Tuesday, May 31, 2011


“Are you ok?” “Not really.” “Does it have something to do with me?” “Maybe a little.” “Did I stay in Brook’s room too long?” “You always do.” But she always does it for the right reasons. In this case she was putting together pieces of the puzzle regarding her patient at the hospital. I approve. “Is it too late for something sweet?” “I don’t know. I was thinking of rubbing your feet earlier today.” “You can butter them. They’d like that. They’re really dry.” I won’t be able to stop with her feet. We both know that.

I start with her feet and butter her whole body while she goes over medical questions and answers. And I ask my own questions. I feel like we’re on House. I also don’t mind that she’s talking about something completely unrelated while we’re warming up. I kind of like it. I’d like to get hard and slip it into her face-to-face while she’s distracted. But I’ve got her on her front, just finishing up with her ass, buttering up her cute butthole with the edge of my hand in her crack.

I straddle her and press my thumb to her lips, liking the delicate fuzz of her muff hair and the wet sounds her pussy makes as I work my thumb into it. “Mmm, something sweet.” “I was hoping this was what you had in mind.” “It is.” The sounds have helped my cock stiffen nicely. I don’t waste time. Slip it into her from behind and push, and push some more, feeling the walls of her cunt part before my hard cock, push some more, no backing up, until I’m all the way in and she’s moaning already. And we fuck.

I feel aggressive today. She gets a good banging in several variations of butt position. I sit up and squeeze her ass cheeks together over my cock, then press her into the bed with my hands on the small of her back as I fuck hard, feeling like I’m scraping her up and down the bed as I scrub my cock with her pussy. Stretch out on top of her, feeling her nicely rounded butt against me with my cock humping in and out beneath it. “I don’t want to finish like this. I’m going to roll you over for face-to-face.”

But not yet. I slip my legs between hers and she spreads them for me. “Mmm, raunchy. I like raunchy.” She’s not kidding. I’m still banging her hard, still aggressive, picturing her pussy stretched open under her ass, my cock filling it to capacity, and she’s still moaning under me. “What was I? Nurse Hottie? Nurse Raunchy?” Nurse Raunchy sticks tonight. “I feel raunchy. I like feeling raunchy.” “You and all the other nurses.”

It’s a nice long bang in raunchy, not even having to slow down to hold off. But it’s a bit strenuous for me. I can’t just bring a knee up under her leg for a break like I can when she’s on her back. So I move a leg outside hers, straddling her right leg, watching my cock fucking into her pussy at an angle. And liking it. Doing small thrusts to stir things up. Deep thrusts to bang her hard. “This is almost inviting.” The sounds she’s making, the sounds of River being fucked, are bringing me to the edge. “Are you trying to make me come?” She doesn’t answer.

We need a face-to-face finish. But how to get there from here? We roll into spoons then she flips her leg over me like usual, keeping me inside. I sit up and hold her legs up in front of me. Minimagnetism. “That’s nice.” And vigorous. I’ve been staying nicely just below the edge of orgasm. Now it will happen. Our bodies slap together repeatedly. I push her legs to her chest and plunge deep and come hard, a honey-sweet orgasm of stickiness, and all I can say is “ooo, ooooo, ooo” while I empty my load into her.

We kiss and afterfuck while I try to remember where I took my shirt off. I pull it off the floor and drape it over her pussy for her to wipe up. Our oldest ritual.

“Didn’t we just do this yesterday?” “I don’t know. There was a time last week when we went more than three days.” That works for me.

Maybe she’s right about being most horny before her period. Even though it’s always seemed to me like she’s most horny after it. And sometimes she’s horny during it. Or maybe that’s just me.

“That was a good idea.” “Who’s idea was it?” “It was your idea, but it let me put my plan into action, so to speak.”

“I sure felt aggressive last night.” “It was great. I enjoyed it.” “You always do.”


wife10yearsin said...

sounds like both of us are on a roll. M's been unusually aggressive lately, too. LOVE IT.

Reed said...

I was pleasantly surprised at both River's quiet initiation, and my response to it.

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