Friday, June 24, 2011

A late night in the tent

“Since you’ve unintentionally waited three days, I might even be in the mood tonight.” “What can I do to help?” “I’ve been thinking of making art.” “I’m all for it.”

And I’ve been thinking of doing it everywhere but the tent. On a nice flat rock where we stopped for a picnic. In the trees at the campground. In the dark hotel pool room. In a gondola. At the outdoor hotsprings pool my eyes keep drifting to her perfect ass in its polka-dot bikini bottom. But by the time we’ve changed campgrounds and cooked dinner and cleaned up and gotten the kids sorted I’m beat. And Brook has moved into our tent permanently.

River gets up to pee in the middle of the cold night. I warm her up when she gets back. “Now that my bladder is empty I might be a little more friendly.” I thought it was me who was unfriendly. We snuggle face to face. I feel something. She reaches for it and feels it, too. No problems tonight. My cock fills in, her hand working smoothly up and down while we talk about what to do. “Your pad seems pretty comfy.” I get between her legs. She rubs my hard cock on herself, then dips it down to her pussy. It slips in and we’re fucking, a nice bonding fuck, slowly at first, working up to a long fast fuck, my hands under her shoulders pulling her against me. I don’t even have to move, just pull her and let her do whatever it is she does. Then I work with her, pulling my cock all the way out, feeling it push its way back inside, her feet on my ass urging me in all the way.

I’m trying to feel what my fingers feel inside her, but to my cock it’s just one juicy tunnel that it loves to be in. Her sleeping pad is only an inch thick but my knees are on the tent floor and the difference in elevation is noticeable. I like it.

I feel my impending orgasm. Back off for a slow finish. When it’s inevitable I bury my cock deep inside and wait. My cock jerks inside her and we hug. We’re warm.


wife10yearsin said...

I kept scanning around while we were away for suitable locations. Turns out the bed worked out all right.

Reed said...

You've just given me an idea: a bed in the laundry room. We've even got a conveniently located rollaway.

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