Saturday, June 4, 2011

River makes me ask for it

“What were you wanting? A blowjob? Or a dip in something else?” “Maybe neither tonight.” I want her to do blowjobs because it’s what she wants. Not because it’s what I want. But wait. Don’t I want her to ask for cunnilingus, instead of me just wanting to do it all the time? I’m as inconsistent as River is. “I’m on the downhill slope after three days. When it’s getting easier.” Easier not to fuck. And I’ve been sick for a few days. That doesn’t usually stop me. When it does, wanting to fuck is a sure sign that I’m getting better. I’ll never forget that guest house in Chiang Mai. But doesn’t being a few days into her period usually stop River? Not this time, it seems. She’s been acting hornier than usual.

We're in bed well past our usual bed time. Snuggling. But no kissing. It’s hard not to, but I’m still contagious. “Since I can’t kiss you, it’s hard to gauge what your response might be.” “I’m not acting very tired.” “Is that a hint?” “You can butter my dry back.” That’s a hint. “I think the cotton-candy stuff instead.” The stuff that turns her on. And me.

I oil her back. She wasn’t kidding about it being dry. Pull her panties down just enough to do her butt. This is normally the time when I’d be getting hard and doing the stick-in. And having her panties on is always interesting. But I just snuggle on her back for a while. It's intimate enough right now.

We’re side by side. “What do you want?” I move her hand to my cock. When she’s gotten me hard enough she asks again. “What do you want?” I’m not even sure. We kick the question back and forth a few times. But I won't get out of it so easily. And I like it when she asks. “Suck me.” “I wasn’t sure you’d ask.” Her mouth comes down and I get even harder. She gets some nice friction. “That’s nice.” She has to take a few breaks. “Mouth getting tired?” “My jaw.” “The same thing happens to me.”

Despite the nice friction I haven’t felt my orgasm coming over the horizon yet. “Would you like to use a different orifice?” Somehow her panties are off. We do the stick-in while we’re both on our backs. Then I pull her up onto me and we fuck.

She’s in classic girl on top position. Strong and lithe and powerful. I put my hands on her hips, feeling her work the sex, the light and shadows rhythmically caressing the soft contours of her body. She offers her breast to my mouth and my tongue dances over her nipple. When she leans down I wrap my arms around her like I’ll never let go. Maybe I never will.

She rolls us over. I like it when she does that. She’s asking for it. But I stop us halfway. “You tease me again.” “Starting on top and not finishing?” “Yes.” We fuck on our sides, her leg wrapped over me. My hip rests on her foot, but we don’t mind. It hardly feels like we’re fucking. More like we’re just in bed together. No. We’re definitely fucking. The warm feelings are unmistakable.

I roll on top. “Good thing I like being on top of you.” “You can always roll us back over. Even right after I’ve done it.” “Why haven’t I ever thought of that?” Probably because I like being on top. Feeling my cock drop into her hole as I spread my legs behind me. Feeling it go deep as I cross them. Doing the microfuck with my knees under her legs. And how could I resist when she asks for it like that.

I’m pushing in deep at the end of each thrust. My cock head slipping past her cervix. “That’s a nice grind.” Now I’m going to come. A few more slow deep ones, a few more kisses of my glans on her cervix, and I’m coming, fulfilled and satisfied. I hope River can say the same. I think she can.

Our afterfuck is long. I never want to stop. But eventually we both head off to the bathroom. There’s some crust on my cock, but no waterline. “I’ve got some crust, too. And that seems like a big load.” “Four days.”

In the morning she’s braless with a skirt and a wild mane. “I like your cute disheveled look.”

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