Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The double sleeping bag was a great idea

Brook demands to sleep in our tent tonight. Something to do with mosquitoes. We acquiesce. River seems disappointed that we might not be able to get around to something. I’m not worried. Brook can and does sleep through anything. Nevertheless, I’ve scoped out a moderately secluded location near our campsite with some nice trees.

We fall asleep. At least I do. Semi-awake. Strange dreamlike thoughts about River. And yes, I can tell she’s asleep too, at least part-time. I want to just get on top and start things up. If I can get it up. It’s not looking good. I’m thinking all the right thoughts, using my hand in all the right ways, but it’s not even close.

“I’m trying to go to sleep. But you’re being too busy back there.” Caught in the act. Seize the initiative and get on top. It should come up with a rub and a kiss. But it isn’t. I sit up, look at River in the fading light, stroke my cock. River glances at Brook sleeping next to us. She won’t wake up.

Now I feel some blood flowing in. Reach behind me and feel River’s lips through her panties. Slip a finger underneath and find her wet opening. More for me than for her. And it’s working. I’ve got a good stiff. She helps get her panties off. It’s a decisive stick-in. And we fuck.

It’s a basic fuck. Not too long. Not too short. Not too fast. Not too slow. River’s pussy is just right. We move from default, slowly through into missionary, taking our time, enjoying each other, her feet pulling on my ass. Moaning. Breathing. I’m going to come. Pushing in deeper with each spurt. Even when I think it’s over I move and another one hits me.

Brook has slept through it.

The double sleeping bag was a great idea. Thanks, River.

The next day we’re talking. We both enjoyed it. River is apologetic about not helping me get hard. I didn’t mind. I like it when she just sits back and lets me surprise her.

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