Sunday, June 12, 2011

It all comes from the same place

We pull it back together in the afternoon. “I admit I’m thinking of taking advantage of my sleep-deprived sweetie tonight.” “You can do that.” But I end up crashing in bed while River reads to Brook. My thoughts drift into dreams. There’s nothing like coming out of a sleep and fucking.

When River comes in she’s naked. “Did you say something about a plan?” “No, but I’m thinking we snuggle for a while, and then it all just comes from the same place.” “Yeah, something sweet.” So we snuggle, and talk, and it’s working for me. It really does all come from the same place. “I’m getting what I need. What kind of warmup do you need?” “A backrub?”

I straddle her and use the cotton-candy oil, rubbing my cock in her ass crack, trying to keep it hard while I do her back. “Everything you’ve done on my shoulders is amazing.” “That’s surprising. I’m really distracted back here.” And my erection is slowly flagging. But that’s ok. I oil up her ass cheeks, push them around with one hand while I get myself hard again. She tilts her ass for me and my thumb finds her pussy opening. Her pussy makes nice thick wet smacky sounds as my thumb stirs it. Should I surprise her and slip into her ass? No, tonight isn't the right night. My cock slides into her pussy with smooth authority. “That was decisive.” I’m glad she liked it.

It’s a long sweet fuck in butt position. Slow for me to savor. Fast for her pleasure. We roll over. River is on her back, I’m on my side, pushing her leg to her chest with my arm, reaching around it to squeeze her tits, fucking. She stretches her leg over and rests it on my shoulder. We look at each other through the tangle of body parts. “Come here often?” “Not as often as you.” “Good one.” Maybe I can do something about that. Her clit is easily accessible. This is a fun position. I do the circles on it while we fuck. It seems to do something for her. It certainly does something for me. But it’s not in the stars tonight.

So I go on top. But she plants her feet and arches and fucks me while she’s on her back. I hold still while she slips her pussy onto my cock and back off. She can fuck me like this until I come. I smile when she gets greedy, pulls off too far, my cock springs out and I push it back down for her to remount. The soft sleeve of her vagina is almost getting me there. I can’t hold still any longer. I fuck back. But if I’m fucking I’ll do it my way tonight. Missionary. Feeling my ass rub her feet as it bobs up and down behind me with the motion of my cock driving into her in front of me. Is it as interesting for her? Do the sensations on her feet and in her pussy connect for her, like my sensations connect and enhance for me?

Into jackknife for the finish. We’re far outside the zone of a sweet fuck. Well into raunchy. But River says things can be sweet and raunchy at the same time. And she’s right. It’s still sweet, feeling her beneath me, kissing while my cock slams her cervix, her moans making my orgasm swell, and smiling at how sweet it is to hold still while my come pumps into her. And how raunchy.

I grin for several minutes. Feel her squeeze. Feel her push. Feel her overcome my fading erection. “That was a squeeze and a push.” “You should do the squeeze while we’re doing it.” “I do.” “Oops.”

That was a good emotional warmup for me. Now I want to talk in the afterglow. But River has been severely sleep-deprived the past two nights. And I got to pre-sleep before we fucked. It will be sweeter to let her sleep. It only takes a few minutes for her to drift into dreams.

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If I can't be home doing it, at least I can be here reading about it. Sweet dreams to both of you.

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