Monday, May 30, 2011

Fuck and shop online

“Is that a ‘look’ look?” “It might have been.” I need some help. “What should I do when I get a ‘look’ look?” “We should make a plan.” For this afternoon.

River puts on panties, a skirt, and a shirt. The colors of stormy weather. She sits on my lap while she looks up travel books online. I rub my fingers on her back. Her firm butt. Around to the soft insides of her spread thighs. “I get the feeling that you don’t want to wait until this afternoon.” I haven't even had time to feel her pussy through her panties. “You can fuck and look up books at the same time.” “I could.” She’s worried about privacy. And not the online type. But we’d hear any kids coming up the stairs. And they’d have to come all the way into the room to get any idea of what might be going on.

I pull my cock out from under her ass. It’s a bit discouraging that I can’t always pop up a nice hard one when the situation calls for it. But I take my time, stroking up and down, pulling River’s skirt up, admiring the lines of the dark blue panties against the light skin of her ass, gradually getting harder. Slip a finger under the cottony crotch of her panties. Sort her lips out. Push into her wetness. Where my cock would like to follow.

I’m hard enough. She stands, her strong legs angling down to the floor, her ripe ass at the apex. Her lips dangle enticingly in the gap under her dark blue ass. I tuck her skirt into her panties to keep it out of the way. Try to line my cock up for her descent but her panties keep pulling back into place. It takes some teamwork but we get it. After a few thrusts she’s nicely lubricated. And we fuck, while she keeps looking for travel books.

I can’t do much with my butt on the chair. “I can do the work.” I watch as her stormy ass rides my cock, settling onto it, lifting back up, sliding wetly down my shaft. All I can do is roll the chair forwards every now and then as it drifts back. River declines my suggestion to put her feet up on the desk. She’s talking about the books she’s looking at, but the only thing I hear is “I’m going to buy all these books.” Is she serious? Or is she delirious? Like me.

“I don’t think we’re going to finish like this.” She lifts her ass and I fall out, then run my fingers up and down my cock, slick with her juices. We stand and have a nice hug, her hands on my back, me gripping her ass and pulling her towards me, my cock falling against her skirt. “Now I get the impression that you don’t want to wait until afternoon.” “I could go either way.” If we wait we can probably take longer and have a nice screw. But this is the year of sieze the moment. I push River toward the bed. She strips off her shirt and skirt. Her panties stay on. Like we were talking about this morning. That’s hot.

She gets in position for hello kitty. Slips her panties to mid-thigh. My cock springs back up but it won’t go in. How did she get so dry when just a few minutes ago we were having a nice juicy fuck? “Do we need lube?” “I don’t think so.” In a few pumps she juices back up and we’re fucking again. “Your waist looks impossibly narrow from back here.” I bang against her as we fuck, and she moans like she always has when we do that. She looks between her legs, sees my balls, fuzzy and aching to fill her with come. Her feet reach for them. “I’m trying to tickle your balls.” “You’re going to make me come.” Her pussy grinds around the head of my cock a few more times and I’m coming. River slides down as far as she can while my load spurts into her. And we afterfuck, until it's time to pull the plug.

“Once again I get to have a nice orgasm, and you get to drip all day.” “I might have one later.” “I’d like to be there for that.”

Downstairs we find a guy working on our remodel. He’s gotten a lot of work done today. Has he been there the whole time? We don’t know.

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