how it went from there. “Is that a hint?” “Sure. Why not.” “Because it’s only been two days?” “Strike while the iron is hot.” I like it. But I hope she doesn’t regret it when the time comes.

She doesn't. Neither do I. “It’s my turn to start on top.” So I do. It’s nice being able to kiss again now that I’m no longer contagious. I brush the hair back from River’s face and we kiss. My cock starts to stiffen. I rub it against her slowly to encourage it. It doesn’t need much encouragement today. It’s almost like old times. The familiar rigidity holding it in place.

I'm not even going to ask River what she needs for a warmup. But she’s wearing panties. Is her period still tapering off? Or is she being playful? I hope it’s not to be playful because those things are coming off right now. I rub my rigid cock on her vulva. It’s straining to get inside her. And she moves like she agrees with it. But not yet. It feels nice pressing against her. Rubbing on the bulge of her clitoris. Like old times. Finally I let it angle down, the head falls into place at her opening, it feels right, I push, and it’s going in. A little. I’m patient. I can wait. My erection is the best I’ve had in a long time. It will be a nice strong fuck. River isn’t as patient. She reaches down and spreads her wings for me. My cock is huge and her pussy is tight and the friction is sweet as I grind my way in. And we fuck.

In silence. Neither of us talks. It’s strange. I want to tell her how nice she feels today, slick and slightly grainy, but I don’t want to break the silence. I just look into her eyes. Push one of her legs up into reader position. Fuck her. Hold off and feel my cock twitch inside her as its attempt to come is thwarted by some higher cognitive function, overriding instinct for increased gratification. I like doing this with River.

I break the silence when I come. Straining into her. My come flowing in a powerful release. And finally we talk. “That was a nice quiet fuck.” “It wasn’t any nicer for being quiet.” No. It wasn’t. Strange, I called it. It seems so much friendlier and interactive when we talk.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

I was right

In bed River spontaneously offers this up: “I enjoyed myself last night. I enjoyed you.” Which gets my typical response: “I enjoyed yourself, too.” Followed by, “What are you doing thinking about things like that?” And then, “I’d just been thinking the same thing. There's hope for you yet.”

Saturday, June 4, 2011

River makes me ask for it

“What were you wanting? A blowjob? Or a dip in something else?” “Maybe neither tonight.” I want her to do blowjobs because it’s what she wants. Not because it’s what I want. But wait. Don’t I want her to ask for cunnilingus, instead of me just wanting to do it all the time? I’m as inconsistent as River is. “I’m on the downhill slope after three days. When it’s getting easier.” Easier not to fuck. And I’ve been sick for a few days. That doesn’t usually stop me. When it does, wanting to fuck is a sure sign that I’m getting better. I’ll never forget that guest house in Chiang Mai. But doesn’t being a few days into her period usually stop River? Not this time, it seems. She’s been acting hornier than usual.

We're in bed well past our usual bed time. Snuggling. But no kissing. It’s hard not to, but I’m still contagious. “Since I can’t kiss you, it’s hard to gauge what your response might be.” “I’m not acting very tired.” “Is that a hint?” “You can butter my dry back.” That’s a hint. “I think the cotton-candy stuff instead.” The stuff that turns her on. And me.

I oil her back. She wasn’t kidding about it being dry. Pull her panties down just enough to do her butt. This is normally the time when I’d be getting hard and doing the stick-in. And having her panties on is always interesting. But I just snuggle on her back for a while. It's intimate enough right now.

We’re side by side. “What do you want?” I move her hand to my cock. When she’s gotten me hard enough she asks again. “What do you want?” I’m not even sure. We kick the question back and forth a few times. But I won't get out of it so easily. And I like it when she asks. “Suck me.” “I wasn’t sure you’d ask.” Her mouth comes down and I get even harder. She gets some nice friction. “That’s nice.” She has to take a few breaks. “Mouth getting tired?” “My jaw.” “The same thing happens to me.”

Despite the nice friction I haven’t felt my orgasm coming over the horizon yet. “Would you like to use a different orifice?” Somehow her panties are off. We do the stick-in while we’re both on our backs. Then I pull her up onto me and we fuck.

She’s in classic girl on top position. Strong and lithe and powerful. I put my hands on her hips, feeling her work the sex, the light and shadows rhythmically caressing the soft contours of her body. She offers her breast to my mouth and my tongue dances over her nipple. When she leans down I wrap my arms around her like I’ll never let go. Maybe I never will.

She rolls us over. I like it when she does that. She’s asking for it. But I stop us halfway. “You tease me again.” “Starting on top and not finishing?” “Yes.” We fuck on our sides, her leg wrapped over me. My hip rests on her foot, but we don’t mind. It hardly feels like we’re fucking. More like we’re just in bed together. No. We’re definitely fucking. The warm feelings are unmistakable.

I roll on top. “Good thing I like being on top of you.” “You can always roll us back over. Even right after I’ve done it.” “Why haven’t I ever thought of that?” Probably because I like being on top. Feeling my cock drop into her hole as I spread my legs behind me. Feeling it go deep as I cross them. Doing the microfuck with my knees under her legs. And how could I resist when she asks for it like that.

I’m pushing in deep at the end of each thrust. My cock head slipping past her cervix. “That’s a nice grind.” Now I’m going to come. A few more slow deep ones, a few more kisses of my glans on her cervix, and I’m coming, fulfilled and satisfied. I hope River can say the same. I think she can.

Our afterfuck is long. I never want to stop. But eventually we both head off to the bathroom. There’s some crust on my cock, but no waterline. “I’ve got some crust, too. And that seems like a big load.” “Four days.”

In the morning she’s braless with a skirt and a wild mane. “I like your cute disheveled look.”